GG Sir Dr Rodney Williams Is Now A Professor

The Kazakh- Russian Medical University Academic Council, The Ministry of Education and Science and the Government of Kazakhstan recently conferred a Professorship on HE Sir Rodney Williams specifically in relation to his achievements in Sports Medicine.
It is expected that a closer relationship will be developed between the medical fraternity in both countries which should benefit the athletes of Antigua and Barbuda.

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  1. What we will all these accolades do?

    With all these letters behind and before his name as head of state the GG is silent on all aspect of life in the country.

    Yet to hear a press conference from him addressing any topical issue. The PM told him straight up he cannot call any inquiry under his watch…. But all these accolades….

    The GG is racking them in boy….

    • You are so inept. have you ever seen the Queen involve in any such press conference. The Governor General is the Queens representative in our system of government were we still acknowledge her as head of state. Why you want him as part of our political squabble. He is not like the previous GG who was clearly showing her bias in everything she did and even came on the radio talk shows to air her grievances. She was very unprofessional in her dealings. Remember when she even criticize Giselle for having the OECS parliament meeting in our Parliament. At least this GG is using his office to benefit many charitable organizations. Look at the fundraising they had they other day in London with a very prestigious crowd. Raising lots of money for in particular the HALO Foundation. Try to respect your own for once.

      • I hope this does not go over your head.
        What good is your head if you do not use it. Head of State…

        The first man to make a car did not know what a car looks like previously. Step out of the box.

        The reparation committee has an agenda. He should speak to the queen about it. He has a direct line.

        The children of slaves do not need charity, we need leadership.

      • Inept? Wrong word for what you are trying to say. Nothing that Mel said suggests he’s clumsy or inexpert or unskilled. Trying to play smart are we? Now that makes you look daft.

  2. I really do not understand how this benefits Antigua and Barbuda. This news story is like a personal resume advertisement for a guy that is travelling around the world on our Antiguans tax payer dollars. Every time you pay tax on food you buy, realise that the money is going to pay this GG guys airline tickets.

    We need a GG that is focusing on real and substantive global public policy advocacy for Antigua and Barbuda, not a socialite. It’s clearly time for a new GG, ASAP. I support PM Browne and I hope he makes a change in GG’s real soon.

    PS: it’s funny how the other guy in the picture is looking away and looks totally confused as to why he is even there, lol.

  3. Congratulations Doctor ‘GG’ Rodney Williams for earning all these accolades behind your name. Now, how can you use these accolades to improve our beloved country of Antigua and Barbuda under the PM watch? Congratulations again Sir.

  4. My dear friend Rodney. You are really making us all proud with all that you been doing for this country. It is quit impressive that other countries are noticing your achievement and giving you the accolades you so rightfully deserves. I thank God for our PM wisdom to have chosen you for the post of GG. He must have been advised by no other than the spirit of God. I wish you all the best in life.
    God Bless you, your wife and your entire family.

  5. Btw what has become of Lake-Tack? Is she still in Antigua? Did she ever rescind the honours bestowed on her son and the former House speaker? Has she received any monies owed to her? Will she be helping with the Government House Restoration Project? Does she still use her “queen” voice when speaking?

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