Government’s vaccine land raffle valued at 65k


The manager of the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHAPA) revealed the value of land that the government is raffling as a vaccine incentive.


This particular parcel is 8100 square feet. The value of the package is approximately $65,000,” Housing Executive Officer at CHAPA, Mark Richards, said.


The land is among 32 parcels that the government recently announced would be put up for sale in the Judges Hill area.

“On average the cost would be about $7.50 a square-foot,” Richards told state media.


He described the area as “upscale, central to town, very good surrounding infrastructure with regards to highways, five minutes to town, two minutes to the airport.”


The Cabinet said the raffle was to “encourage as many adults (as possible) to quickly vaccinate and to move the country closer towards achieving herd immunity.”



The government explained that every person who took either their first or second vaccine dose between June 7 and June 30 would have their names entered into the raffle.


Parliamentarians and their family-members are disqualified from participating in the initiative.

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  1. Parliamentarians are disqualified ? Lol their pockets already full . They get what they want and when they want it .

  2. Question to all involved in the land raffle. Are the illegals taking their first and or second Vaccines names going into the raffle. If so,what would happen if one of them were to win that raffle. Does that person gets the land in question. Because according to King Gaston Browne of Antigua and Barbuda. No one would be asking any questions of legality in regards to Immigration status. Even though those persons are in the Country illegally. In my opinion,this land deal should be for Nationals and legal Residences of Antigua and Barbuda,only.

  3. For that cost I can buy that in cash 💰. I was born and raised in the area where I still lives. I had applied at Central Housing aka CHAPA three times, and all I have been told that no lands available in the area to sell. Where did this piece of land arise from? Did it arise from the ashes? The staffs at CHAPA need to do better job with people land applications. It is our own black people that work in CHAPA have been blocking a lot us native Antiguans for years from getting government crown lands to purchase. All they have to do whenever someone apply for land through the land application process, have them bring along a job letter and bank statement, if that would be enough to get a land, then use that process. CHAPA staffs do your job and stop hinder your people from owning a piece of the rock or you maybe blocking your own blessings or your future generation blessings. Free up the lands to the people CHAPA by start to go through all the old applications on file beginning from the oldest applications to the newest.

    • Mark is born and Raised in Antigua. He attended SJA. But wait a minute, you’ve never had dealings with him which means he’s unknown? Small minded island mentality…

  4. Bribery again. That’s what world dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne likes to do along with his creative enrichment schemes.

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