Girls were kidnapped, drugged and nearly raped in Spain-reports


Spanish media is reporting that the Antiguan woman and her friend reported missing in Madrid Spain were kidnapped and drugged.

According to the El Espanol online newspaper,  Antiguan Jéssica Quezada Santos 19 and her British Francesca Antonia Sedano Alcalágirls, 22, presented several scratches in different areas of the body, and have explained that someone drugged them, kidnapped them and even tried to rape them.

They have also said that they do not remember clearly what happened to them according to the newspaper.

The Spanish publication revealed that the two were traveling with “wealthy oil tycoon Edward Hadeed.”

It is reported that when Hadeed reported the two girls missing lawmen allegedly told him that perhaps they left voluntarily with men their own age.

Hadeed,51, was identified in media reports as the boyfriend of Santos.

The two young women disappeared after they opted to go shopping instead of attending an Acrobatics show.

According to El Espanol, they ended up at the bar and that was the last time they were seen.


Jéssica Quezada Santos was born in the Dominican Republic but has a passport from Antigua and Barbuda, the island where she lives for 4 years, according to reports.

Francesca was born on the island of Montserrat but has a British passport.

The were missing for four days from June 24-28, 2017.

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  1. wait, the 19 year old is here for 4 years and has Antigua travel document? They should realise they were not in the Caribbean and demonstrate better judgment. They could have been killed. Lesson learnt, I hope

  2. So wait hold up. 4 yrs in the country and already a citizen? i thought it has to be 7 yrs minimum. there are hard working foreigners that been here way longer and have it hard to get citizenship. but these prostitutes fling their skirt up in the air and are called Antigua?
    (local mode)
    Me na kwa nbody say, me na feel sorry. dem feel they can go spain and look man the same way they do here. just wait the truth will come to light.

    • Not funny at all.. How do you know they are prostitutes and even if they are is that your business?? I would think not,you have strayed completely from the topic and have taken on the role of Judge,jury and executioner.. Who gave you that job?

  3. I cannot believe that this country is giving away our birth right to unproductive and undesirable people.The people of Antigua and Barbuda need to let the government of Antigua be accountable for their auctions. Their need an outside independent investigation on the dealings of the government of this country.

  4. How did she get a passport? Did her parents file for her after having met the requirements to becoming a citizen and thats why she got it fast? Yea I am sad that this happened to her.. But as an Antiguan citizen, BORN and RAISED, I am very interested in how she came to have an Antiguan Passport

  5. Cheese and bread -Politics again. You,ll are painfully pathetic. No one knows how long the girls parents have been around,some of these people are from part Antiguan heritage. Gosh .

  6. Clearly there’s a lot of uneducated people in here or Antiguans are still heated about the visa requirement to Canada but she’s only 19 so if she’s been in the country for over 3 years she was clearly a minor and most likely received it through her parentals. Regardless, it’s not the point of the article. Why be ignorant?

  7. I don’t know any rapist who nearly rapes anyone. What was he waiting for Ramadan to be over before he touches pork? ?
    Those ladies of the night had a great time away from their sugar daddy/pimp. Four days and they remain pure and chase for grandpa war bucks the oil tycoon.
    Something smells fishy and it’s not their 4 day old unwashed hair.

  8. They were partying hard for 5 days and they made up an excuse. Police in Spain did not take the story seriously and the girls showed up 5 days after. If you go to party in Spain in summer you need a good excuse!

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