Government invites Roger Ver to invest in private bank


Cabinet Notes: The lawyer representing Roger Ver, was invited to Cabinet accompanied by the principal of the Stem Cell Research Center and Mr. Ver himself.

The Government has invited Roger Ver to invest in the private bank which is 80% owned by the Government; the transfer of that sum will take place in a few days subject to the ECCB approval.

Further, Mr. Ver has agreed to purchase 1,000 laptops that will go to students at the High School level, enabling distance learning in the time of COVID-19.

The use of crypto currency in an emerging world, the Cabinet was assured, will result in the creation of thousands of new high-paying jobs to the benefit of Antigua and Barbuda.

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  1. During slavery every one was employed except the plantation owners, post slavery every one is employed except the business owners, WHAT HAS CHANGED?

    It is time to transition to a model where business is owned by the employees. The employees will receive a salary and share the profit.

    What is the plan to change the narrative to uplift the masses? People are just working working and not seeing their way.

    • Well said! But with ownership comes power, and empowering the people lossens the grip of those who hold it. The change will not come from above.

  2. What pound of flesh will he get?

    The Cabinet notes intentionally left that out.

    Please note this is a future scandal when the pound of flesh is taken.

  3. What private bank does the government own 80%? Why is the name of the bank not stated? I can only speculate that it is Caribbean Union Bank. Is it? If it is, WTF??? This is a terrible idea.

  4. If this is Caribbean Union Bank didn’t the government promise to sell shares to local Antiguans? Can’t that be used as the method for bringing funding to the bank?

  5. Roger Keith Ver a come.We better begin to stand up and be counted..Have you folks seen the pattern.The Chinese,the Whites with money are coming and getting.What would be left for us? Absolutely nothing.If we as a people do not stop it now.We would become second class citizens in the country of our birth.They are buying the passports of Antigua and Barbuda very cheaply.Once you owned a Passport.You are a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda.

  6. Whenever, these two words “Stem Cells” pop up, in regards to research there are several thoughts which comes to mind…

    A…Henrietta Lacks and the John Hopkins Research regarding her cells(Hela Cells), and the alleged illegal uses by Hopins, and lack of compensation for Hopins using her cells.

    B…Abortions which are rampant within the African/Black American Communities, Communities similar to Antigua & Barbuda.

    C…The abductions and disappearances, of young African/Black Americans, the lack of coverage by the main stream media, to include these abductions and disappearances to the Body Parts Black Market.

    The question which need to be asked are is, who is this business entity fronting for, as in a subsidiary of, to include the crypto currency investment$?
    Probably, the Chameleon Carnal Hues, with ‘Ten’ aliases, who is chair of a Financial regulatory body, in the Nation can shed some light, on this subject to, I Yah ‘Man.’

  7. Are these the same laptops that should have been in the hands of the students from the first day of school? What happened? Who didnt get what?
    By the way, a laptop without Internet is like a chariot without a horse. Still wont get them anywhere.

  8. While local investors are standing at the sideline not willing to invest their monies into our economy, foreign investors are coming in. And we wonder why we get displaced in our economic status in our own country. Start taking risks like others.

  9. Are local Investors offered the same blanket checks like the foreign ones.In terms of concessions.Look at YIDA.He pulled wool over the eyes of the great Banker. He heard $2 billion in 10 years to be spent by YIDA.He gave YIDA the house,kitchen,cabinets and even the kitchen sink.He also gave YIDA autonomy of his territory.Persons like you fat boy would not be able to enter.Unless you get a special pass from YIDA.Then again your good friend could use his influence and get you one.Why not try and fish in YIDA’s Territorial waters.

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