Glenroy Herbert of Barnes Hill Caught with drugs at the Airport



On Sunday, the police arrested and charged 35 years old Glenroy Herbert of Barnes Hill for importing 1 ½ pounds of Cannabis into the State of Antigua and Barbuda.

The accused arrived in Antigua on Saturday aboard United Airlines flight from Newark.

Police and Customs officers were on duty at the airport and carried out a search on his suitcase and found a vacuum-sealed package of the controlled drug cannabis inside.

He was arrested and taken into police custody. He is expected in court Monday.

The substance is estimated to value at EC $12,000.

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  1. Leave the man alone….some people who got over 10 years in jail early in March for rape is out on the streets but nobody sees this…leave the damn man.

    • Don’t be irresponsible. One has nothing to do with the other. There must be some modicum of respect for the laws of our country.

      • @Dave Ray. How is your hair dressing business doing up there in New York? Do people still use those hot irons in their hair.Then you smell the hair singeing,better wear your masks.Lol

  2. Can’t they see it’s for his personal use he even has several lighters so he can light up

  3. It’s drugs don’t 4get how it works.
    I remember 2 boys literally PUSH my son off his Ec2,000 bike rep reported it to the police they have me back and forth back and forth keep telling me to come and give a statement and every time I go they don’t have time it so happened that somebody gave me a lead to where the bike is I reported to them they said they’re going to check up until today’s date nothing has become of it I keep going back and forth to the station still nothing happening I intern said to the police no I understand why jungle Justice is prevalent in Antigua the police turn and look at me and ask what am I implying? he’s not afraid to arrest me I said to him if it was drugs they have you would have followed the lead and go and investigate now my son is without a bike since last year so my dear once his drugs it’s okay with them anything apart from that they don’t care one thing happens

  4. This man can’t right in his head! You pack that in your suitcase and boarded a flight? LOL

    Them boys in the US already knew you were carrying it before you even left!

  5. Things brown inna Antigua. De man was trying to make some green backs.You tink a Politicians alone supposed to wheel and deal inna Antigua. Are you tink a dem alone must deal in Bobol.Young man,I do hoped you learnt a lesson from this matter.Crimes do not pay.

  6. They should overlook the drugs situation and chare him for bleaching. It’s a crime against humanity.

  7. Had the government not made a small amount of Marijuana legal to have , there just might have not been in this young man’s luggage. Sad when our young people leave at a very young age and return as adults , unaware of the actual laws of the country. One such law is the wearing of camouflage gear. Glen lesson learned, don’t listen to your friends you left in Antigua as youths for advice , now they not there to help you pay the fine but they were waiting to smoke the weed.

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