Government to petition developed countries in its quest to source COVID-19 Vaccines


Prime Minister the Hon. Gaston Browne on Thursday announced that his government will be appealing to a number of European and North American countries in its quest to secure COVID-19 vaccines for the people of Antigua and Barbuda.

“The inoculation of our people against the Coronavirus and its recent mutations is vital to the lives and livelihoods of our people. That is why our Government is working diligently to secure safe and reliable vaccines from reputable sources. We are already part of the World Health Organization’s COVAX programme under which we have bought 20,000 vaccines at an affordable price,” noted PM Browne.

He said that 20, 000 vaccines are not enough and is therefore exploring other sources of supply.

“In the coming days, we will make appeals to the Canadian, Indian, European and US Governments to sell a portion of their stocks to us.  The coronavirus skips over borders, it does not discriminate against race, age or religion.  Once it exists in any country, it is a threat to all countries. Helping us, therefore, is also helping themselves,” he said.

PM Browne said that his government will press the case for the supply of vaccines, sufficient to achieve a high level of immunity amongst the population.

“As it is in developed countries, such as the United States and European nations, inoculation is vital to subduing the virus, ensuring the health of our people, and rebuilding our economy,” he said.

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  1. One minute the man is seeking reparations from the slavery days… Next minute he’s ‘buying’ vaccines from the same countries….. I use the term ‘buy’ loosely because we all know we a beg fu these vaccines…..

  2. This is be a tough call. Most countries are struggling to obtain vaccines for their own use. With the other vaccines coming online: (Johnson & Johnson, Astrazeneca)… should become easier for accessing the jabs. However, with demand far out weighing supply, the task of obtaining may still be difficult.

    It appears that many nations are now going outside of the COVAX facility in attempt to acquire vaccines.
    The manufacturers are being pushed from all quarters to produce more. We would really have to hope that all proper standards will be maintained as safety should be of foremost priority.
    Still we have to carefully watch for new variants of the covid-19 virus. It is a great race that is in play now. A world in crisis.
    Follow the protocols. Be responsible and save lives.


  3. …here comes #Carnival!
    …there goes the #Bacchanal!
    …where are the #Fetes?
    …many a yearing to Buss-A-Sweat?
    …and, even Carifesta
    …will be taken off, the agenda!

    Now, go ahead shoot the #Messenger but pay attention to, #DaBoomerangEffect!

  4. We do not need any vaccines. We need to eat healthy, exercise ,take vitc
    Why not take the money and help farmers increase production and help us secure our own food

  5. Gaston the dictator begging again.

    Let’s see if her really takes the 1st shot. He is a coward, bully and dictator.

  6. Sorry Dr Simon you are incorrect or uninformed in your remarks in paragraph 3 in your open letter. I will quote to you what happened to me last week, i am a resident of Antigua from the uk having lived here for 15 years. My family from the uk have a time share at St James and it is there intension to take it up in April but hearing stories about lockdown asked me to find out to ensure they are not locked up in quarantine when they arrive. I phoned the health ministry for information on quarantine and i am afraid the lady i spoke to was most unhelpful and would not answer the questions i asked and in the end she put the phone down on me, my questions were only on quarantine and i was told if they stay at my house they would have to be in quarantine for 14 days with wrist band fitted, i asked about the hotel and all i could get out of her was that you have to check with the hotel on there protocol. I then phoned St. James and asked about protocol, i was told no quarantine they can come hire a car and travel around the island, a distinct difference by staying at 2 different places, now i ask what do i advise my family they do not want to spend 1200 pounds on air fare to be locked up on arrival .Please someone advise me.

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