Government issues statement on the killing of Althea Henry





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  1. B u come a Antigua and have job at passport office when Antiguans can’t even get work? Wtf wrong with this backward country? Talking about stop work because she man murder she… People have them passport to get n you a shut down smfh

    • @Sensible….. The passport office is high classified and sensitive department for the government/country, and it is not every or anyone allowed employment there especially non-national. Anyone working there should have a high level of security clearance and continuous background security check on them, including training, to make sure they’re trustworthy employees.
      Althea Henry is a born native of Antigua and Barbuda 🇦🇬. The accused murder (the man) is a Jamaican native born.

    • Really the woman is a born Antiguan .you all must know the flacks before talking shit.

    • So Antiguan don’t have jobs in Jamaica, or elsewhere in this world? Do you understand the CARICOM and the CSME, and the need to deepen the integration of Caribbean people, goods and services? Are you promoting that we go through all the public and private entities and throw non-nationals out of their jobs? Should I go to work today and start showing hostility to my Antiguan coworker who sits in the cubicle next to mine? To such a heinous crime, committed by a sick and cruel Jamaican that statement is all you can offer? You must be a sick, heartless and cold Antiguan. SHAME ON YOU! Your Prime Minister has a good heart and real emotions and that speak volume. We need to stop seeing people as countries and see them as human beings – yes, plain human beings.

  2. @Sensible, you are absolutely disgusting. You sound like one of the lazy Antiguans that are not interested in working but still complain when immigrants get a job in this country. In any evident, this story itself is traumatizing. God forbid you experience a death in your family, I hope you have your time off request denied (if you even are employed). Have a good one.

  3. @Sensible:Did you say that to be noticed.This is a very,very,sad story. It does not matter to me. How or when she came to Antigua. It does not matter to me. Where she came from into Antigua.At least she found work and did not depend on handouts. Like some of your lazy arses in Antigua. Do you know.How many Antiguans are living and working around this world.More than those living in Antigua.Ask Gaston Browne.

  4. ALTHEA……… IS A BORN & RAISED ANTIGUAN…@ sensible please stop PROVING your a DUNCE.


    Nothng she could have did or said could give him ( jamaican ) any right to kill her… NOTHING….

  5. This is a very sad story as no one deserves to be brutally murdered.
    I do have an issue with Antiguan, which you are obviously not, and Mount O. To think you believe you have a right to berate Antiguans who question why so many non indigenous Antiguans are able to find jobs in government when so many born Antiguans cannot find work.
    It is not that native Antiguans are lazy, it is just that the politicians are looking after the non nationals to get their votes. How many non indigenous Antiguans are working in Gaston’s passport office?

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