No Official Funeral For The Late Vaughn Walter


The Government has decided against granting the late Director of Culture, Vaughn Walter, a state or official funeral.

According to Cabinet spokesman Melford Nicholas, Walter does not meet the criteria necessary for either level of distinction.

“There is a protocol that governs who can be accorded a state funeral and who can be accorded an official funeral. And, I think in the case of Mr Walter, would not reach the level of being accorded either.”

Walter died suddenly at the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Grounds last Friday.

The cause of death is not known.

Walter has spent the past 20 years, while working under three different administrations in the cultural arena.

From 1999 he served as the Coordinator of Carnival and subsequently the Chairman of Carnival. He was then made Director of Culture in 2009 and serves in that post to present.

Early this year, he was seconded to be the head of the CARIFESTA XV with Antigua and Barbuda playing the part of host country come 2021.

Nicholas, however, revealed that the government opts to assist with the funeral expenses.

“The Cabinet has made a determination that it will make a financial contribution towards the funeral expenses and that will be communicated through the Minister of Culture in recognition of the significant work that he has done.”

Nicholas also said that no decision has been yet taken as to Walter’s replacement as the head of the CARIFESTA XV organising committee.

“Possibly what may be more appropriate at this time of bereavement, and until the funeral takes place… It may just be a matter of good form not to have to deal with the issue of a replacement,” said Nicholas.

“But, I’m sure it’s something the Minister of Culture will deal with.”




    Irrespective of ‘…Protocol and Recognition,’ though there may be talks of a person’s contribution to national development, there is absolutely nothing to gain when a deceased person is to be buried.

    Listen to Denyse Plummer’s social commentary ‘…Heroes’ [You Tube].

    Candidly she sings, ‘…When they dead and they gone, we does shed we crocodile tears.’

    Sure as hell, the deceased ‘…Vaughn Walter’ would not want that.

    Though he won’t be perturbed, he might just be allowed to be laid and ‘…Rest in Cultural and Heavenly Peace.’

  2. This gentleman deserved a State Funeral. I have witness this man sells Antigua and Barbuda tourism products and culture while preforming several hotels guest wedding ceremonies. This man was down-to-earth with each tourist he interacted with compare to other members I see representing the tourism department of the country. He was good with everything he had done for Antigua and Barbuda.

    • State funerals are for Prime Minister, Govenor Genral, President (where it applies) etc… an official funeral will be for Ministers of Gov’t, Dames, Sirs, Speaker of the house etc. Come on now ppl… dont be absolutely arrogant… not every person that makes significant contributions to the country should have a state or official funeral. Stop being ignorant and take time to learn about these things. Everything is by protocol and he just doesn’t fit the criteria of this one. Mr Walter was a very vigilant man and I pray he rests in perpetual peace but it is what it is.

  3. Y’all wicked bad !! So you got to meet a criteria now to bury someone whose been working for years in the culture arena won’t be getting my vote next election wicked set a people

      • No. Its just the straw that broke the camels back as they say. We have heard of politicians’ mothers accorded such. What was the criteria I wonder. All kind of party hacks have been given official funerals but now its a problem. They seem to forget that this man ran for public office among his many activities. He did however prevent one of them from entering his office so it must be time to get even in his death.

  4. RIP.Vaughn Walter. With or without a State and or an Official Funeral.That would not be a deterrent for you to enter into the Kingdom of God.On the day of your Funeral.Thousands of Nationals and Citizens would be showing up to pay their respects to you.Because you were a very good person.In my opinion that is what should matter.I do not believe your family asked for an Official Funeral.It was suggested by a caller into Observer Radio.That in the caller’s opinion you should be accorded an Official Funeral.So why did Cabinet had to discuss it.Then they send the bloated one Melford to tell the public none would be given.When in fact none was ask for.

    • I did not call into Observer but I to agree that he should be given a state funeral as a recognition for his hard work in keeping our culture alive. This man sell Antigua culture and the tourism products better than them in the ministry of tourism. I saw him several times at wedding ceremonies he performed at different hotels. This man talked natural to the tourists most times in our native tongue (dialect). The authorities who are responsible should give jack his jacket.

  5. Easy-P-Zee solution…Antiguans are well known for attending “funerals” whether you knew the individual personally or not.
    In this case Vaughn was known in every corner of the Nation; therefore, how about, if the thousands who wants to give Vaughn a grand send off, simply, take the day off from work, and have ONE BIG JAM SESSION all over the Island.
    I am quite sure, that there are more than enough Sound Systems, Artistes, dancers, actors, etc. who Vaughn came in contact with, and helped to further their dreams.

  6. I swear all yall that have so much to say about this matter being wrong have no idea about this matter indepthly.. to have a state or even official funeral you have to be someone who made a difference for the country on a regional or international level not just local… so because I do my job for 20 years I must get a state or official funeral? Smh sometimes right Antigua can never put politics aside its sickening

  7. It is sad when persons know about laws and protocols, and choose to breach for their convenience…. Vaughn has done quite a bit in culture for his country and yes his death should not go unnoticed by the govt….. This means that if since he has not met the criteria of an official or state funeral, the govt can create scholarship in his name

  8. What about the details of his death. I heard his grandchildren were with him. Also fire/smoke from a hotplate we has using. Also the kids had to taken to the hospital from the smoke. Whats the REAL story ???

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