Government Targets People’s Property For Election Graft


Government Targets People’s Property For Election Graft


As the election extravaganza approaches, Antigua people’s property is being targeted to induce new money into the election coffers, much like the YIDA injection of $2M which those two irascible young men introduced to the Leader of the ABLP, when they could not sway the then PM Baldwin Spencer to take the bait.

At the YIDA launch at Barnacle Point, the words of the Chinese translated into English promised to see the the Political Opposition of the country ‘condemned to the waste bins of history!’ YIDA, not realizing his prophecy was about himself, is now crying when all his money had been begged, borrowed, and just ripped off by his new friends!

As a business person whose business is in the cross-hairs of the same power-hungry individuals who have now gone to Africa for their corrupt imports into Antigua, I wish to warn the good people of Antigua that oncemore we are about to be ripped off of our patrimony, which we have already paid for by V.C. Bird’s purchase of the lands owned by the Sugar Syndicate, and paid for by our hard earned taxes. We bought our lands, unlike the other islands!

In order to steal the lands and businesses of the local people the Government and the Cabinet targets the property, then decides how to get the property from the local in some nefarious manner, which leaves the Antiguan destitute and dependent on a delayed Court system which never gets their case heard before they are completely out of business.

Meanwhile, the Statutory bodies are given the powers to stop the business person from progressing, by placing barriers in their way so that their revenue is stalled and then stopped totally.

So perverse is this new ABLP leadership in their collusion with outsiders to ripoff the locals, that they even offer their wives and children to the foreigners as business partners, in an attempt to sweeten the pie and give confidence to the new owners of Antigua’s lands and patrimony. Gone are the days of pride and dignity when Antiguans bragged about their land ownership bought through the wisdom of the Father of the Nation.

One Leader once bragged that his grandfather was just as important as old Bird, and that he had never drawn down on his share of the investments made by his grand-dad, whereas the Birds had taken all their shares! Clearly he is making up for time lost by encouraging all who dare to join with him for the total ripoff of what is left of Antigua lands, self-enrichment being his watchword.

A warning to all who have property in Antigua and are abroad, please be aware that the plots left to you by your grand-parents are now in danger, because the land-Grabberment in charge has surreptitiously placed cautions and liens on on your vacant land, as a measure to stealthily seize your land without your knowledge! You will have to go to Court to establish your rights, and if you are late in knowing and forced to fight to claw back, you will spend the rest of your life tangling with Government in Court for what is rightfully yours.

Meanwhile as the Court Registry is administered by the Ministry of Legal Affairs, and the fat grey minions who collaborate with the Leaders in land grabbing, and robbing people of their patrimony, files get changed and missing, and what ultimately gets before the judge after many years, is defeated by lies, mis-representations of bad lawyers, and corrupt heads of the Court’s administration.

Depending on the law and the Court to resolve land and other corrupt government administration issues is like searching for needle in a stack of sugarcane. Everything is stacked against the local Antiguan as the government has been very selective in their choice of administrators, making sure they are born elsewhere and not in Antigua. Our administrators of justice as born elsewhere, our police for the most part are born elsewhere, our chief talkers to America are born elsewhere, the holders of big money in the Private Sector are born elsewhere, even our criminals are born elsewhere!

The time has come to expose all those who have come to Antigua, gotten rich from graft and corruption, established their children and families in the frontline of all opportunities while the local Antiguan continues to fight for their political parties, remain poor, and soon landless!

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  1. 20 million pounds sterling to the planters for their property (includes the slaves themselves) from the British government, in the first case and VC Bird in the second…

    We have lawyers here right?

  2. Wake up people ,the facts are there. Most of these foreign investors under this administration is in collusion together. Don’t be fooled , protect your patrimony.

  3. This article is excellent. I know every country has corrupt politicians and people of influence in high places that do whatever they want. After all there high school buddy may hold one of the top jobs, or there wife works in the registry of lands, you know how it works. They protect each other and the crooked legal establishments helps them find loopholes to take your land
    Antigua has become one of the most corrupt and dangerous islands in the Caribbean.
    Antigua is run my power-hungry, greedy, arrogant, self enriching politicians.
    I pray things will get better so people don’t have to live in fear of being robbed or murdered in their home, on the beach or by a corrupt a government.

  4. People open your eyes. This government is ruthless and will take your land. YIDA deserves what they got. Talk about “what goes around comes around.” Speaking of which, what is the latest on Western Imperial? They seem to have disappeared without a trace.

  5. Those who forget their history are bound to repeat its mistakes:
    “Finance Minister Harold Lovell said Yida International Investment Antigua Limited, led by Yida Zhang, is seeking approval under the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) as well as incentives under the Business and Tourism (Special Incentives) Act for a mega resort and residential development on Guiana Island and surrounding areas.
    “Government has approved the project and is willing to give the necessary concessions,” Lovell said.
    “We have done everything we can to facilitate the project and get it moving,” he added. “The possibilities exist that we do what is necessary in order to ensure that the project comes off the ground.”…Lovell said the government has been doing its part to ensure the mega project can move ahead full speed, but is waiting for the group to finalise its purchase from the Stanford liquidators. see Gov’t keen to offer incentives for Guiana Island project
    Article Published: May 9, 2014, Daily Observer

    • “I promised the people that my administration would bring the type of investments to the country that will transform Antigua and Barbuda into an economic powerhouse and I am serious about that promise,” Browne said following the signing. “This Memorandum of Agreement is the result of our determination to work in the interest of the people of the country.”
      The government said that Yida would be investing more than EC $200 million annually in Antigua and Barbuda over the next 10 years, along with providing “an Antigua and Barbuda presence in the People’s Republic of China to attract additional economically viable investments.”

      • Lovell has maintained that YIDA did not pass the smell test and thank God the UPP hesitated to approve the project. Because the whiff that UPP was getting wasn’t from raw fish, it was from rotten fish. Can you imagine if UPP had signed a MOA with YIDA what the Labourites would be saying today?
        Now where is the Mr Singh from Western Imperial? What does Harold have to do with that?

    • The land thieving had already been legitimized by the ALP so what was any sensible government was supposed to do if the interlopers had already promised to invest? We have ultimately witnessed what we had already know; ALP in collusion with some fictitious company to rob us of our lands. Just imagine that US $1million was passed to secure deeds for some 3000 acres to include our offshore islands. Would you have accepted that deal if those lands were your family’s?

    • @tenman


    • @tenman
      YIDA done leave the scene. What do you think of the article where it is said Gaston going after Antigua people’s lands.

  6. I am in agreement with everything said about the greed of the ruling politicians. Caribbean politicians are a bunch of corrupt crooks. I am painting with a broad brush. Unless we have constitutional reform it will just be changing of the guard. So at this point I am going to gamble with the lesser of two evils. Why I say this?I know from the bottom of my heart that there are the UPP MINIONS lined up from Freetown to St.John’s and from St.Peter’s waiting on their turn to rape little Antigua all over again. Your candidate that you chose over Shawn Nicholas is as greedy as as pussy salad and his opponent put together. So Harold I am imploring you to start putting those in your party that are waiting on their pay day.

    • @ Frankly Speaking

      Ok Gaston- the excuse you all use to justify theft is that all politicians are alike.

      No politician can be as bad as ABLP- they steal blatantly. They admit to enriching themselves. This writer has to be Gaston!!

      • @Poverty -You mean like Baldwin accepting dirty money, in his own personal bank account, from those Chinese people for making them diplomats? Practically all of them pleaded guilty and some spending time in prison. Looking at BS these days its like God already punishing him, since our judicial system did not step in.

          • @ALP’S BROKER FORGE… You read this part of the elpais article: “Mr Tacla provides no evidence for this serious and unfounded charge, which has been categorically denied by Mr Browne]” .

            The information they attempted to hide, you do know it was shared? You do know the current opposition leader Harold Lovell has admitted to being on ODEBRECHT (Meinl Bank) payroll after at first lying about it? He (Lovell) used to travel with and aided Franca (an ODEBRECHT official). Meanwhile BS admitted to receiving the funds (John Ashe related) which a US authorities stated (via an indictment on their website) the date and amounts he received

        • @Loveugly
          At least the dirty money as you call it was not in exchange for what belongs to Antiguans. YIDA and Western Imperial got what they wanted after making contributions to the Labour Party. Gaston said they made contributions. Do you know where their contributions to the Labour Party ended up? If god is punishing Baldwin, can you imagine what will happen to Gaston.

          • @Think about it diplomatic passports don’t belong to A&B? You did not read (John Ashe fiasco)how a Trinidad company was used by the UPP official to help empty the treasury. Let me quote the indictment:
            “ASHE advocated for these businessmen’s interests within the UN and with senior Antiguan government officials, including the country’s then-Prime Minister (the “Prime Minister”), with whom ASHE shared a portion of the bribe payments…..The next month, after ASHE formally assumed his one-year term as UNGA President, YAN and PIAO arranged for another Chinese businessman, referred to as “CC-2” in the Complaint, to send ASHE $100,000 purportedly to pay for a UN reception in honor of ASHE’s presidency. Approximately one month later, YAN and PIAO arranged for PIAO to travel with ASHE and CC-2 to meet with Antiguan officials about a $20 million deal for CC-2’s company to install a “national internet security system” for Antigua. ASHE’s intercession on CC-2’s behalf resulted in a signed “memorandum of understanding” between CC-2’s company and the Government of Antigua to move forward with CC-2’s project. ASHE also used his position as UNGA President to promote CC-2’s company to officials with the Government of Kenya. ASHE paid a portion of these bribe payments to the Prime Minister of Antigua.”

            @Think about it -Next time don’t bring pebbles to a gun fight

        • @Loveugly
          At least the dirty money as you call it was not in exchange for what belongs to Antiguans. YIDA and Western Imperial got what they wanted after making contributions to the Labour Party. Gaston said they made contributions. Do you know where their contributions to the Labour Party ended up? If god is punishing Baldwin, can you imagine what will happen to Gaston.

        • Loveugly, stop the dishonesty. If the lands at Yida were never owned by us, from whom did Guiana Island Farms acquire the said lands, almost 3500 acres for a paltry US $1Mil? They got the land certificate after fooling our entire cabinet. Check your archive and you will know who were the members at that time.

          • @Rovi
            “Lovell (May 2014 when Minister of financé)said the government has been doing its part to ensure the mega project can move ahead full speed, but is waiting for the group to finalise its purchase from the Stanford liquidators. see Gov’t keen to offer incentives for Guiana Island project, May 2014, Daily Observer

            Guy Yida got the lands from Stanford liquidators. In the may 2014 article Lovell made clear once Yida got the Stanford lands, its full speed ahead. You may recall Stanford quickly moved forward in purchasing the lands from Data Tan right after UPP gave him the greenlight. You guys really need to stop making up your own facts.

          • @Rovi you wrote: “If the lands at Yida were never owned by us, from whom did Guiana Island Farms acquire the said lands, almost 3500 acres for a paltry US $1Mil? They got the land certificate after fooling our entire cabinet.”
            Data Tan’s group paid much more than a million US for those lands. Try and remember government had to compulsory acquire those lands which you would know means it did not belong to them at the time. The owner of record was the Fullers (at least who they had to pay). Not sure why you trying to push the lands as government owned since they were owned temporarily only for the purpose of quickly transferring them to Data Tan’s group. The group (Johan Holdings ) points out in court their attempts to make good on their promises were hindered by things outside of their control. You may recall BS taking them to court citing environmental concerns. Funny thing is he had no problem giving Stanford the go ahead to do a similar project.

    • Not surprised that you Labor minions pushing for Shawn Nicholas. She is one of the laziest candidate and general secretary in the history of Antigua politics. She feels she is entitled and is just waiting for UPP to win so she can get a big job.
      Shawn Nicholas went into a primary and she lost big time. The branch said no to her.
      Look at her output as GS for the UPP. Do you see anything there worth noting? Just total laziness. Believe all she has to do is go in the senate and speak and interview her “friend’ on Crusader on Thursday night and she set.
      Tanny Rose is one of her supporters. Any surprise there? Don’t beat your gums if you don’t know how pumpkin ah grow.

  7. The people in Pointe and Villa who may vote for Gaston have no lands that Gaston wants. As a matter of fact most of them are not even indigenous Antiguans. They don’t for the most part know what is going on and don’t care. They are just interested in lining up for their trinkets. Why would Antiguans vote for Gaston and his government when he shows himself to be bad minded and doesn’t think black Antiguans should own their lands? He, his wife and children have plenty and they did not inherit it. What happened to all the hundred of acres of government lands that you are now going after private people’s lands? What happened, are you done thief them?
    Let’s see how much of private people’s lands he can grab before election. The people in Antigua have the power to vote him out.

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