Government to collect US$ 3-5 per person, per night on vacation rental properties in Antigua and Barbuda


Prime Minister Gaston Browne says the taxation of villa type tourism accommodation is not a new tax.

Browne told parliament on Tuesday that the funds collected will help provide the government with budget support as well as fight climate change.

He was speaking on the Tourism Guest Levy Bill 2021.



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  1. Yeah do it.for the.planet
    Taxi drivers asked for higher rates because they have to deal with Covid .
    Which just reminds me tomorrow to ask my Company for similar compensation .
    A family of 5 would be required to take to an extra cab even if the car is a five seater .
    Maybe where you’re coming from is a city of Gold .

    • Ohh L. What we’d all give to hear an honest answer to your question.

      Our national land & marine parks seem to be available for sale to connected people to do with as they wish.

      Environment? Ummmm no plastic bags, .20c on returned pep bottles, no styrofoam … All small positive steps by individuals …. The bigger issues seem very unevenly ‘enforced’.

  2. More, more, more in the politicians pockets!!!
    Villas already had to add ABST…and now an extra tax.
    How to kill tourism on the island??? Carry on, all the tourists will go to other islands!!

  3. You’re really going to kill the small accommodation providers, you recently put the ABST in place and now another tax? All of this on top of the unincorporated business tax? What are you doing to support the small accommodation providers? What programs do the Ministry of Tourism have in place to support these properties?

    Why don’t you focus on the villas charging USD 500 plus a night and leave the villas under $150 a night? It really isn’t fair for these individuals.

    The people want to see the calculation on these taxes, how much do you expect to collect from the small accommodation providers charging less than USD 150.00 per night? Wouldn’t a higher tax on the luxury villas charging in some cases $15,000 a night better serve the country?

  4. Let’s fight Climate Change. Just let us smoke up the place with some more weed.We would then all be so stoned to the bones.We would pollute the air.Climate change my foot.

  5. It’s time to fire everyone in govt. They have never paid their fair share of taxes and do nothing but follow world dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne’s creative enrichment schemes and using us as their financial slaves.

    We the people need to stand up against govt bullying and stealing our hard earned money.

    The govt works for the people not the other way around.

  6. Antigua never was and is not now a colony ir territory of the United States. Stop quoting everything in US Dollars. These charges should by in the official currency of this free and independent country, which is the Eastern Caribbea Dollar. This is not the US Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico.

  7. The tax everyone else but the rich people in Antigua economic policy is self defeating.

    Rich people in this country tell our govt. they don’t want to pay income tax so we have to shake down the people that visit our country for leisure.

    • Every last minister and politician nar pay a dime. All they do is take take take. All a dem need to be voted out and removed from office.

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