Government Issues Statement On The Termination of Minister Dean Jonas

The Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda has written to the Governor General of Antigua and Barbuda advising His Excellency to terminate the duties and responsibilities of the Honourable Dean Jonas as a member of the Cabinet, effective today.
            In a separate letter to the former Minister and parliamentary representative of St. George’s Constituency, the Prime Minister indicated the following: For more than six months, I have tried to dissuade you from taking decisions that are inimical to good governance, and to my Government’s policy. My attempts have been in vain. Your relationship with your staff in the Ministry is toxic, and a continuous decline is evident from the reports that have reached me. The relationship with the farmers is also toxic and deteriorating further.
            On the basis of the inabilities of the former Minister to develop a good working relationship with his staff and with farmers, it has become necessary to provide the representative with a six-month period for reflection and contemplation as to how to achieve reconciliation, the Prime Minister informed the member in writing.
            Under Section 71(1) of the Constitution of Antigua and Barbuda, the Prime Minister is authorized to select or to terminate members of Cabinet.

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  1. Thank God Jonas gone. He overstayed his welcome. He might know something about something, but Agriculture isn’t his ting. Go now. Gaston right again. He make the People proud. He fair and reasonable. God bless Antigua and Barbuda.

  2. Give me a break. What is the relationship between Melford and staff at ABS? How many times ABS staff has striked and Melford still has a ministry. Tell me please what Robin Yearwood is doing. What about the incompetent Mrs. Browne? And Michael Browne? Antigua State College crumbling, ebooks scandal, faults at school meals and he still remains as Minister. The Prime Minister just had it out for Dean because he is by no means measuring other ministers by the same measuring stick.


    The Mighty Sparrow sings, ‘…Only a Fool Breaks His Own Heart’ [You Tube].

    Learned a very long time ago in Law enforcement that no matter how ‘…efficient or competent or docile,’ no man or woman may consider himself ‘…untouchable or indispensable.’

    No Sah. ‘…No man is an island.’

    The most important lesson learned is that when a man sees that ‘…Pushing is coming to Shoving,’ he should be ‘…Jumping.’

    Why? He might just; yes, might just be ‘…pushed out or over board.’

    Not sure why it was written this way, but given this news story, it begs the question, just ‘…What Duties and Responsibilities did the Governor General assign to the ‘…Agriculture Minister?’

    Do know that on ‘…recommendation of the Prime Minister,’ a person so assigned a ‘…Ministerial Port Folio,’ shall be appointed by the Governor General, as desirous by the Prime Minister.

    Also know that with such appointment, there is no ‘…Security of Tenure.’

    Moreover, do know that a Minister found ‘…Starved of Ministerial Competence’ or showed evidence of an inability to ‘…effectively perform his Official Duties’ or ‘…satisfactorily discharge his Ministerial responsibilities,’ shall begin to sing the Hymn, ‘…Now the Day Is Over.’

    For he shall have his appointment abruptly and immediately revoked.

    In some instances, acrimonious or otherwise, when such appointee is seen as having ‘…outlived his/her usefulness,’ or has ‘…Fallen From Grace,’ then either by ‘…hook or crook; …voluntarily or coercively,’ he has to go.

    No man therefore, should subject himself to ‘…Avoidable Indignities,’ when he could walk away with his ego and dignity.

    Always suggested people placed in authority or in ‘…Privileged Positions,’ to ‘…do good to people and walk good.’

  4. Still confuse as to why Hon. Dean Jonas was relieved as minister and fired from the Govt……… The PM owes us the electorates an explanation as why he chose to humiliate the Mr. Jonas in that matter….. Why didn’t the PM reshuffle the cabinet and place Mr. Jonas to another ministry? This looks very personal…..! History indicates that both parties seem to be having conflict for quite sometime now.

  5. Dean is not a laborite by heart. He switched allegiance but never lost his stripes. The typical UPP character of victimization and being very arrogant. Something they all did as a policy the minute they took office in 2004.
    In contrast when ABLP took office in 2014 the PM said no victimization. And he kept whomever from the UPP who was willing to work with him and not against. But Dean could not adopt to that policy. So much that the people he terminated at Transport Board won their case against the government for unfair dismissal costing Transport Board hundreds of thousands dollars. If Dean had his say Harry Josiah would have been fired too. Good thing Robin overruled him each time. But now that he had a ministry all for himself he continued his victimization spree. All this news was constantly fed back to the PM. Who warned him time ad time again. But Dean won’t listen. And as the PM said the working environment became toxic between him and his staff. I mean the man was not likeable at all. I really don’t know how he won his constituency. The people must have been desperate to vote for any ABLP candidate. Dean does not fit in the party and he should be expelled.

    • The guy needs to take a few history lessons and study the basic principles of Black Democratic Socialism, which guided the lives of our founders. The guy need some educating in labour, social democratic, and People Power. Is the guy even RED?

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