Government Welcomes New Jamaican High Commissioner


A new Jamaican High commissioner has been appointed to Antigua & Barbuda, His Excellency Arthur Williams, and was welcomed by several members of parliament.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne greeted Williams and used the opportunity to speak about the development of the reggae industry here in Antigua.

“Perhaps the focus has been exclusively soca, we should be looking at reggae now and I believe that you can help us to build capacity” he suggested.

Additionally the PM spoke about  collaborating with Jamaica in the area of sports.

“I have spoken to your PM again about some form of collaboration in the area of sports and he had promised me a few scholarships for Antiguans to be apart of this high performance athletics that you have in place”

The high commissioner also met with foreign affairs minister E. P. Chet Greene and Governor General His Excellency Sir Ronny Williams.

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  1. Everywhere we turned in Antigua and Barbuda, all we hear now-a-days is Jamaican reggae and dance-hall music playing, …a few clean ones and most of it is filthy with violent and sexual words, even during our carnival festival and at Christmas time. Sometimes I wonder if Antigua has become little Jamaica.
    Yes, there are some clean raggae music.
    Why don’t the PM focus on developed a gospel musical industry in different format of riddims like raggae, soca, country, R&B, soft-rock, etc…

  2. Dear Wadadli, all I turn in Antigua, I see shawarma and fried rice and chowmein and Syrian and Chinese stores all over Antigua. Why not lash out at that practice? When you go to an Antiguan party, why do they choose to play Jamaican music? Jamaican music is not played at carnival parades, yet we see the vulgarity on the streets. By whom, do you ask? We can’t have it both ways. Be very careful. Watch and see who will take over and be very afraid.

    • @ Caribbean Lady…..i agree with u 100%. They are so full of hate for their own Caribbean bros and sisters that they fail to see how others are actually taking over this country. Its sad n painful to watch. These ppl so full of hate that some of them even hate ppl from Barbuda and this is suppose to be a twin island State. Many times i hear Antiguans saying how they hate Barbudans…smh. Sometimes i wonder if they even love themselves. #Sad

  3. There is a real opportunity to beat PM Browne in the next election for a new political party that is formed which is anti-CARICOM and anti-illegal immigrant.

    Antiguans are sick of CARICOM immigration and they are sick of seeing how our country is being flooded with criminals from Jamaica, Haiti, and DR.

    I usually support PM Browne, but I really do not like how this administration doesn’t place ANTIGUA CITIZENS FIRST in the priority for Antigua government services, benefits, and protection from crime!

    • Why u dont round all of us up and deport us? Fallow the lead of u good friend Donald Trump.
      But while you are at it….plz round up the many students and people from here studying and working in Ja. You have no strength for the Chinese and Syrians cause u hook to their unsanitary fry chicken n fry rice and sadly u fuckaz cant cook…lol. Lazy nf….cant even make u own sunday breakfast. All u do is buy

      • i bet u are the first one in line at the jerk pan down by bus station later….lol
        Big HYPOCRITE…..smfh. i hope one of the chicken or pork bone twist in u throat n choke out u fh…..

      • You are entitled to your opinon but why wish harm to another is just disgraceful and yet you wonder why your country people always getting backlash..yall are just heartless just comment and move on

  4. Me go sound out again. Take all the yardie out a antigua, are we no want them yah.. them thief, think them smart, bad minded, whore and violent. Stay the fuck out of antigua and go back a yard

    • Dunce woman….i got news for u and its not good news. We jamaicans are not going dream on. lol. As long as u live we are gonna be here living amongst u and there is nothing u can do about it. Learn to live with u or be miserable until the day u die! We are here to stay. #Onecaribbean

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