Government wants special treatment for immigrant children to get Antigua and Barbuda citizenship


Cabinet Notes:

The Cabinet repeated its long-held policy that immigrant children, brought to Antigua and Barbuda by parents, are to be accorded special treatment leading to citizenship.

The children, who have now become adults, know only Antigua and Barbuda, and their immigration status may not have been regularized since childhood, are to be granted continuous amnesty in order for them to make the best use of the schooling and other benefits accorded them over the years.


The Cabinet has eliminated the need for them to purchase return tickets, waived the accumulated fees, and to be un-blocked from attaining police records, so that they may make use of the forgiveness leading to citizenship.


Antigua and Barbuda remains the most diversified of the independent Caribbean countries.

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  1. Current party looking votes as usual.

    We the people need to stand up against a corrupt govt, regardless of party.

  2. Sure Antigua is the most diversified Caribbean nation because the labour government cares nothing about Antiguans and Barbudans . What they love is staying in power at whatever cost. Will you give these individuals citizenship before the next election so they can vote for you?
    Look at Barbuda. You have given away the Barbuda lands to white people. I saw in a post that the lands are being sold for $3mill a plot and Barbuda is suppose to be like St. Bart and Jumby bay. Antiguans can’t visit Jumby Bay unless they have an invitation. Does any sane leader who loves his people and country give his country away to foreigners? If they build 600 homes on Barbuda and there are 4 persons per household that’s twice the number of Barbudans. Soon not even the lobster and fishing industry will be controlled by Barbudans. These outsiders love lobster and when they bring their friends and family they will go fishing and depleted the industry. I guess you Gaston will fly over to participate in their barbecue.
    I hope the people wake up and see your grand plan for staying in power and get the rid of you the next election. You have contempt for native Antiguans and think we are all foolish.

    • Why you don’t find investors for your country, why you don’t go build homes for the Barbuda people who house got blown away in a natural disaster but no all you duty and nasty minded ppl do is point the finger but never have even an idea or plan to fix your so called country; all hot air you wicked people blow. You Antiguans and Barbudans so is sit and wait for your “elected” officials to give you something, ex: land, homes, money, even food. But it’s what you are accustom to, never want to work for something yourself. But now the tables turn where you have to work for it there is a problem. Leave Prime Minister Gaston Brown alone and do something for yourself, you and the Barbuda ppl need to stop crying

      • You are a real darn fool. Antiguans and Barbudans don’t depend on Gaston, they work for what they want. I doubt you are Antiguan as if you were, you would not be chatting such rubbish. We will leave Gaston alone when he leaves our lands alone. They don’t belong to him to give away to foreigners. We Antiguans don’t appreciate our country being overrun with non Antiguans just so he can stay in government to continue to rape the country.
        As I said, you are not Antiguan because if you were, you would know that Antiguans have always worked for what they want.
        Let me educate you. Antiguans have been more fortunate than many other Caribbean countries as the first prime minister, VC Bird bought the syndicate lands for the Antiguan people. This is why the government owns most of the lands in Antigua to sell to Antiguans. Some of the same lands being stolen and sold off to foreigners.
        So just leave Antiguans alone as we are not begging you for anything.

  3. This is VERY normal. The dumb, illiterate Antiguans should read more. Then maybe you would realise the government is not as foolish as the maturity of Antiguans have proven to be.

    • I totally agree with you that a lot of Antiguans are dumb and Gaston realizes this. How else would he be voted back in office when he is only concerned with enriching himself and family?

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