Government Claiming 65 percent Shares In Jolly Beach Resort


The government is claiming that it owns 65 percent of the share in Jolly Beach Resort and is promising to improve the property.

Cabinet was informed that upon examination of the Jolly Beach records, the Government has concluded that the firm owes more than US$23 million dollars to the various government entities.

These entities include the Inland Revenue Department for ABST; the APUA for electricity and water; the statutory bodies’ obligations due to Medical Benefits, the Board of Education, Social Security; and, others.

This amount will be transferred into shares totaling 65% of the asset, giving the Government majority shareholder status. The hotel will be upgraded, the government has promised.

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  1. 😠 another instance of bad management of “tax” collection, …… write off the debt, so to speak, …….. Put more pressure on the honest businesses by INCREASING the statutory deductions 😠, ….. then boast about ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT? …..🤔

  2. The roads in that area are terrible, especially the one leading from Jolly Harbour complex to Hermitage. It’s a total disgrace. The taxi drivers, residents, and visitors are complaining non-stop, and still NO action.

  3. I hope the government properly covers its legal basis, because the ABI shareholders will one day challenge all this in court.

  4. Cornel Hughes, do you and From The Sideline get the reason why, PPM – Piss Poor Management, must be applied, under certain circumstances when it comes to, the managing the Peoples finances.
    I am quite sure, this falls under the purview, of the Ministry of Finance.
    The PM’s babygirl, yea?

    1…Now, the government spends how much in salaries, to make sure situations such as this, (vis-a-vis Sandals) does not keep reoccurring! The reporting did not mention a “time line,” therefore, it leaves room for speculation.
    2…The same Ministry, then spends additional funds, to audit the work(s)/responsibilities which they should perform in the first instance. Quite productive, one would think! Yea?
    3…The Government must now, find investment capital, to pump into this facility which was left to self-destruct in some ways! I am quite sure, the records did not “self-destruct” in five(5) seconds, muchless years. Maybe, we should call in Rolston Pompey, and his blood hounds, to investigate and bring some charges, against these “WHITE COLLAR” criminals. You think? We need more of this, millions which could be spent on infrastructure, the arts, agriculture are disappearing, like road kill, by vultures.

    Yes, yes, yes! We need forensic auditing, in ALL Government agencies, and it’s not to publicly admonish, embarrass, harass or humiliate anyone, as in the case of Dean Jonas…Send in the Hounds! Yea?

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