Government blames “reckless” sex for rise in HIV


The government is blaming reckless sex and the difficulty in obtaining condoms for a reported increase in HIV cases here.

While the country celebrates the good news of being the first Caribbean country to eliminate tuberculosis, officials reported that cases of HIV are on the rise “from reckless sexual activity by the very young.”

“It was reported that difficult access to condoms resulted in young boys and girls experimenting with unprotected sex, and infecting partners,” noted from Cabinet said.

No specifics on the number of HIV cases were given.

The Cabinet said it considered several solutions to this challenging phenomenon, including examining the methodologies employed by similarly challenged countries.

“No decision was taken, rather, a discussion between the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education officials will be undertaken on the best methods to employ going forward to tackle this growing phenomenon.”

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  1. What “difficulty” in obtaining condoms? That’s laughable considering they find their way around obtaining every and anything else. How about LACK of education where sex is concerned being a major factor. It is still quite a taboo subject matter in our society might I remind you. That said, this is just a frightening revelation

  2. There’s no difficulty in obtaining condoms, but there is a general lack of will to use them. When will Antiguan women start respecting themselves and say, “if its not on, you’re not getting it!”

    Quite apart from the risk of hiv, how many babies are born each year to single mothers who then struggle to support themselves and their family for the rest of their lives?

    Education is urgently needed, along with harsh, punitive punishment for those that transmit HIV to others.

  3. It is time for Antigua to fully legalize and regulate prostitution, so that it is safe.

    The raids that were done on brothels in recent years only have forced men (and some women) to seek fun via other unsafe routes. Raiding legal brothels in the name of ‘reducing human trafficking’ has actually increased HIV rates, because now people seek unsafe routes to sexual pleasure.

    Many countries in the world have safe and regulated prostitution. If we have a more liberal and open attitude about sexuality in Antigua, then we should be able to solve the HIV problem quickly.

    I support our Antigua government moving forward with laws that allow regulated prostitution similar to the brothel laws that Singapore has.

  4. … blaming reckless sex and the difficulty in obtaining condoms for a reported increase in HIV cases here?
    A very unsubstantiated declaration I assume?. i beg to partially disagree.
    First of all, many people contract HIV though faithful and some will even tell you they used condom.
    Why not blame mis to little education on the subject? Or even the fact that people would hear that infected individuals are living longer or even because they are not hearing of people dying of Aids?
    Furthemore, when these great number of young girls whom i see are pregnant go to the prenatal clinics, they are tested and treated, so…?
    In school, young people should be taught Family Life Education, but how many of them will confirm that the topics of sex and STDs are really taught openly?
    Such areas are often avoided or glossed over.
    Find the real cause and begin to educate our youths.

  5. What about the increase alcohol promotion and use in just about every carnival song and at every fete. Intoxicated, aroused and often half naked many young people participate in unprotected sex and become infected. Let’s educate our children of the danger of alcohol abuse as many are pushing being dunk as the only way to be at a fete. I don’t mean to make alcohol the agenda he but from speaking to a friend who work with HIV infected persons, there is a major, major correlation between the rise in alcohol use and HIV increase.
    Let’s be wise look out for one another.

  6. I think the problem is not lack of condoms. Education well it is never too much. However, I believe that alcohol has a lot to do with unprotected sex. When drunk, minds are not alert as when one is sober. This results in a high propensity to engage in sexual activities.
    Along with education at various levels, stringent measures must be taken for the youth to say no to alcohol.
    This cannot be done by government alone. It is all of us business. Hence all stakeholders must be involved in strategising methods that can be used.

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