GG to Barbudans: “Nothing will stop my government’s progress”

GG delivers Throne Speech in 2018

Governor General Sir Rodney Williams has sent a firm message to Barbudans who are utilising different ways to challenge the government’s vision for the sister island.

“Those adults who may wish to slow the progress by filing pointless lawsuits, intending to delay the forward movement, and designed to incur harmful losses, must by now have concluded that nothing will stop my Government’s progress,” the GG said.

He was delivering the Throne Speech which also included plans for Barbuda’s development.

Sir Rodney said the need to make Barbuda contribute to the economy of the state is critical.

He noted that one-third of the land space of our small island-country cannot be continuously unproductive while deficits plague the Treasury.

“In order to bring Barbuda into the modern economy, my Government agreed to construct a modern runway that is 6,100 feet long; it will be capable of accommodating private jets and the aircraft-type utilized by our regional carrier,” according to the GG.

He told a joint sitting of the house that three hotels are also to be constructed on Barbuda’s south shore, costing more than US$250,000,000 (two hundred and fifty million dollars) each. A new pier is also to be constructed near the River; that costly infrastructural project will allow cargo and cruise vessels to dock safely in Barbuda.

Williams also urged Barbudans to focus on backyard gardening, adding that hurricane Irma severely impacted all sectors of the Barbuda economy, especially when the entire population was moved to Antigua.

He said more than one-third of the Barbudan people have returned to their homes; however, very little food is being grown because of the challenge posed by roaming animals.

“Until fences and other secure measures are put in place, Barbudans will focus upon backyard gardening to supply local needs,” he said during the speech.

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  1. Seems like the GG thinks like the Salad from the East or maybe he himself have been eating salad…Nothing you say can stop!

  2. I agree with these statements. It’s time for Barbuda to grow up and act like a mature place. Anyways, the government should just take over the whole Island and auction the land to developers and other responsible parties.

    • Yall need to leave Barbudans alone. Only they know whats good for their country. Would you like if someone else from foreign come in fi run Antigua? If they dont want the development just leave them alone. I u jus a some serious crosses in the people dem lives. Just leave them. People still farm, people still fish.

      • what is this i’m reading?! their Country?!!!! them have a flat piece a island. them need to stop kick up after being spoon fed so many years! Antigua and Barbuda is one State if the Government cant utilize 100% of its assets then how will the economy grow? Sometimes me just wish that Montserrat was the sister island!!!!

  3. Yarn….the contractors on Barbuda are still yet to be paid I guess now hitler finished using them so he can look good with his speech after the Chinese/UN project no one really cares how(contractors)they feed their family.ABST this weekend,Christmas next week and not even 25cent those work man get.hitler how you and your mangoes gang sleep?


    When a Governor General selectively directs part of a ‘…Throne Speech’ to a section of the Antigua and Barbudan society, he might be ‘…Waddling deep in Political Mud.’

    The office of Governor General shall at all material times be ‘…above political fray.’

    No such office holder shall be seen as bringing such reputable office into disrepute.

    In the eyes of the citizenry, such person could find himself in want of ‘…independence and moral integrity.’

  5. Sir Rodney that is the most ignorant and unprofessional statement to come from the arm of HRH QUEEN ELIZABETH’S OFFICE!. Three sets of things have been proven to NEVER mix well, Oil, Water, Fire…also Politics, Religion, Law. How can you promote the loss of Human and Constitutional Rights to a minority of people who have suffered disastrous circumstances both natural and man made?. How can you say a lawsuit is “pointless” if a law/law’s have been broken?. You say Barbudan’s need to contribute to the economy, but i see you had not highlighted the fact that 1800 people have an annual turnover of EC$220 million?. The airport being built for “private jets” was falsely sold to the people as being a construction for the replacement of the old airport for Barbudans to commute between the Islands NOT a mega runway for Jumbo jets to exclusively cater for guest at Paradise found. Any deficit in the Treasury is a direct cause of mismanagement and misappropriation of funds which includes pally bailouts of private entities which are NOT commercially viable so it would be irresponsible to ask Barbuda to generate monies to help fill a tin with a hole in the bottom. As regards to the food issue in Barbuda and occasional destruction by feral animals, it is in no way as grave as your situation in Antigua whereby 6600 acres of prime ready agricultural land has been neglected or under utilized. You have failed to even attempt to cut your food import bill of $400 million dollars by simply focusing on production of a few products that can be produced in Antigua, but your obviously satisfied with only having $60 million dollars of exports with a population of 85,000 + people and more water than Barbuda?. It is crystal clear that your mind has been lime washed and exhausted by those promoting the relentless “big sell” but please reflect on why you were selected to take the post you are currently in and the authority that put you there.

    • lets talk about the foolish citizens that keep teach teaching their children that agriculture work is for slaves, that’s why Agriculture in Antigua is the way it is. I want everyone that reads this Comment to ask themselves how many young persons in your life or around you are studying ACCOUNTING? Its like the majority of persons go to college and study that ONE subject. how many Accountants does want Company need yet our Country has been producing Accountants one after the other yet we cant feed ourselves. We also become so dependent on Tourism that our roads are over run with Taxi, our young people are worked like slaves in the Hotels with very small salaries and wages. I am a young man and I have seen my peers from school days who went to college and University either working odd jobs or being under paid for their knowledge. We can sit and talk about Barbuda and how much revenue they bring in with just 2000 people and it is a great contribution let us all celebrate, but what if they can contribute more. What if we look at the entire situation and start with the education of our Children? What if we stop fighting between sister islands and start thinking of solutions? “THE WORLD BOSS or no other one man can solve the issue Antigua and Barbuda has. We lack Unity, Love, Team spirit and a willingness to change. My Heart bleeds for Antigua and Barbuda, all we’re doing now is chasing away our educated youths and having the uneducated or persons of poorer class suffer for the enrichment of foreign entities. Trillions of Dollars are made through Tourism every year within the Caribbean and only the few dollars spent on salaries and taxes are left. Most of it isn’t even Banked within the region. There are real issues to Argue about yet w argue over land and which island I was born on.

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