Government Grants 24-Hour Security To Ottos Comprehensive School


The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has provided the desired solution at the Ottos Comprehensive School (OCS) by agreeing to implement 24-hour security on the school compound.

“The main concern was the security and that has been addressed, not only at the Ottos Comprehensive School but at some of the schools that they’ve identified as high risk,” President of the Antigua Barbuda Union of Teachers, Asworth Azille, said.

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has closed Ottos Comprehensive School for the remainder of the week to allow for a number of issues to be addressed.

Director of Education, Clare Browne said the decision was taken in the interest of the health and safety of students and teachers.

In the upcoming days, work will be carried out by several agencies including the Central Board of Health (CBH) and the Dog Control Authority, including dealing with a flea infestation, in time for the re-commencement of classes next Monday.

The changes come after a third break-in at the school plant in three weeks. The recent break-in at the staff room, in addition to a flea infestation, has caused the teachers to complain.