People in government quarantine must pay $100 a day


Changes are coming to the way the government operates its quarantine centres. In the past, people required to quarantine in government centres were provided with three meals per day at the expense of the government. This arrangement is coming to an end.

Government spokesman, Melford Nicholas, said the government will soon charge persons required to stay at these facilities $100.00 per day. This comes on the heels of the announcement that the Halcyon Hotel, which has served as the government’s quarantine centre for the past three months, will begin renovations shortly and must be vacated.

The government has since decided that it will use the Jolly Beach Hotel, which is closed, as its new quarantine facility. As part of the new policy changes, Nicholas said greater emphasis will be placed on having people quarantine in government operated facilities instead of at their homes.

“You would notice from the dashboard that we now have more people quarantining at home rather than at a government facility. This changed from what it was in the beginning when there [were] more people in the centre and not at home. When we announced the regime in the first instances we stated that we wanted people to pay $100 to pay for their meals. There was a push-back to that so the government relented. Providing free meals has cost the government over two million dollars and we cannot carry the cost any longer,” he declared.

This new policy will largely affect nationals returning from abroad who must stay in the quarantine facility as the government moves to strengthen the management of this process. As part of the quarantine process, individuals will also be required to wear a bracelet that will monitor their movements to ensure compliance.

The bracelets are programmed to sound an alarm at the Command Center whenever a person wearing the device breaches defined perimeters. According to the Cabinet, as the number of people arriving in the country increases, so will the need for people to be quarantined. This in turn will result in the need for improved ways of ensuring compliance with the terms of a 14 day quarantine.

“The object is to prevent the spread of the coronavirus within the communities principally where family members of the visitors reside. The largest threat of contagion faced by the nation has come from returning nationals who disobey quarantine conditions and who then mingle with friends and family members before the 14 day quarantine period has ended,” Minister Nicholas stated. — PointeXpress

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  1. Where is the science or data in this decision? This is racist.
    Covid doesn’t select returning cabinet members, mp’s, vip’s, nationals & Antiguan business travelers and ignore tourists!

    Why why why can Antigua not adopt the protocols of some other islands in the region?
    Arrive with neg pcr test
    Tested on arrival
    ALL arrivals 3-n at Jolly @ec$100pn
    Fourth morning antigen TEST
    Neg released
    Positive held at Jolly & tested again on day 11

    Islands using this protocol are identifying many positive VISITORS on the second test.

    And PLEASE today / this weekend sort out the flagrant breaches of regulations throughout English Harbour bar / restaurant scene because the local community is at risk, as shown by 2 local positive C-19 marine workers being admitted to hospital
    ( not infectious disease unit ??? Why not? No answers from cabinet on that…ventilators etc etc??? We are waiting on the truth because covid patients in MSJMC is community spead waiting to happen, & it’s on you).

    Or maybe we should heed the PM on cnn – tourists need to present a neg pcr , to wear masks & enjoy the island.

    • “Stay Alert” great points but they’re are not listening to the outcry it seems only themselves ! when the day is done and they’re home and as they lie in bed, look up at ceiling and REFLECT ON THE DAYS WORK THAT YOU KNOW YOU DID EVERYTHING YOU COULD TO PROTECT YOUR CITIZENS ?

  2. I am of the opinion that they do not know what they are doing. Tourist are allowed to go and come into the country and move about as they please, however they want to penalise and charge Nationals to be quarantined not making any sense. This government appears to be going around in circles with no clear exit stratergy in regards to their policices and plans for covid. It should be the same rule for everyone entering Antigua but I guess if the tourist are treated the same then they wont get any revenue.

  3. Where is the evidence that the largest threat comes from returning nationals? This discriminatory policy needs to stop now! One rule for all. Stop punishing nationals and treating them like criminals while letting tourists roam free because this is the hotels cash cow

    • That they made up and will keep repeating.

      I personally know a “tourist” who is dating a local and has been back to the island 3 times since June.

      She never quarantines and immediately moved in with her local boyfriend for a week or two.

      Immediately is at the homes of other locals and not wearing masks.

      Everyone must be tested on arrival. Everyone must be quarantined.

  4. The lower the cases they still try to suppress the people .
    Tourist infection is safer than the local infection is what they are saying with their poor decision making.

    Trying to put all the blame on returning nationals but allowing millions of tourist into the country with no proper safety measures

  5. White people especially need to be held in isolation. They seem to be carriers, and we need to be careful with them.

      • @Zackie: You did get your stimuli. It is called “duty free” on used cars.Then you would buy that expensive gasoline that evaporates into thin air out of your tank.Only to buy more and keeps on buying.

  6. Again I ask the question who pays if a person in quarantine is unable to pay the $100 daily because of their financial position? In a pandemic such as the present covid 19 crisis, it is the responsibility of the government to protect the entire population from harm. Personally, I believe it is the responsibility of the government to provide the quarantine facilities and also carry the consequent costs of the operation of such facilities. In the USA if a person who is quarantined has insurance, then the Center for Disease Control (CDC) would bill their insurer would bear the cost. If a quarantined person does not have insurance, then Medicaid would be billed to pay the cost. Yes, I am aware that we would not have some of the facilities that exist in the USA and other more developed countries, however, I still maintain that I find it hard to understand how is it justifiable for the government to impose a bill of $1400 (for food) on many poor folks who were unfortunate enough to catch the covid virus. This situation is similar to tell a prisoner in 1735 that he has to pay for his daily ration. It is the responsibility of the government (State) to feed its prisoners. Similarly, it is the responsibility of the State to take care of its quarantined covid individuals.

    • A National comes back to Antigua.After spending a vacation away.He/She must have $1400 to pay for meals while in quarantine. Then be mapped for movements by wearing a bracelet.Pure nonsense.Are we living in a Military State?
      Based on what all of those bright Covid-19 experts say.You must wear a mask,wash your hands,avoid crowds for social distancing,do not touch face with dirty hands.So why they did not say,All of us who travel and or venture out must be quarantined for 14 days.

  7. A number of questions need to be answered here. 1) The govt is preparing to house people in quarantine at Jolly Beach Hotel. Which have been closed since March. Are the rooms and property clean, sanitized, and up to par for such housing. 2) Will there be permanent medical personnel on premises 24/7 IE: a doctor and a nurse. 3) When someone goes into quarantine is it not because they are showing symptoms of a communicable disease. 4) Will testing be done before you commit during and upon leaving during the said time of quarantine.

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