Government looking for new strategies to collect WTO award against U.S.

GG delivers Throne Speech in 2018

The government has said that it still plans to collect an estimated US$ 200 million owed to it by the United States.

The award is part of a World Trade Organisation ruling in Antigua’s favour about 10 years ago.

Governor General Sir Rodney Williams addressed the issue in the Throne Speech on Thursday.

“My Government is devising new strategies to compel the payment of the just award,” he said.

The GG said even though payments have not been received, to have pursued and to receive a favourable WTO judgment, transforms Antigua and Barbuda—among the smallest of states within the United Nations and the World Trade Organization—into a giant of a country.

“My Government plays by the rules and calls on every state, large and small, to do the same,” he said.

The WTO granted Antigua permission to collect US$ 21 million annually in US Intellectual Property for its unlawful crackdown on the country’s online gaming sector.

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  1. They should have let max hurst read this we all know whats he about ….now the alp government have mr Williams looking like a clown now

    • The USA is one of the worst countries in the world and it continues to push down small countries like Antigua. When will the people of Antigua finally learn that the USA is not our friend, and is actually our enemy in many ways?

      Antigua needs to create closer banking and financial relationship with PRC China and many other countries in the world. The USA and EU are not our friends….trust me on that point!

  2. Don’t give up. Make the empire pay. We are in nobody’s back yard, and we’re nobody’s yard fowl. Pay the full amount with interest. Antigua wins! Justice must be done.

    • I thought that they had already paid by handing over the former U.S. Air Force Base in Coolidge to the government. When the facility was handed over, it was fully equipped. The structures and all the equipment including the two powerhouses with 4 new generator engines. I understand the entire facility is worth more than USD$200 million. I could be wrong.

      • Mary-gene you coming with that bs again!!! Jeez man how many more times you go keep saying that chit. The base was not a payoff and now way that old run down place can ever be valued 200 million.

        • That facility was not run down when handed over to the government of Antigua and Barbuda. It was constructed in the forties and it was well maintained. If it is run down now it is because of poor maintenance from the now occupants. If you think it is a ‘bs’ then let it be so.

        • All the equipment that were handed over to the A&B were close to USD$100 million. The entire structures were more than that.

  3. My government is devising new strategies……blah blah blah…what new strategy??

    Mr Knight on Snakepit a,ready told you what to do so don’t take his idea and pretend it’s yours

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