Golden Grove Teenager Sentenced to Probation for Illegal Firearm Possession


Winston Merrick, a nineteen-year-old resident of Golden Grove, has been handed a two-year probation sentence for his possession of a modified flare gun and two shotgun cartridges.

This decision came after a recent incident on September 19th, when local law enforcement officers and soldiers conducted a mobile patrol in the Golden Grove area. During the patrol, they encountered Merrick and a group of young men, prompting their suspicion.

Subsequent searches unveiled a Gucci bag in Merrick’s backpack containing an unlicensed firearm and cartridges.

Merrick, in his defense, claimed to have stumbled upon the weapon.

However, the magistrate’s ruling includes close monitoring, random checks, a curfew, and restrictions on visiting questionable establishments, with violations resulting in imprisonment.

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    • I find the Judges are getting too soft with these young thugs, I don’t consider a nineteen year old a teenager, he needed to be looked up and make an example of him.

  1. At 19 years old you are an adult! Stop treating them like children. It’s an illegal firearm, what was he gonna do with it, and why didn’t he take it to the police or arrange for someone else to do so on his behalf? His actions are suspect and for that reason I am not supporting probation! We the people are fed up!

  2. Boss Aru need fu tap treat them like say a ten years old them be bredda. Jail them f**k hole. Mi tired a Antigua system.

  3. How old was the trigger puller on the Serian guy near Robinson service station. A 19year old with gun is a very dangerous.

  4. Y does the first comment,,reference DEPORTATION?
    Is he a non national?
    Y didn’t the author,,sus that out,,To inform us,,,in this piece?
    When one runs afoul of the laws as a non national,,,deportation should be a part of their sentence.
    WTF is going on here?

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