Good Samaritan flies pregnant Antiguan home



Pregnant student Sheniequa Lewis is now safe in quarantine in her homeland of Antigua, days after Guardian Media highlighted her struggles to return home.

Early yesterday, Lewis boarded a flight the Ministry of National Security organised for her to leave on after she was granted her permission to leave the country. The private flight was already set to depart T&T with a Trinidadian national Lewis is calling her Good Samaritan, but the ministry collaborated with him to take her on the flight and drop her off in her homeland.

In a Whatsapp message, Lewis said, “I am back home in Antigua and I am happy to be home. I am presently in quarantine but glad to be home where I have access to my therapy and where I can now focus on having a safe delivery.”

She extended gratitude to dozens of Trinidadians who reached out to her, some of whom offered her money to charter a flight for her safe return home. Lewis told Guardian Media she did not have to pay for her trip as it was all arranged by the Good Samaritan, whom she did not name.

“I would like to thank the many citizens of T&T that reached out to assist me in my time of need and everyone that had a part to play in my return home. We didn’t accept any monetary donations because we were not sure of the way forward but I want to thank the guy that accommodated me on his flight, even though I am not sure whether I should publicly state his name,” she said.

“I also want to thank the Ministry of National Security, who granted me approval and who made a way for me to get a lift home.”

Lewis was unable to take her personal belongings but said she will make arrangements to have them shipped to her in due course.

Lewis had been in Trinidad studying at the T&T Tourism and Hospitality Institute since September 2019. When she went back home on vacation she got pregnant. Determined to finish her course she returned to Trinidad but her classes were suspended because of low student turnout. She booked a flight to return home on March 30 but on March 22 the borders were closed, leaving her stranded.

Lewis suffers from scoliosis, which is a curvature of her spine and she has been in extreme pain during her pregnancy. She was unable to get therapy in Trinidad and was desperate to return home to have her baby, who is due in September.



  1. Welcome home my dear. Wow! This is a real feel good story. I am so thankful that the Trinidadians took real good care of you. To the government of T&T thank you for taking care of our citizens. To the good samaritan a kind heart is better than all the riches in the world and you have displaced yours, the creator is watching over you. Ms. Lewis JAH bless and have a save delivery.

  2. ‘Good Samaritan’? Probably a guy that has a kink for pregnant, or something more dynamic?

    This whole story is fishy from the start, and when I mean fishy, I mean really stink stinky fishy:

    Where is her ‘husband’?
    Who was the person who ‘arranged the flight’?
    What was she doing there to begin with?
    Why did she ‘suddenly’ need to come back?
    Why does she get VIP treatment when other citizens have to abide by the rules?
    How is it that our government suddenly makes special care for her more than anybody else?

    This all makes me wonder….who is the ‘father’ of this baby…perhaps a high ranking Antigua official?

    • This sounds like Bramble.. Leave her alone and mind your dame fishy business. If you wanted to know all details you should have made it your business to go get her from T&T

  3. Thank you good citizen of this world.For giving this lady a ride on your private flight out of T&T.Thanks to those persons in Trinidad for assisting this National of Antigua and Barbuda in her time of real need.Just hoping some day some where you would be rewarded for your good deeds.Thanks again.

    I also share those SENTIMENTS Mr. Knight . I know that We do not usually agree on other issues but it is very nice to see a compassionate side of you. I am also wishing the Lady a safe delivery. Blessings

  5. I have read the responses to this young lady situation which I understand very much and was very disappointed at some of the response from some people I’m not sure if they realize the new world we are living in today it just to show you that no matter what conditions we are facing the devil is still among us it doesn’t hurt to show Compassion people especially in this new world nobody knows what our future holds to T&T thank you very for the hospitality you show one of our Antigua native may your people and your country stay blessed and to the sweet young lady have a safe delivery please and hold your head up high and then return back to where you left off stay safe Antiguan

  6. No such thing as a free ride… By the way, try and make better decisions in the future, young lady. You go all the way to Trinidad to leave with nothing because the course got canceled? And you got pregnant while home so you went back to Trinidad with belly? So at the end of all of this all you ah come home as is a single mother? Not even a certificate? Try and do better.

    • Smh. Why don’t you shut up!!! She got pregnant in Antigua & decided to still further her studies . Nothing is wrong with that . The father of her baby is none of your business. She is home safe that’s most important

  7. He who that is without sin let them cast the first Stone….May the blessings of the lord be upon that good samaritan and the people of Trinidad who assisted this young lady

  8. She story smell more fishy than fish market. She was so stranded and all of a sudden slmenody who was set to leave gices her a free ride home. Chupz!!! Aru people fall for anything aru see pan da internet.

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