Give generously to our Africans in Grief


By Makeda Mikael

God bless and comfort our poor Africans whose breath ceased, as fear took over their lives in the waters of Antigua & St. Kitts.

Our African friends,  who  would be so afraid of the big water and the little pieces of rock called islands as they went to their watery graves.

Mindful that Africa is the greatest landmass as continents go, there is expectation always of more land, with rivers and lakes, but many Africans have never been exposed the oceans and sees, so dying in the rough sea is an unexpected, disorienting and dreadfully fearful way to die.

Many thousands of our ancestors died on that fatal Mid-Atlantic journey from Africa to the ‘West Indies,’ and many threw themselves to their death at Devil’s Bridge and other burial sites throughout the islands of our region.

Who would have thought that black bodies would once more float in death in our waters.

How do we commemorate their lives, when we do not know them nor the rituals which their tribes and countries used to send their souls on their journey home.

How shall we explain their desperation to get away from what had become a hellhole for them, a people who had known family and caring, just wanting to live, and so had moved on to find peace, but found death in the water.

So how do we comfort those who are here living, still in fear, not knowing what the future will bring.

Out of respect for the dead, we humans try to give hope to the family that mourns, by gifts of food, money, shelter and comfort in the days of mourning.

How can we in Antigua show our caring to these unfortunate sisters and brothers of our ancient relatives, who like our ancestors have been used and abused for money and wellbeing of others.

Our Government is broken, ashamed of the role they have played in this whole African migrant fiasco, of making money out of other people’s misery and  desperation.

The people of Antigua must force themselves to be honourable and give generously to those who mourn in this period of grief, for the souls that have perished.

This is a call for all true heart Antiguan Africans to rise to this occasion of empathy and reach out with our purse and conscience and give to our brothers and sisters from West Africa in their loss.

Those who have left us we cannot help, but those who are here need our comfort! Let us give generously!

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  1. This whole “SAGA is so sad and has so many loop holes ….Something is not right …The citizens of this country need ANSWERS….
    AS much as people here would love to help these people we are also suffering to get jobs, feed our families and SURVIVE !!
    MORE needs to be done for EVERYONE!!

    • The Africans that entered Antigua were opportunists and we should never lose sight of that reality, otherwise we will become consumed by their trickery, and the Lords knows we have one major scamp to contend with.

      Who in their right mind would take it upon themselves to attempt to smuggled themselves into another island via an overcrowded vessel and expect it to be safe?
      Tourism is Antigua’s bread an butter and shouldn’t condone the Africans and their shannaguan to become our worst nightmare. Antigua like most places have high unemployment problems and we don’t additional unwelcome crisis.
      The PM and his team should round them all up and put them all òut of Antigua. Thereafter the PM should resigned for inflict this calamity on us

  2. Sorry for all the African who lost there life by taking that wrist of living there country and coming to another country on a boat but still you have to consider when them ppl come to antigua a little country like ours what going to happen if they dont know how to come to antigua the right way are they going to leave amounts us the right way some of them all they know is fighting what is they start to set up there own little army and take over our island so many of them are coming at one time why all of a sudden African like big life and go to the big country why antigua now what is really going on

  3. I living in ny I had to come here the right way and when I got married and my husband put in my paperwork we had to do so much before I could get through and they had to see I was working after they give me my work permit and doing the right thing I paying Tex and so on so tell me what are we going to do give the africans our passports for free and let them stay in antigua for free we can’t take care of our own but we taking care of other so many antigua without work where we going to get work for all those people that coming and then when they settle so of them going to go get there family after hmmm be careful please we can help but not all of them please

  4. We give our carribeen people so much trouble to live in antigua but now we welcome africans shmmm shmmm shmm

  5. @ Fedup of all the lies: There we go again! Politics always become the basis of our arguments in every situation. Why? Let maturity, wisdom & compassion dictate our destination. There is a time & place for everything & the time is now to exercise compassion to these Africans. Remember, today these Africans might be facing some challenges while carrying their crosses; when tomorrow comes by will you be able to carry your cross without any difficulties?

    • @ Bluddy Joke

      Look who’s talking about politics becoming the basis of everything when he blatantly laid the blame for the tragedy to the UPP

      you are indeed a bit JOKE

    • Tell that to you colleagues and the leader of your pack. These Africans were merely decoys in for electioneering. There purpose was done when they reached here. The concerns of the smugglers were deep in the cargo hold of the aircraft. Human blood is now on their hands. FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE FOUNDATION OF ALL EVIL.

  6. Being one who entrenched myself in the Pan African/Black Power Movement and the Rastafari Culture, Africa was no doubt forefront in my thought processes, therefore, whenever the opportunity arises when meeting someone from the present day Africa, I always engage them in some form of reasoning, to better educate myself about their Culture and ways of life.
    It was no different when I recently met a young lady from Cameroon and had a convo with her. Of course, I asked her about the Civil War in Cameroon, the said conflict which some of those in Antigua are using as the excuse for fleeing their homeland.
    I enquired, as to who was doing the fighting. She told me, it’s the British versus the French.
    Of course, my next question was what roles do the native Cameroonians are to playing in the conflict. She said, it’s basically Cameroonians against Cameroonians, supplied with weaponry by both the British and the French.
    So, why aren’t the Cameroonians chasing the British and French out of their homeland to better serve the BLACK PEOPLE there?
    This was the SHOCKER to me, as she stated, “Cameroonians do not see themselves as BLACK PEOPLE, we see ourselves as BRITISH or FRENCH.”
    I got a good lesson and reason, as to why many of these broke barefoot tourists, asylum seeking refugees, recruited mercenaries, wanted Guerrillas brought to Antigua by the Ruling Arm of the Antigua, Barbuda and REDONDA, the GASTON BROWNE ABLP Administration are not interested in returning to their homeland anytime soon. They’re still being hoodwinked by the EUROPEANS, as they pit CAMEROONIANS against CAMEROONIANS, while they walk away with the spoils of the war.
    It’s the same war manual being used by the Europeans, since, the days of the Triangle Slave Trade. Therefore, it’s not surprising even though it’s saddening, that AFRICANS are once again finding their WATERY GRAVES in the Atlantic Ocean.

    Our greedy overseers on both sides of the Atlantic are to be blamed for this SAGA.
    All guilty parties especially those in Antigua, should end up like #BENITO MUSSOLINI.

    Who bex dead to rass!

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg_Foot Bastard

    Vere Cornwall Edwards

  7. @Bluddy Bloke, yet another pseudonym of a certain high ranking politician pretending to be an ordinary Joe.
    The compassion needs to come out of the ALP’s members bank accounts to these Africans for facilitating their departure from their homeland with the intent of committing the criminal offence of entering another country illegally.

    We’ll be willing to offer some compassion when YOU come clean and tell the truth about the HELL you help to create for these Africans.

    Take your gaslighting elsewhere!

  8. So If I’m not African I’m not called to help……okay………………”This is a call for all true heart Antiguan Africans to rise to this occasion of empathy and reach out with our purse and conscience and give to our brothers and sisters from West Africa in their loss.”

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