Government policy on bonding students appear to be changing again



The Cabinet acknowledges that many more students during these past months are applying for resources to fund their tertiary education, utilizing the Prime Minister’s Scholarship Program.

Consequently, limitations are to be immediately imposed on new students making application for the scarce funds; while those to whom the pledges have been made in the past will continue under the same terms.

It was agreed that double-dipping is also to be disallowed.

Seeking both a Scholarship and Study Leave will not be allowed, except under exceptional circumstances.

The Cabinet also gave consideration to bonding students, so that they return to Antigua to work for a fixed period, in repayment of the taxpayer funding which was freely given towards their training.


Antigua government to abolish “bonding” of students after completion of university education

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  1. There are no surprises here!
    By the way, Are there available jobs in the government sector for these students to be bonded? SMH

    • Why government? It’s too saturated. Private sector needs to be consulted. Maybe a program to take some people might be a good idea.

  2. Though I don’t agree with bonding, something needs to be done to ensure the funds are not misused. As they say some people are double dipping. Human Nature wherever possible people will always abuse the system. That is why from the onset controls needed to be put in place. Education is not cheap. But some people seem not to appreciate the fact that the government has been spending over thirty million dollars in scholarships above that from the Board of Education. What I would suggest is to let the parents or guardians sign a guarantee that if the children do not return to work, they will be liable to repay some of the monies. Students that find a good paying job overseas can then refund their parents the money. As it stands now these students don’t even say thanks you’. They get a good job overseas and build their career without any burden of a student loan. Now we all know how burdensome student loans are. Many find themselves paying back loans for almost the rest of their life. We already have almost free primary and secondary education. We cannot also afford, as a small island developing state, to have even tertiary education free. Not even the rich USA does that.

    • By the way, should we have to go to the IMF, these are the kind of programs they would insist that we discontinue.

    • I agree with you, but with UWI campus here now, I would only give scholarships to attend UWI. I presently attend UWI open campus and it’s awesome. Time for us to start spending monies on our our Universities and stop supporting the overseas one that charge us almost double as international students.

  3. This needs to be considered in more depth. E.g. Some students might wish to study further before working to repay the bond. The contract should allow for that since they might later lose those opporrunitues. Also, for some important areas of study, jobs are not available. Students graduating in these areaa should get some help being entrepreneurs when they return e.g. part of the contract could be a guarantee of startup funds and other support when they return and start a business in their area of specialization.

    • Good point as well
      As one can see this issue needs broader consultation. I do hope the government will take heed

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