Government Explores Using Public Works Personnel for Enhanced Security Amidst $1 Million Debt to Private Firm


In an effort to reduce costs, the government, burdened by a $1 million debt to a private security firm, plans to deploy trained Public Works staff for security duties at schools and public buildings.

Monitored cameras will also be installed to enhance protection. Information Minister Melford Nicholas highlighted that a substantial part of the government’s operating budget goes towards outsourcing security contracts.

To manage expenses, the government is considering reallocating Public Works personnel.

The legitimacy of the $1 million bill was confirmed after lawyers from the Ministry of Legal Affairs met with Cabinet officials.

The concern over security arose due to break-ins at school compounds and an armed incident at Clare Hall Secondary School.

Parents and teachers have called for better security measures.

Wilbur Purcell, head of Special Security Services, previously discussed arrears owed by the government, but it’s unclear if his company is the one referred to in the Cabinet notes.

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  1. This government has run off the rails so far it is not even funny.

    We will hear more about them and the teachers just now.

    This government needs to go so bad.

  2. Why do people even work for this administration if they can’t even get paid? This is just laughable 😂🤣

  3. This government continues to owe local contractors and don’t care two hoots If they go bankrupt. They owe several security firms and down right refuse to pay them. Don’t talk about the other contractors- heavy duty equipment contractors. Then supplies to government institutions. This government will hire you to do something. Then you do the job , buy materials, pay employees and your taxes, only to find out that they are going to give you the round around that May last for years. In several cases people drop dead before collecting their money. However, the government ministers trucks, backhoes , water trucks gets paid in a timely manner- in most countries in the world they would go to Jail for conflict of interest.
    They own rent properties to government and statutory bodies and get paid in a timely manner.
    So before you pay up you what you owe the security companies, you gone yo further increase the public sector.
    How much did you pay for the minister of Tourism for his bankrupt business. Give us a list of the government ministers and their families that do business of any kind with the government and the exact amount they receive from the treasury for the past 5 years. Worst yet a few government workers saw the corruption and how government ministers were getting rich over night , so they too joined in and go involved in the conflict of interest- treasury workers also got involved in purchasing trucks too – yes the pay master paying himself- conflict of interest. So from captain to paymaster in Antigua is involved in corruption.
    So do you think that those government workers want to see a change of government? PS used government workers to construct and build in town- got awarded to ambassador- corruption/conflict of interest.
    During the recent teachers strike the government promised to deploy, police and the army to assist. Now we are hearing about expanding government security forces. Hope the teachers UNION is paying keen attention.
    So Antigua ministers , their families, their front men and women, continues to rip of this country and All you local contractors and suppliers continue to take the abuse, week in week out , month in month out. Hey can you imagine someone going to the treasury for years to collect a few thousand dollars for providing school uniforms.

  4. “Wilbur Purcell, head of Special Security Services, previously discussed arrears owed by the government, but it’s unclear if his company is the one referred to in the Cabinet notes.”

    Well bowled ANR

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