Government Now Wants Private Doctors To Test For Covid-19

Dr Joey John was the subject of criticism when he tested Hodges Bay Resort Staff
The government appears to have a change of heart regarding private doctors providing corona-virus testing services in Antigua & Barbuda.
In June, the government criticised Dr. Joey John who tested about 60 Hodges Bay Resort staff members. Health Minister Molwyn Joseph argued that local rapid testing by private facilities was a breach of procedures put in place to curb the spread of the coronavirus.
But the government announced today that “since the government is unable to carry-out all the testing, the Cabinet considered the possibility of having several identified private practitioners provide testing as well.”
The Ministry of Health would provide the test kits and the doctors would reimburse the government. This approach is to be examined by the CMO.
Meanwhile, the PAHO has been authorized to secure Covid-19 vaccines for Antigua and Barbuda and other Caribbean countries, when the supply becomes available. That may be early next year. The USA has already ordered one billion vaccines for its population.



  1. Smh vaccine for who?
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    From Fauci to molwyn Joseph a go hell

    • @ ZACKIE
      You are an ABLP HATER !!!!!. This Administration can anything right for. Your UPP is in SHAMBLES.

  2. Now the Administration need to choke on their words.After they ridiculed the Doctor.They are now eating crow.I wondered how it tastes.Like gall.

  3. I thought the press conference said Private LABs. Doctors cannot do the test. The Lab has to do the test. When I need tests done I do not go to the doctor for my tests. I either go to a private lab or the MSJMC. Maybe the writer thinks both are the same, but they are not. Labs do testing and yes they may share the result with the doctor, if it is you were referred by a doctor.

    • From The Sideline I really expect better from you. You are the one who seems to misunderstand the government’s new pronouncement on testing. The Cabinet has now said that certain private medical practitioners would be able to conduct tests and of course that includes Dr. Joseph John.

  4. Morelies Joseph has no medical background and all the jackass doing is blowing around like a leaf in wind swirl.

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