Government Evicts Family Of 10 In Booby Alley


The accommodation for a family of 10, a home on Lower North Street, became the first to be removed from the Booby Alley community as the government prepares to launch a major housing project in the area.

The house belonged to Sharon Roberts who expressed that she was no longer going to resist the government’s appeal for her to leave.

“They have been behind us for quite some time; I cannot fight with the government, so I decided to move. They have sent all sorts of letters and I do not have any money to put up a fight,” Roberts said.

She was given assurance by the relevant authorities that she would be compensated for any damage to property that may result during the relocation process.

Roberts, who has lived in the area for over 20 years, said she received the most recent notification to leave about two days ago and that the government has provided accommodation at the Joe Mike’s Hotel on Lower Nevis Street.

However, she is concern because her family have not been able to take any of their possessions except clothing.

Roberts, who is also unemployed, also questions the government on how her family will be catered for in terms of food.

“My boyfriend asked the lady how we would eat; she, however, told him she has nothing to do with that. While food is sold at Joe Mike’s, suppose we do not have any money to purchase it?” Roberts said.

Earlier this year, there was a major stand-off between residents of Point and the police after Roberts and her family refused to accept a notice for them to vacate. The situation escalated to near-riot proportions as scores of residents converged on the area and showed their disapproval by blocking the street with furniture and other debris.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne, who is also the Member of Parliament for area, visited the scene of the unrest and appealed for calm, but his attempts were in vain as the residents did not hesitate to voice their outrage and most of them indicated that they felt they were being bullied into accepting eviction/relocation notices.

At the time, Roberts and her family said that they would have agreed to the move if they were being relocated to a home within the neighbourhood.





    • How ignorant are you? If she doesn’t have appliances etc WHICH CLEARLYJoe Mikes rooms aren’t self contained HOW I’M HIGH HEAVENS can she provide the way she normally would. Some of you lack comprehension or just damn purpose. Chuuupss

      • So isn’t her boyfriend working to find another home for them? Also, when government.wants to build on your property whether rental or owned, they are supposed to give you a certain amount of money for relocation.

        • They never owned the land. An old house was on the land and they were living in it and the government rebuild they house and they knew from day one they had to move so it’s what they mean to do. They just want people to feel sorry for them.

          The headline is also misleading

      • Dem ALP choir singers don’t have a brain so you have to excuse them. They are given talking points by the party propaganda chief which they regurgitate mindlessly.

        Those people have to be moved because the value of that property will skyrocket after the 5th pier is constructed and we all know only politicians and their families along with their Arab friends must accumulate wealth in Antigua. Black people must stay at the bottom of the economic totem pole indefinitely.

      • Well said,some people are always going to be who they momma taught them to be,smh shame and disgrace,like a stove inside a Joe Mike’s and them smll ass room chupz

    • But if the only thing she could take out was clothes, she never said she has her own stove and cooking gas so obviously she gonna have to spend money to eat regularly, is expenses they put them under people blind and naive

  1. Ok, but she does not have or have access to any of her appliances. So the “same way” she was feeding herself before does not seem available.

    That I what I believe she is getting at, with your bunch of exclamation marks and not a lick of incisiveness.

    • She knows full well they will not be staying at Joemikes for no extended time.The house is to be relocated on Bennett Street ,on lands been prepared with Utilities etc.. Again i know these people, they are Vagabonds and Trouble makers,give me a brake..

  2. Thank you… it is strange… the only difference is where u will be living.. u will go to work and school and feed yourself the same. A matter a fact you should have more Money because for now you have no water bill no Apua bill….

  3. Some of you people reading this clearly don’t understand where the lady coming from wether or not she have bills to pay feeding her entire will be more than her bills on a daily cause where as she could buy groceries an have food for a day when she cook she will have to be buying food everyday all day how much exactly she will be spending daily on food for her and her entire family

  4. I really do not know why the Prime Minister is using so much political capital to help people who do not want his help. I mean it’s mind-boggling to see. People are given new homes that are worth hundreds of thousands for almost free and all they can do is protest against their own good. Well I would take them out of there build the homes and make sure they don’t get back in there. Same thing with the Barbudan. You do so much for them and in the end they kick you in the bud and stab you in the back.

    • You couldn’t have said it any clearer. Them too ungrateful cause they had nothing and now he help them to where they are they don’t appreciate it. I know this family and they giving false information. Them a talk bout what they going to eat like them accustom to cook oh please. Sharon please stop giving impression because the whole point know who you all be. Thank God for all the blessing you are getting even though you don’t deserve it and be happy that you have been blessed.

  5. These people are clearly trouble makers.. I really cant understand why anyone would choose to live in such an Environment as the Boobey Alley.. And they are also very ungrateful. god does not sleep,they need to stop it..

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