Government signs MOU for billion dollar investment


Cabinet Notes: The Cabinet welcomed three representatives from a private firm which seeks to bring a US$1,100,000,000 investment.


It is a project that will export its product while producing its substance for use in Antigua and Barbuda.


It will employ more than 500 employees.


Cabinet has asked the investor to provide additional information before it can give tentative approval, although both an MOU and MOA have been signed.

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  1. What’s an MOU? Asking for the men on the block. Friendly advice, more so constructive criticism, when writing for the people you have to define everything. No need to post this comment to the public. Read, delete and edit article.

    • @Vaughn+Greene. An MOU is an agreement between two or more parties,outlined in a formal document. It is “not legally binding”. It signals a willingness of the parties to move forward with a contract.

  2. You think these investors are backing plan because they want to help Antigua? Tall… All about the very few king pins making plenty a dolla

    • Once again, WHO are these people and WHAT is their “product”? Simple questions demand a simple answer. Journalists, get to work and do your job.

  3. Another mysterious USD 1 BILLION ‘investment’ providing the PM’s magical number of jobs ‘500’!!!
    Transparency please – especially as you have signed Memorandum of Understanding & Memorandum of Agreement – WHAT have you committed Antigua & Antiguans to exactly?
    What does Antigua give in return?
    What are the Land, Financial & Environmental concessions?
    What are govt & ministerial ‘finders/easement fees’ ?
    WHEN might this project begin?????
    Because we the people have been down this road one too many times and USD 1bn for 500 jobs smells off.

  4. What is this? No explanation. Is this meant to detract from the high and increasing cases of Covid? Who benefits from this investment? I am so glad not to live there any longer. Corruption is rife. God Bless the honest, loving people who suffer because of the lies.

  5. The people tired of promises .. that all you guys do ?? Let’s see some real foot work .. vote you guys looking already M

  6. Let me get this..🤔A signed MOU and MOA without ALL the relevant conditions in black and white?…errrrks! Dem amount a money sound like BG..y-oh y the interest in our tiny state…idk but me haffu ask does the investment have anything to do with the speed the vaccine roll out?

  7. Time for Gaston to resign the blind leading the blind still the whole country ah fall apart and still no water still no proper roads now every man vehicle falling apart The P.M doing nothing for this country only for himself. That’s a Big SHAME

    • I have never laugh so much in my life .
      The article and the comments are making me roll on the floor..
      I will stop watch Saturday night live or comedy central and just continue to watch antigua cabinet briefing and government plans …

  8. Until these things actually materialize for me it is just something on paper with the possiblity for an actual investment or the country get hoodwinked somewhere down the line.

  9. I wanted to know what an mou and an moa is guess I’ll just ask google!

  10. “It is a project that will export its product while producing its substance for use in Antigua and Barbuda”. Can anyone tell me what that sentence means. The whole Cabinet notes is bunch of nonsense. That is how Cabinet reports to the nation on a US$1.1 billion investment. Lord help us with our government.

    • @TABOR
      Tabor…Can the Gaston Browne Government do something right for you ? It is a DAMN shame that you CRITICIZE everything under this Administration. That is the reason why you will be criticizing for the next 30 years. The results of 2023 ELECTION as follows..
      ABLP 17. UPP OO. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Tabor you are an AWFUL Person.

    • With the Candidates UPP is parading.UPP cannot fill a Cabinet with those Candidates. These Candidates are worst than 2018 and you can remember the outcome.

      • ERIC CARDEN you really sound like a broken record now every time you respond to my comment. It is always that I hate Gaston or his Administration, that at the next election it will be ALP 17 UPP 0. When will you ever change your tune. And by the way if Maria Browne can be a Minister of Government any of the 16 candidates of the UPP can be Ministers even in their sleep.

  11. It is funny that this item came so low in the Cabinet’s press briefing. Why was a MOU or a Memorandum of Understanding signed and the people are not aware of the particulars? Given the fact that these have been signed before and sometimes years have passed but nothing has happened but money and a lot of tax concessions have exchanged hands. We the people want to know about it and not told as an afterthought. The government says that it is being transparent but in the essence of true transparency the people should have known who the business entities are, what products will be exported and put for use by the populace of Antigua and Barbuda before any signage has taken place. What I find funny is that the people are not getting upset about it. We as a people need to stop seeing out of red and blue eyes and see the issues no matter who is in the cabinet. Lest we forget we the people elected them to serve us but it seems as if it is the other way around.

  12. Possibly a (medicinal) cannabis growth and export facility?

    I wonder how much of that money will come back into the community? Maybe now would be a good time to invest in sovereign wealth and a fund to help the country out in the future when needed? Oh no… That’s what others do. Guess this’ll be used up quick time, and put into the pockets of those that can get away with pocketing it!

    Strange that they release a headline to the media rather than content? MOU & MOA signed, but more information needed before they can ‘tentitively’ give approval?

  13. One Billion Dollars Investment? And I have some ocean front property to sell in All Saints.It never ceases to amaze me.How those people could pull numbers out of a straw.It is like the drawing of a raffle. Remembered 500 houses in 500 days.Now 500 hundred jobs to be pulled out of a project.That is not even started.Those Politicians in Antigua and Barbuda are better than Houdini.

  14. ANR this article is somewhat confusing and it appears that you have your information all wrong. The article says that Cabinet has asked the investor for additional information before tentative approval is given to the project. However, it is also stated that a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) has been signed already. An MOA is a binding contract. What tentative approval is the Cabinet therefore talking about? The government as it stands now can be sued by the investor if they fail to meet their obligations in the MOA.

    • @Tabor – ANR reprinting Max Hearst Cabinet Notes. Confusion, smoke and mirrors is direct from Cabinet Sir.

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