Government To Undertake Study On Wages Earned By Hotel Workers

Royalton Antigua

The Government has decided to undertake a study of the wages and emoluments earned by hotel workers, in order to determine whether the incomes paid are fair or if they have kept stride with workers in other industries and in government.

According to chief of staff Lionel Hurst, the economic analysis would help to guide government and unions in their determination of just returns to workers in a thriving sector of the economy.

The hotel industry continues to be a major employer and every effort must be made to ensure that it can continue to attract outstanding talent to its ranks.

Hurst informs that the government is of the view that the industry ought to be the most attractive employer; however, it is recognized that the public sector has become very attractive to many workers.

The study would determine why this anomaly and how to cure it.



  1. Government need to do a study on money generated by the hotel sector period.

    The hotel sector creates valocity. But what percentage actually remains in the currency region?

    Tourisim is not an industry.

  2. Some of the workers in certain hotels do not enjoy a fair share of the of the wealth created. Most of these hotels own booking agencies and seldom are the true revenues reflected on the books in the islands they operate. The high paying jobs are usually reserved for ex pats encouraged by our own government by the granting of work permits. They pay very little in taxes and enjoy concessions on the backs of the same workers they exploit.

    It is important to do a study on the wages on workers in the construction sector and its impact on the public sector. National Housing a government entity, workers earned 30-40% lower wages than workers for private contractors. Construction jobs at places like Jumby Bay, Non Such Bay and the Jolly Harbours usually high paying are now dominated by non nationals who work for less . Antiguans in fear of unemployment are forced to work at National Housing or get political jobs in the public sector.

    While it is important for the owners in the hotel sector to be conscious of their social responsibility in the islands they operate, the construction sector once an alternative is experiencing depressed wages lead by the Government and its policies.

  3. So what you folks are saying is you want to build your own hotel’s
    With your own money,pay a fair wage, share the profits
    Is that about right ?

  4. The government really need to look into the wages and salaries earned by hotels workers. There is a train of hotels manage by one group that poorly paid their employees. I was employed by that group at one of its hotel with a double degree certificates, and 23 years job experience on a weekly salary of $500 plus one service point. After one year, my point increased to 1.25 points and salary by 56 cents. After a year and two months, I received another employment in a different hotel where I was earning six times more and 5 service points, plus travel allowance. Most of the high pay hotels on the islands preferred to higher non-nationals over native born Antiguans and Barbudans. I am a native born Antiguan who was blessed to get a job in a high paid hotel for 6 months during the tourist season.

  5. Hotel work is not easy work it is a back breaking job. Some hotels let you work for one year before you can be on the medical and health insurance staff policy and Shift Fund.

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