Government Corrects Its Reporting On Beaches, Churches, Barbers

Cabinet of Antigua & Barbuda (FILE PHOTO)

The government today gave clarification on three items appearing in the weekly Cabinet Notes circulated to members of the media.

The first was in relation to barbershops and beauty salons etc, which the notes said would open “immediately.” In a later statement the government said it won’t be till Monday after operating procedures are put in place by authorities.

The second matter concerned churches for which gathering the Cabinet notes said may resume on Sundays and Saturdays, as customary. In a later statement the government churches will not open until measures are put in place. No date was given.

In the third item concerning opening of beaches. The Cabinet notes indicated ‘beaches will now be opened on Saturdays and Sundays. As it turns out, beaches will not be open on weekends, the government said in a later statement.


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  1. Opening beaches are much safer than offices with AIR CONDITIONING which approximate Spring temperatures in NY where many of our relatives died. Not even New Yorkers were forced to confinement; office as far as COVID is concerned are more like nursing homes where in one instance 70 people died.
    This back to work given lack of testing might be a weird. way of cutting payroll. Is someone trying to reopen churches to accommodate an upswing in funeral services? This COVid opening might be a COVer up for the PURGE!

  2. Remember most parents are still out of school. Even if school open how will the get financial support.

  3. I find it extremely entertaining that NO ONE in the picture is wearing a mask NOR practicing social distancing by laws. If you want people to follow mandates, shouldn’t you be practicing what you are implementing???

  4. Mek r U mind to rass! R u a cause moh, confusion dan COVID-19, to rattit!

    PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is setting in fast!

  5. They need get on with the nation wide randomly test before making all these decisions.
    If NO beach on the weekend, the authorities need to get the correct information out to the public through all the radio media houses, ABT TV, and social media sites (Facebook), etc.
    From past history of worldwide pandemics, I read that the it normally has 3 waves. Can the medical officials please tell us what wave we are in now since the COVID 19 has been around since last year?

  6. I don’t understand why the beaches are so tightly restricted. Unless there is a beach party or event, people don’t mingle like that on the beach. 95% of the time one would be at the beach with persons they are already in close contact with anyway. Simply keep the rules of “No picnics, no parties, no groups of more than 10” and we will be fine. THE BEACH IS MEDICINE!!. Exactly what we need to fight this illness. Maybe they really don’t want us to win. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  7. I don’t agree with school opening in June. Open school in September. Will a child be sitting in a hot classroom with a mask on all day what about children with asthma. I think opening school in September and let secondary schools go from 8:30 to 3 pm.

  8. I agree, the beach is best thing for clearing the lungs and extremely good for the mind! Opening the beach during the week does not give the local man the access as they have to work. Only the rich and the bosses that don’t have to work can go. Poor people can never win. Gaston looking out for his rich friends as usual. Locals need to go the beach on weekends after a long week at work! Come on Gaston think about your people not your friends for once.

  9. You damn if you do or damn if you dont so Gaston aka The World Boss just do it your way

  10. The beach has always been a part of the healing process throughout our lives, why take that away from us!? As long as it is a family group and they aren’t on a picnic, l do not see why there is a ban especially on weekends when there is a little free time. As to the decision to open the country and schools too soon, it is a terrible idea unless the government does not care about the repercussions that will take place. They must be aware that many more lived will be lost. Foo me pickney an dem nar go ah nun school.

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