Goodwin Wants His Daughter’s Killer To Be Hanged To Death


Former Abassador Bruce Goodwin believes the murder of his daughter was pre-meditated  and wants that her killer be “hanged by the neck until he is dead.”

Taitu Goodwin was fatally stabbed allegedly by her ex-boyfriend in the British overseas territory of Anguilla early on Monday.

He informed that his daughter had a relationship with the ex-boyfriend which ended last year.

He added that since then, the man had been harrassing his daughter, culminating in her horrific murder.

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    • Dear Ambassador Goodwin:

      Just know that everybody supports you and your family during this time. Everybody from the entire political spectrum of Antigua feels sorrow that our nation’s daughter passed on.

      What a beautiful woman she was and clearly very smart too! He spirit will live on and hopefully justice will be served in the way that you state.

      Unfortunately many other countries in the Caribbean (such as Jamaica, Haiti and Anguilla) have a different culture than Antigua does. We value life here in Antigua but these other places are barbarians.

      May God bless you and may God bless our beloved Antiguan citizens.


        P.S. Before you post your hate speech.. let me remind you.. that there is still a missing female who is presumed dead and the accused is her Antiguan ex boyfriend.
        Thank You

  1. sigh… this young lady had a bright future ahead of her. apparently the coward could not accept the end of their relationship and resorted to this cold, heartless, heinous and wicked act!!

    This must be every parent’s worst nightmare. I am so sorry for your loss family and friends. May the wonderful memories you built with her, help you in your grief.


  2. I am so sorry, this is painful. I know I would be in a murderous state of mind if it was my child. I am sorry.

  3. My condolences to Mr. Bruce Goodwin and family. May the Spirit of God comforted and straightened the family throughout their bereavement.

    Her father was my Arithmetic and Mathematics instructor in Secondary School and at the Mrs. Goodwin’s Commercial Institution.

    We need more role-model adult males in the communities or the nations to help our young men. The evil I have seen acting out among them is frightening and sickening. It is like we are having hell on earth.

  4. condolences to the goodwin family sigh went to school with two of the goodwin sisters this is so sad and unbelievable.

  5. Another parent forced to bury their child bcos another fuckboy
    COULDNT control his emotions ……

    Condolences to her IMMEDIATE FAMILY….

    INSTEAD OF HANGING HIM HE SHOULD BE ” PRINCE KLASS” put on a wheel and be teared to death ….in PUBLIC…


  6. There is no law in Anguilla. He should be tortured.I have son’s and if one of my son’s dis that I would tortured them and then kill him. You didn’t give life don’t take a life. My condolences to Mr Goodwin and family.

    • Interesting that you should say “you didn’t give life don’t take a life” yet you’d want to take his.
      Ambassador Goodwin you and Taitu’s mom have my profoundest condolences.

    • Are you kidding me? The man confessed to murdering his daughter: what do you mean by we don’t know what happened? Let Mr Goodwin grieve in his own way. It doesn’t have to be clean and clear as you might want it.

  7. Deep condolences to the entire Goodwin family and those she greatly impacted positively. Men need to understand when a lady says no, it’s no. Men need to hear from little boys when a woman says the relationship ends, let it end.

  8. R.i.p taitu…..
    You didn’t deserved that kind of death.
    But to all those who here talking about jealously and jealous Ex, they were still together up towards her last time on earth….

    • The father is being reported as saying that their relationship ENDED LAST YEAR, but the wimp kept on harassing her. It is alleged that he broke into her apartment (she lives alone) and carried out the heartless act.

      • As I said before…R.I.P to taitu…but the lies need to stop about jealousy…and harassment..I saw taitu up to Thursday last week with him and to a party before that she gave me a drink in all and refuse a drink for herself. They were together and happy I don’t what when wrong…ppl can say what they want but they were together all the time as boyfriend and girlfriend.

        The lies about them not being together needs to stop..

        R.i.p taitu

    • She left him. The woman became a victim of her own pity for him. She might have been trying to mitigate the harshness of ending the relationship.

  9. Absolutely, he must be hung by the neck until dead, and it should be a public hanging, just like they do in some of our allied countries. In fact, ever convicted killer in 1735 should be hung. That will solve our overcrowding problem, and send a message that in Antigua convicted killers die at the gallows, just like in China and the USA. Enough is enough.

  10. Just the other day we had a conviction of a murderer who the mother of the victim pleaded for him not to kill her son. But he nevertheless did. And the judge find that he was a good man before and had clemency with the perpetrators of the crime. Anguilla fall under the same jurisdiction of our legal system. I therefore have no hope that he will ever get a stiff sentence. Parliament perhaps should start putting mandatory sentences guidelines in place for these judges if that is at all possible. Because our judges seems to have more compassion for the criminals than the victims. Even the prison warden is pleading for them to be release early because of good behavior. What else do they expect a man to do in prison. Behave bad and make life even harder on the inside? I guess the prisoners know how to play them.

  11. The untimely death of a child is hard enough to bear but when that untimely passing is caused by the cruelest of means – murder – and at the hands of someone who would have claimed to love the deceased….well, I say, an eye for an eye.
    Mr. Goodwin words cannot bring much peace to your heart at this time. I stand with you, even though I doubt the courts would, when his guilt has been proven.
    Anguilla, it must be remembered is a British dependancy and their laws I think are governed by that. Let us all hold the Goodwin family up in prayer for strength to go through not just saying ‘farewell’ to their loved one but the aftermath of the courtcase to come.

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