Government offers scholarship to son of late Althea Henry

Tajma Francis

Cabinet Notes: The Cabinet agreed to make a contribution towards the burial of Ms. Cynthia Henry who was killed by a violent male.

The Cabinet further agreed to provide her son with a scholarship.

The Cabinet continues to express condolences to her family, especially her mother, her co-workers at the Passport Division, and her many friends who are pained by this undeserved death.

Meantime, the Cabinet held a zoom meeting with two United Nations officials concerning domestic or gender-based violence.

The  officials discussed prevention strategies since only a small number of events are ever reported to the Police.

The UN officials also discussed the “No-Drop” prosecution, which allows prosecution even if the complainant refuses to testify later; the rule currently exists in states within the USA, in Provinces in Canada, in Australia and in the Nordic countries.

The Attorney General has indicated that Antigua and Barbuda will likely adopt this “No Drop” rule in order to save lives since death, at the hands of violent males, has been recorded recently by women who refused to testify after earlier events leading to the final act of violence.

The establishment of safe houses, a sixteen week behavioral program for violent males, and other mind-changing training have been proposed.

The officials are not in favour of increasing the punishment as a remedy; they believe that support systems are a superior choice.

A discussion also followed on how to integrate technology in this search for solutions.

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  1. “The establishment of safe houses, a sixteen week behavioral program for violent males, and other mind-changing training have been proposed.”

    Hopefully this is not just all talk.

  2. Nonsense! Where’s the deterrent? Jail time and “counseling” do nothing to prevent these atrocities from occurring and reoccurring because the mindset of the offenders “me will just go ah jail go siddung fi couple years.”

    There is a deterrent on the books, death by hanging. Please don’t even bother to say anything about human rights because they have none after they’ve taken the right to live from someone else because in their twisted mind ” they own/control”the other individual.
    No court case in such open and shut cases. In the time that it takes to build the gallows family and friends who wish to say goodbye should do so because as the construction is completed the offender must swing. SWIFT JUSTICE!!!

  3. The title should have been something different since only 1 sentence mention about the son and the scholarship

  4. I don’t think it is as simple as conviction obviously this is the illness of learning disability and trauma in an individual and this can absolutely be improved. With therapy and incantation. I work in trauma understanding and I feel we need more victim support to consolidate relationship building and understanding of self.

  5. This is a good move by the government on behalf of the people of Antigua. Now something serious needs to be done about these killers. We must end their evils with simple excution by hanging, which is a law still on the books. Only yesterday the state of TEXAS just executed another killer. It’s time to put an end to all of this craziness. The people demand it so.

  6. What about the threatening voice notes from the ONDCP officer? Will this be considered here? Has any criminal action been undertaken? Is he still employed? Will he lose his job? We saw what happened when we gave an abuser a second chance!

  7. Explain why world dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne’s son needed a grant or scholarship to go to college and overnight became a millionaire.

    The septic tank gang must be removed from office. We the people have to power to do that. Vote wisely.

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