Government Will Cover Young Lyrics’ Medical Expenses


The Government of Antigua and Barbuda through the Medical Benefits Scheme will be covering the full cost of the heart surgery for Lennard “Young Lyrics” Henry.

A decision was made today, Friday 25th October 2019 to assist the young soca artiste who has been diagnosed with a cardiac arrhythmia called “Supra-ventricular Tachycardia”. 

 Unfortunately, Antigua and Barbuda is not able to provide the necessary treatment for Henry but the Medical Benefits Scheme will cover the full cost of the surgery which is US$14,455.00

Henry will therefore be responsible for covering the cost associated with his ticket and accommodation while in Trinidad.

Henry’s brother, who has been overseeing the arrangements, has been informed and documentation is being created by the Accounting Department of the Scheme to be provided to him.

Understanding the severity and time sensitive nature of this case, the Board approved the cost through a poll, via the phone, since the next board meeting was scheduled for some time in November.

Minister of Health, Wellness and Environment, the Honourable Molwyn thanked the Board for facilitating the approval through the poll and wishes Henry a successful surgery and speedy recovery.



  1. Great I was trusting that they would. This is what you call a caring government. A government that you want to march for and not against. I look forward to the day the PM calls a march for the good things his government has done. And we will see how many people that will bring on the street. Not to march against the UPP and their cronies but just for the ABLP government performance so far in office.

    • There is nothing caring about the government. They are just being selective as to who they help. Like the faithful nationals my text speaks for man.

      • In your eyes it would never be caring. Compared to when the UPP was in power they never had money to send anyone overseas for medical attention. Only when their own minister god sick than they were able to find 200 thousand dollars. Just not not to long ago it were two babies that were sent overseas for treatment. One to the USA and another to Cuba. And yes with scare resources you consistently have to make choices. You cannot assist everyone.

      • Selective?? Glad to see it’s not only Jackie Quinn-Leandro can get Medical Benefits money to use towards her healthcare. Do you remember the amount that was used to cover Jackie Quinn-Leandro treatment in Atlanta? Ok then.

        • So I spoke about a government being selective. You now are making it into a red and blue issue. To give credence to your point I will say it further reinforces my point. Governments are not caring as we would wanna make it out to be. They are just selective!

          • So once again again according to you when you are selective you are not caring. When I give for a cause I am being selective and caring at the same time. Selective because there are many other organizations I could give to. But I chose the ones close to my heart. But caring because it have moved my heart. Soon you will accuse God of being selective and not caring. Because he takes care of his people. Once again there is not an unlimited pot of money to help everyone that needs help. And perhaps you are the recipient of that. Or a family member. But you have to step a side and see that indeed not everyone will receive the help they need. For this reason the government is working to put a National Health Insurance Plan in place. And we will see if Antiguans will support that. Cause we seem to love Freebees.

      • That is so true. There are so many others seeking assistance and not publicising it and mbs refuses to help. Wishing the young man best of luck. I have been there thank God bank gi loan!

        • That is why we need a National Health Insurance Plan. Cause bank also doesn’t give everyone a loan. Many have been turned down by the bank as well. And sad enough even in the big USA not everyone has access to healthcare and without money if you end up in the hospital you will not to operated on. People with cancer and no healthcare are send home to die. That is the truth.

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