Global Trend of Teacher Migration Sparks Concerns in Antigua and Barbuda


The Antigua and Barbuda Union of Teachers (A&BUT) delivered a stark message during a Teachers Union Rally held on World Teachers Day 2023.

They issued a warning about the escalating global trend of teachers leaving their positions and how it could potentially lead to a crisis in Antigua’s education system.

Under the theme “The Teachers We Need for the Education We Want: The Global Imperative to Address the Teacher Shortage,” educators and union leaders highlighted concerns like inadequate classroom resources, insufficient compensation, the necessity for professional development opportunities, and security issues in schools.

The Union’s General Secretary, Sharon Kelsick, stressed the urgency of tackling the chronic teacher shortage and the threat posed by global teacher migration.

1st Vice President Robyn Joseph Nathaniel also cited statistics from the United States, emphasizing the gravity of the situation.

The Union called for proactive measures to protect the teaching profession and encouraged members to persevere despite the challenges.







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  1. Although I will agree that there should be a greater incentive for our teachers both in & out of the classroom, gone are those days where teaching is a calling for them. Many of the teachers are in the profession just for a salary or a job.. As a result, several of our children become short changed.

    • I totally agree with you. She the clock strikes 3:00pm m as by teacher are running to their second job, after school classes to earn extra pay. ANC only children of parents that can afford it will hdd as be good marks for common entrance or cxc

  2. Even dog go where they get better treatment. It’s time for us to demand better for ourselves and our children. Everybody can use a little more money, but oh gosh man the government a tek the 3 most important entities for granted, the teachers to educate our children, the nurses to make sure we stay healthy and the police to keep us safe. When these ppl are happy the citizens will benefit.

  3. Teachers are never paid well. Antigua’s government usually does not treat its professionals well. No matter what degree or advance degree you have in Antigua, you are not getting the position unless you know or have a connection to the political leader. It has always been this way.

  4. This phenomenon is throughout the Caribbean. We just cannot compete with the big USA, Canada or England. And this goes not only for teachers, but also nurses and any other profession. Our children go and study overseas and nine out of ten do not return home. The Brian drain of the Caribbean has been going on for years. And we know governments alone cannot turn the tie. It takes private sector investment in our youth, to let them know that the Caribbean is their home, and they can make a good living here. Why are expats paid a much higher renumeration then locals? So much so that expats when they come here don’t want to leave. So, while our children are leaving, they are coming here. I have said in one article about this subject of “Brain Drain”, that the bad thing is many of our elderly living alone in Antigua with their children not around but miles away in North America or Europe. This makes very lonely parents or grandparents in their old age. I’m one of them. Although I travel a lot to see my grand children, it’s not the same if they were living here.

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