Government says Reports about renaming Yasco are fake

Lionel "Max Hurst, Government's Chief of Staff

The government says that the broadcast being circulated via Whatsapp and other social media stating that the “Yasco Sports Complex, once refurbished, will be renamed the Chet Greene Track & Field Facility,” is false and that it did not originate from any government official or agency.

Whatsapp Broadcast (Part 1)
Whatsapp Broadcast (part 2)

The broadcast has been making the rounds on social media since yesterday and has many questioning its validity.

The message goes on to say that, “it was agreed that former minister of sports EP Chet Greene had made an invaluable contribution to the development of sports in Antigua and Barbuda not only during his tenure as minister of sports but also during his tenure as president of the National Olympic Committee (NOC). Greene has also made a significant impact through his service to other sporting bodies over the years. As such, the Cabinet agreed that Greene was befitting of the recognition.”

The Government’s Chief of Staff Lionel “Max” Hurst refuted the text in its entirety referring to it as “fake” and added that, “Minister Greene was absent from the Cabinet on Thursday. He is no on island even now nor then.”


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  1. Name everything after your ministers Lionel. Bunch a losers ……This alp is so DAMN corrupt when this man speaks listen with a grain a salt

    • well well if alp is so corrupt why did you’ll allow them to win a second term with a landslide victory

      i guess the majority love the corruption

      • Hey the alp will probably win every elections from here on because the people we importing and the antiguan that is here that is bought justice them a few dollars and that is it ,,I have seen it a bunch of low ……how could anyone vote for the alp after hearing them speaking on a tape robin ,asot, LESTER, after Marshall their friend speaking the same corrupt practice……tell me how could I……And we still want to know who benefited from the E BOOKS

        • If we are going to be fair all discussions of corruption should include John Ashe and the others. Its so convenient depending on which side we like to forget the other side’ s sin.
          When are we really going to be pro Antigua?

          • @Spencer- u want talk about corruption just take a walk by East Bus Station and you will see corruption in all its glory. Don’t know why you sore losers still crying about.

  2. Liard Nel Max Hurst there is a date on the message. That message had nothing to do with last cabinet meeting. Me really start to feel dunce!🙈

  3. I think Yasco should be renamed Sir Lester Bird Sports Ground, the library should be rename Vere Bird Jr Libray, ABS should be renamed Purcell Bird Super Station. Next rename Antigua Birds Islland 🤔.

    • Purcell Bird Super Station? That’s funny.
      But..he is not a politician . Nor has he ever worked for the government.

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