Governor General Meets with Senior Citizens of Antigua and Barbuda


The Governor General of Antigua His Excellency Sir Rodney Williams met with senior citizens from the four zones of Antigua and Barbuda to continue discussions on the Commonwealth and its value to our country.

Sir Rodney also spoke on the role of the Governor General in a Constitutional Monarchy and Private Secretary, Mrs Anne Jonas spoke on the origins of the Commonwealth and the change in leadership from Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to His Majesty King Charles III.

Discussions were also held on the change in the Head of State of the Commonwealth Realms or the 14 sovereign nations including Antigua and Barbuda.

Many of the participants shared that the interaction was welcomed and served to be a learning experience for them.

The Commonwealth Conversations with the Senior Citizens was facilitated by the Community Development and Citizen’s Engagement Division in the Ministry of Social Transformation and the Office of the Governor General.

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  1. Our pensioners are currently struggling with the high cost of living; utility bills are extortionate; and not forgetting the lack of a decent health care system in Antigua; also don’t forget they are also worrying if they’ll get their pension payments on time.

    And what does the Governor General Sir Rodney Williams see as a priority for meeting up with them?

    He wants to talk to them about the Constitutional monarchy and its so-called importance to the country, and the change from queen Elizabeth to her son king Charles????

    Has he lost his marbles? Or did he leave his brain at home?

    People like him live in a complete bubble, and have no idea about the real world and its ups and downs, and instead he just continues to propagate this royal nonsensical shite.

    After reading this, I can now guarantee that the Governor General will give the Prime Minister a free pass and will not allow any investigations into the African/airline fiasco.


    • That is the kind of disrespect you guys have for the office of the Govenor General. The representative of the King. You guys have no class whatsoever. You come as low as you can.

      • So struggling pensioners doesn’t bother you at all @ Sidey … NOW THERE’S A SURPRISE. NOT!

        • The GG’s Office is not the place to address issues such as these. You should know. He is the representative of the King. Not a political figure. You guys take your politics everywhere without any measure of respect. And this Governor General has been outstanding in his performance of this office. Always involved in Charity. Keep your politics out of the GG’s office and show respect as if it were the King himself.

        • Have you ever seen the UPP holding a Public Inquiry when they were in the office? Even when things were blatantly wrong. Such as the Fencing Scandal, The purchase of the Wadadli Power Plant, The construction of a bathroom at YASCO for $600K. The construction of the roads around the Stadium at a cost of $10Million per mile, the construction of Roundabouts at astronomical cost. I mean Brix, it is only the ALP that ever held a Public Inquiry into its own administration, which we now know as the MBS Inquiry. And we also know who the culprits were, and they were dismissed from Cabinet. Harold Lovell, under much pressure, carried out some internal investigation and refused to make the report public. When the ABLP came to power, despite the cry of the Laborites supporters for investigations into the many scandals, Gaston Browne refused to hold any such investigation. He said he will not spend any of government’s scares resources on these type of victimization. If it was left up to me, I would certainly have done so. I can never understand Gaston when it comes to this. Yet his opponent hates him so much. He could have removed diplomatic immunity from John Ash and who knows where Baldwin Spencer and Edmund Mansoor would be today. He could have done the same when Asot was arrested in England, yet Asot became his enemy. The man has no grudge against his opponents. no matter how they hate him. Remarkable character.

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