Government Evaluates Candidates for Chief Magistrate and DPP Positions, Says Attorney General


The search for a new chief magistrate continues as the government evaluates candidates for the position.

Attorney General Sir Steadroy Benjamin confirmed that filling the vacancy left by former Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh, who departed after a disciplinary trial, is a priority. Since last year, Traffic Court Magistrate Dexter Wason has been acting in the role.

In an interview with Observer media, Benjamin also highlighted the government’s efforts to appoint a new Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

He emphasized that numerous applications for both positions are under careful review to ensure the best candidates are chosen.

“These appointments will be made after thorough scrutiny and due diligence. We want to ensure the selected individuals are efficient and capable,” Benjamin stated.

While the Attorney General did not reveal the number of applications, he mentioned that both local and foreign candidates are being considered.

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  1. Why are foreign candidates being considered for such critical positions in our justice system if local candidates have applied?

    Foreign candidates should only be considered if no suitably qualified Antiguan and Barbudan is willing to take up these posts.

  2. I would like to know who the candidates are? I would like to know what are the minimum qualifications? I would like to know, as in the US Supreme Court, a justice does not have to be licensed attorney, do you have to be licensed in your jurisdiction?

  3. All just show,the next one has already been groomed in the role of the Magistrate, to discard embarrassing and criminal issues – prevent them from going to the ‘next level!’
    That is the level of ‘delay’ in the High Court & ‘death’ of person/business/case in Appeal Court! Our justice stinks of old colonial rule!

  4. Let’s hope that professionalism & honesty prevails in selecting the successful candidate for the positions.

    In other establishments, successful candidates fill vacant positions by having a snuggy relationship with the selectors….. Real Sad!!

  5. It would be a good thing for the clot shot to take this rass out.

    Up to now he don’t want to divulge Nigel Christian’s murderers. It’s four of them not three and definitely the three idiots they paid to take the fall.

  6. @my way of helping – There are no sitting members of the US Supreme Court who have not attended law school and practiced as an attorney. Except for Justice Elena Kagan, all have previously been circuit judges for the US Court of Appeals. Prior to the establishment of modern US law schools, there were some justices who did not obtain law degrees, but that has not been the case for almost 100 years.

  7. But how dear does a man of cutie Benjamin character evaluate people of moral integrity and character? He having escape a passport case because the last Jamaican dpp was in the ALP pocket, he ended up been belled by his home country Jamaica or else he would be here resubmitting the bus case against upp and all other odd jobs he could do for them, I would like the court system vet and recommend the dpp and magistrate without political interference, or else these constitutional creatures will think they are indebted to ALP and will prejudice cases concerning them in the future of government changes, let’s watch this movie to the end starring cutie and ALP gang.

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