Government endorses Burna Boy’s Antigua concert but won’t be financing it



The Cabinet held preliminary discussions on the Burna Boy concert to be held in December, 2022.

Despite the presence of Government officials at the launch, there is no financial liability on the part of the Ministry of Tourism or the Ministry of Creative Industries.

Since May 2022, the Ministry of Creative Industries has endorsed 147 such events, without providing financial support to any.

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  1. You mean all this fuss is about one-hit wonder, Burna Boy? What will he do? Break up the song into pieces and sing one piece per hour with 20 pullups?

    And pray tell, who then would be funding this concert? If not government then who? Don’t we have the right to know?

    • One hit wonder? Y’all are so simple minded and y’all don’t recognize his global musical importance. Maybe expand your music taste and look beyond the Caribbean. Burna Boy is a household name across Europe, Africa and North America. He’s sold out stadiums of over 20k, so y’all calling him a one hit wonder just says a lot about you and your lack of knowledge. Poor you just bc all y’all know is “Last last” and “It’s plenty” you think that’s all everyone knows? Lmfao please. Get with the times.

      • @Anways
        the only half-sensible song for him is Anybody and the lyrics are violent
        everything else flop
        sampling off toni braxton? cmon bro.
        Plus people saying he SACRIFICE his friend Gambo
        sold his soul to get fame and fortune at Gambo’s expense

        Davido SACRIFICE his little son too
        watch him blow up

        You think “music” is just music eh?
        Get with the times! Open your SPIRITUAL EYES

        Kanye said it best “They cant control me. They can control Shaq, Charles Barkely, LeBron James. They can control JAY-Z and BEYONCE…my momma aint here. My MAMA WAS SACRIFICED. Michael Jordan what about him?…”

        “They wanna MONETIZE and TRAUMATIZE”

        You think them “Beats By Dre” headphones you wearing cheap? Dr. Dre son paid the price for them headphones you think are so “cool”.

        You think Kobe Bryant death was “random”?

        Google the lyrics of “Lucifer” by Jay-Z and “Murder by Numbers” by The Police

        Satan not playing, so why should you? antigua people watch out! Darkness coming with burna boy.

  2. Government,meaning we the Politicians, endorsed but not financing that Concert. Please Politicians,do you people take us the taxpayers to be jackasses. You are playing with words,endorsing and not financing. So tell us you fat arse greedy Politicians. What role are you playing with our taxed dollars with your endorsements of this CONCERT? You people with your Tertiary Education think those of us without such are ignorant fools. Please tell us how much of our damn monies are being spent on this CONCERT.

  3. The ABLP asked the UPP this question:
    “Where will the money come from to fund the UPP MOM PROGRAMME”.
    The programme to help single mothers.

    But the ABLP can find money to ( As school children say, to fund a million dollar concert)


  4. One of the reasons why i do not TAP into peoples blessings. Most of them got their wealth through occult and not music alone. In Nigeria, you will see an artist of just a few months buying expensive houses and cars, and those who really do not understand what they artists are into secretly will start tapping into such blessings. May God Almighty see kanye west through this ordeal.

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