Government extends beach hours after backlash


Chief of Staff, Lionel Hurst has confirmed that beachgoers will be able to use the nation’s beaches between the hours of 5am and 5pm on weekdays.

The earlier announced policy of 5am to noon will no longer apply on weekdays but will be in effect on weekends .

Tourists were threatening to cancel their holidays over the earlier announced decision.

Tour operator, Eli Fuller spoke out publicly about the restriction. Watch him here:

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  1. Government shows that they remain sensitive to the cry of the people. Let us all play our part. Either we win-win or loose-loose.

  2. Seems only when the tourist and certain people in society speak out against the administration they react. MONEY ,MONEY,MONEEEY! The weekend time is still ignorance .

    • I was just saying that to myself. Only when the tourist reacts things change. I wonder if the tourist were silent if and we had reacted.

        • Exactlyyyy. Look up Israel and Gibraltar. Mostly vaccinated and cases are through the roof. Antigua was just already cooling down very minimum cases then as VACCINATION started BOOM, cases nfffff

      • Lol. You’re funny. Stop watching CNN and drinking the Kool-Aid.

        The jabs are the sticking plaster which, ironically, makes the problem worse. A marketing ploy and political device. The reality is the jabbed all over the world are travelling and spreading Covid as the main means of transmission. People foolishly believe the jabbed cannot catch or spread the disease, and they act accordingly. Just check out the big rise in cases in countries where these rushed, emergency use only, insufficiently tested, and dangerous faux vaccines have been rolled out most. Israel, the US, the UK etc.

        The answer lies in the cheap, safe but effective treatment protocols such as ivermectin + Zinc which frontline doctors the world over have been using for months to good effect. Many people have gone to their graves unnecessarily due to information on such treatments being denied.

  3. I will arrive on the island on September 28th but only because the great grey bearded one will not let me cancel my virgin flight. Restuarants closed, curfew in place, beech access restricted, hostility towards tourist what more could i ask for. It’s make your mind up time Mr Brown. Make me feel welcome or tell me to stay away. Double jabbed and on my way to half moon bay come what may. Get that burger on the grill Mr Henry.

  4. We still were not comfortable visiting this Nov , we cancelled . We are fully vaccinated but don’t want to get sick in a foreign country ,

    • I have just come back. And felt totally safe.
      Same as anywhere. Wear your mask wash your hands same routine as Uk. Less covid there than UK AND USA

    • Thanks for cancelling your trip here. We would not want you to arrive as asymptomatic spreading that virus without your knowledge to the rest of us. You made a wise decision. See you when you can become sel-trust worthy. Enjoy your stay wherever you go as you take care of always being alert of how everyone in this world can still spread the virus to each other … vaccinated or not. Good luck!!

  5. When a government starts to decide when or if people can go to God sea water and cleanse themselves it’s time for that government to call it a day..

    Beach really wait a beach them people really a watch. What about them long cues on the airport, they ever see the pandemonium at the airport every Saturday?

  6. Not once have they thought through any of these proclamations

    The new hours are not sufficient. People still won’t want to visit if the have to leave the beach at 5 pm

  7. This Administration makes bull dung decisions and then end up with eggs on their faces.They make big, bold decisions, only to backed down within a day,eating Crows.

  8. So they are opening the beaches up because TOURISTS have threatened to cancel and some have. Tourists have more influence over the government than the actual citizens and residents??! Sickening. All the do in the cabinet is bark, bark, bark, like rabid dogs. And then they swallow their threats in 24 hours. No man can tell me I can’t go to the beach. It was cruel and inhuman to even suggest such a thing.

    • Exactly and yes tourist are because I can bettttt they dont trouble them white in English harbour when they on the road pass 8. This government righttt special place in hell for them

    • Citizens talk he just does not care. How can we have all these cases and airport stilllllllllll open? Our lives dont matter to him. Simple. And he shows that time and time again.

    • RED KOOL AID very good question. They like to say people are in hiding but they are in a worst situation —– they are dead. I hope like Jesus Christ they are resurrected.

  9. God is with us, we ask for this punitive agenda to end. The lord has his timings and you sir can not stop it. The timing of our almighty lord shall avail. No man shall come before him. His beautiful beaches are not a porn to threaten man kind. Our skin is pure. We are all worthy and none above. There is a bigger picture and we only have control of ourselves.

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