Government wants Choksi’s Antigua cases expedited

Melford Nicholas

Information Minister Melford Nicholas says the Government of Antigua and Barbuda wants to two matters Mehul Choksi has before the local courts expedited.

Choksi is challegneing the move to revoke his Antiguan & Barbudan citizenship as well as his extradition from Antigua and Barbuda.

He is set to appear before an Antiguan High Court in November.

Nicholas told a news conference this morning that given the developments in Dominica, Antigua’s preference is for his matters locally to be heard much sooner.

Mehul Choksi in an Indian fugitive who gained Antigua and Barbuda citizenship through the Citizenship by Investment Programme.

He is wanted in India for Fraud.

Nicholas says Choksi’s matter in India was not known to the Antigua Government when he applied for citizenship in 2017.

A police officer Wheels Choksi into the Dominica Magistrates court in the capital Roseau



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  1. Obduction and kidnapping was committed on Àntigua soil where’s this girl , boat and individuals. Why is Àntigua and Dominica only focusing on the fact that he’s there illegally and not who committed these crimes on not one but , two countries soils.

    • The abduction and kidnapping is Choksi’s story. If anyone has evidence of kidnapping they have not yet come forward.

      • Mr. Choski is still a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda by what ever means and should therefore be granted all rights and protection from our state. Antigua should be looking about the welfare of Mr. Choski and the allegations of any abduction case.

        All countries protect their citizens and Choski is a citizen of ANTIGUA. If he committed crimes in India, then there are processes in place to deal with it and should be followed accordingly.

        How did he become a citizen of Antigua? Is our vetting process faulty? Those are different issues. But for now, he is still a citizen and should be treated accordingly.

        • Some of our life long citizens are in jail, behind bars, in both this country and other countries where they have committed crimes. Mr. Choski does not have a get out of jail free card. There are laws, national and international, and there are penalties for those who are guilty. This is a simple matter. Send him back to India so he can get a free and fair trial. The jet is waiting at the Dominica airport.

    • How long has Choksi been in Antigua?
      Why wasn’t the extradition process or all other means of returning Choksi to India from Antigua expedited during the time he was in Antigua?
      Why only now that he is in another country the Government of Antigua is expressing such haste in returning Choksi to India.
      Why isn’t the Antigua government interested in knowing who assaulted and kidnapped its citizen?

  2. When Choksi got his CIP passport the PM said ” all dudiligence was done “. If these crimes were committed in 2015 and he got the passport in 2018 something is very wrong .

    • He was charged by India in 2018. Try and remember in 2018 he was jet setting around the world in 2018, even spent some months in the USA, CIP makes clear when his records were checked in 2017, they came back clean

  3. Typical govt response. They never did their due dilligence to make sure Choksi was above board. All they saw was money, started salivating like dogs and approved his citizenship. That’s the type of “leaders” we have in Antigua. All those people need to be removed from their positions and banned from politics for life regardless of party affiliation. We need people who are in it for the betterment of our nation and our people not their pockets.

    Dominica is no different. A person was abducted and taken to their country and the morons there are charging him with illegal entry. Nothing but a bunch of jackasses over there also.

    This is one of many reasons we are held back from going forward. Selfish people in govt and politics representing their pockets not the nation. Voters need to start voting accordingly if not, they get what they vote for. Don’t complain.

    • According to you Antigua did not do proper due diligence, yet Choksi in 2018 had no problems flying to and spending some months in the USA in 2018.

  4. I am starting to put the pieces together.
    1. Man bought citizenship in Antigua
    2. Later found out this man is wanted in India for ripping off Billions from the bank
    3. India wanted him to return to face the long arms of law.
    4. Wait! Not so easy! He is now an Antigua citizen
    5. And so the legal proceedings began for extradition,
    6. But met with strong response the Man’s legal team
    7. Those who wanted him in India realized the due process may take years
    8. A “mystery woman” may have befriended the Man
    9. Man suddenly became missing and was found in Dominica
    10. Legal team immediately set up in Dominica to defend Man
    11. Private Jet eventually landed in Dominica related to the situation
    12. Looking back, it seem like “mystery woman” was attached to Man through deep pockets
    13. Mystery woman is still a mystery
    14. A bigger mystery is whether the Antigua and Dominica government knew of or was involve in a plot to have him end up in Dominica to make it easier for India to nab him.

    My recommendation: Sit the Man on a bottomless chair and squeeze his balls until he tells the truth.

    • Man was not wanted in India until 2018, after he received his A&B citizenship. He was being investigated before this (he knew and should have disclosed this in his CIP application). In the meantime , after swearing in ceremony in Jan 2018 (application successful Nov 2017), he had no problem travelling to the USA and spending some months there. He later left the US via air (June 2018) and flew to Antigua, without any problems. Why? India had yet got Interpol involved (no interpol red notice until Dec 2018)

      • Because

        1) India is very big country of 1.4 billion people, it’s government machineries are slow.

        2) In India also, he is supported by current political opposition. He and his gang is very rich (imagine getting 2 billion dollars loan from any bank)

        3) He was a very successful businessman who built a spectacular business empire. Government was hesitant to take action before composing a foolproof case against him.

        4) This man is not directly responsible for all the mess. His sister’s son, neerav Modi who is in British jail was main culprit.

        5) His daughter was married in biggest diamond trading family of Belgium. Government of India don’t wanted to spread panic in diamond trading industry because of one criminal.

        These are reason of slow action on him. He took advantage of it and ran away.

        But let me tell you, he really built a very successful diamond brand in India and employed 10,000+ people. But his greedy nephew sunk with his uncle who trained him in diamond business.


  5. Antigua and Dominica have good working relation, the ministers are good friends, it seems like a lot of people is involve and a lot of things will be revealed that’s why the haste to get him to India.

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