Government wants to consult on the question of banning corporal punishment at home and in schools


If Prime Minister Gaston Browne has his way, corporal punishment will be abolished not only in schools but in homes.

The consensus of Cabinet arrived at last week is that corporal punishment should be made illegal in schools.

However, Prime Minister Gaston Browne says when it comes to corporal punishment in homes, widespread consultation is needed.

Speaking on Pointe FM yesterday, the Prime Minister appeared to be personally against the practice.


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  1. Qhere is the status on violence begat violence, the hand in hot water is not rod of correction that is abuse and ignorance, that father should be locked up. The bible also says whom the Lird loveth He chasteneth even though chasen comes in different forms. Corpiral punishment should be admunistered in love and not hate and abuse

  2. The Prime Minister couldn’t be more correct, we need to move away from that sort of behavior. The head master who said that needs to be asked to resign. He would be better off serving in the military or prison if that’s the sort of mentality that he has.

    • The head master needs to be applauded for his stance and for having to deal with rude pickey-neargah coming from families who don’t train them properly.

      What we need to re-examine is how to ADMINISTER the rod, not to get rid of the rod!

      • Move to the head of the class. Keep taking the bullshit from those big countries that have kids shooting up schools because of lack of restraints. What suggestions they have to decipline these kids that already so gone their parents cant talk to them? I wanna hear the suggestions of the people that say do away with corpral punishment. I eagerly await to see them.

      • You hit the nail on the head. I don’t why these people are trying to let children get out of hand. There is a difference between abuse and discipline and no government should be legislating away a parent’s ability to discipline children. This is why we have utter confusion in the world. Let’s face it, not all children, if any really respond the way we want them to, to taking away privileges. When they know that they can act out and do things that will detriment them and others without recourse, do you think children will be better off or worse? There needs to be a balance and parents need to be allowed to do their jobs. Teachers on the other hand should not be beating children. Parents should be brought in to mediate the situation. If the parent acts irresponsibly and supports the child in wrongdoing, charges should be laid against them.

  3. If you believe in lifks, then any adult around should be able to use it on your child if in their care.

    This is not in support of keeping it. This is for the parents who say only they can bang their child.

    Is either the village supports licks still or not. Hopefully we can aim for the latter with much unlearning and reeducation.

  4. That’s why some of these children are running while cause they aren’t being punished at home.

    • The same method the slave master used to make sure his slaves didn’t run wild.
      My grandmother and mother used to beat me and I turned out ok. I understand now why the did so(they were not too far removed from the mental slavery of our slave masters). Remember Kunta. My sibling and cousins got the same beating and not all turned out ok.

      I will try not to judge how someone else choose to raise their child but as far a physical punishment, that should always be left to the parent.

  5. Just got out of a heated conversation on this topic. I find it amazing that the very people who have problems with “anyone beating their children”, are the strongest propinents of state-sponsored killings (executions). How ironic.

    I was beaten as a child and I beat my children when I determined it was necessary. I think I grew up to be a well-adjusted man, and my children have grown up to be wonderful young men

    • And that’s fine but imagine sending your child to school and then coming up with a bruise on their skin.
      Corporal punishment in homes I don’t mind but at school, no.
      Some teachers be bringing their man-problems in the classroom then want to put marks on a child’s skin over a minor accident. Luckily I was at the school on time to deal with her ass.

  6. The pictures I saw in the papers a week ago. Were not consistent with punishment. They did look like abuse to me. How could Teachers beat children in Schools and break their skins. Parents should punish their children within reason. Teachers should be using other means as a source for punishments other than hitting. I do not believe Teachers should be given an open book of rights to hit children in Schools.Some Teachers are very good with Children.Some of them are not and use the belts every time the situation presents itself.That is wrong in my opinion.

  7. Not all children/teens cope well with corporal punishment. For some it may work, for others it will just make things worst. It depends on the child.
    It is up to the parents to decide how they should punish their child/teen. Mental health amongst children and especially teens should be highly considered.
    You cannot beat good behaviour into someone, it starts with their wisdom.

    • At homes, it’s up to the household members but in schools, most definately YES!
      Principals and teachers shouldn’t be touching my child without my permission, I find that very offensive.

  8. Abolish corporal punishment in schools. But at home, parents should talk to their child on what they did wrong and why it is wrong. And then you punish them however you feel is right, weather it’s corporal or not. Wisdom is key. And if that doesn’t work, I suggest therapy. Mental health is extremely important in children/teen. Some parents aren’t mentally stable enough to manage their children and it shows depending on the behaviour of the child that they’re raising. In that case beating them at school does more harm than good. Hence why I believe this form of punishment should be abolished IN SCHOOL.
    But what ever form of punishment you choose to bestow upon your child, their mental health should be highly considered. And them strangers aka “educators” at school shouldn’t decide that for you.
    Corporal punishment will only be effective, depending on the child/teen and if it is done right.

  9. To abandon abuse is welcome, but to stop punishment for wrong doing is to welcome a society of undesirables. That is more injustice than a temporary whipping to fix what could become a permanent problem. but!!! Those who agree that children should not be punished can go ahead and implement that in their homes, we will hear about y’all soon enough. As for me and mine ama whip their behind into shape now so the law and lawbreakers won’t get to whip them behind bars.

  10. I think that they also need to abolish husbands beating wives and wives beating husbands. For me and my children, I will not spoil them and spare the rod. They’re getting licks on them behind.

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