Get vaccinated, take COVID-19 test or stay home without pay

Gaston ABLP

All front-line government workers will be required to get the COVID-19 vaccine, or get tested for the virus every two weeks at their own expense.

Those who refuse to do either will have to remain off the job without pay.

The vaccination policy was communicated in a memorandum sent to government departments on Wednesday, on the heels of Prime Minister Gaston Browne saying his government was considering the measure.

According to one such memo to the Department of Immigration: “Effective immediately, all officers and auxiliary staff members are duly encouraged to become vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus, or subject themselves to Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests every 14 days, at personal cost.”

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  1. Keep in mind UNVACCINATED electorate(s): This is a Cabinet decision and as such, we (the UNVACCINATED) going to vote him/all of them OUT OF GOVERNMENT.

    Simple as A-B-C.

    Stay focused and steadfast. Election Day MUST come.

    For those UNVACCINATED who are NOT registered to vote, GO OUT AS OF MONDAY 26TH JULY 2021 AND GET REGISTERED TO VOTE.


    • Be careful of’s killed and you best encourage the unvaccinated to protect themselves and love one’s. I guarantee if it was UPPITES in power you blind followers will be singing a different tune. You all must stopped your foolish Political gamesmanship with this deadly virus. It has killed several Wadadlians already. Any government anywhere in this world has the constitutional rights to protect it’s population from any pandemic. Additionally, any employer have the rights to establish policies in the work place. If not, you dumbtards are free to take them to court. Oh. Aren’t some employees have to provide HEALTH CERTiFICATES to work in Wadadli?

      • Vaccinated and unvaccinated both can catch COVID -19, and can died from it if God allow it to happen. All remember that God has the last say how long we live and when we died not man. I am a fullly vaccinated person. I got vaccinated because the Word of God said that we as Christians that we must submit to those in authority. God Word also said (paraphrasing) if we seek His face and turn from our sinful ways, and He will hear our prayer and heal our land from anything like sickness and diseases. Doctor and scientific are not God. God gives them enough knowledge to do a temporary fix but He God has the finally say if He woild allows COVID -19 to kill us or not.

  2. Like how you guys change his profile picture to suit the article being written. In this case the picture of him dressed as a tinpot dictator is quite apt.

  3. Force vaccination with experimental vaccines are blatantly in contravention of the Nuremberg code. No vaccine has full FDA approval yet; therefore, they are all experimental until then.

  4. As recently as yesterday Franz on the disturber was saying people need to bring law suit against the government for such an action. He went on to push a conspiracy theory that government would want people to become unemployed so they won’t in the first place be able to hire a lawyer. He then pitched that a lawyer should either do it pro bono or lower their fees to then bring a case against the government. My question is this, if the UPP and it’s pseudo political hopefuls think there is a case why don’t they have the likes of Tabor, #HFWL, drop teeth Chaku etc who are supposed to be lawyers bring the case.

    To date they know they can’t because all the noise they making is to just try and score political points.

  5. There is such a thing as a class action lawsuits. All the threatened workers can get together and hire a lawyer to pursue this avenue.

  6. WOW ! Where do I begin what do I say to that .
    Some of the no teeth guard dogs get upset when you call him a Traitor, Liar , Dictator and self Enricher BUT HE IS .

  7. I guess I will be one staying home without pay because will NOT be taking any vaccine and don’t have the money to pay every two weeks.

  8. Let tourist stay at home too if they are not vaccinated. Don’t let the unvaccinated into our country.

  9. @ Strolling scribbler…My question is even though they let the unvaccinated tourist in with a negative pcr test, will they be subject to an every two weeks pcr test?

    • Be careful of COVID-19, you might live to vote. You continue with your nonsensical comments.

  10. That picture of Gaston Browne looks very much like that of a Military Ruler. Go back into your memory banks and think about .Is Antigua and Barbuda under Military Rule? The headline reminds me of that of a parent speaking to a child. If you do not do this,no food for you. So you the Civil Servants are his children. His slaves on the Browne Plantation of Antigua not Barbuda.

  11. Both vaccinated and non vaccinated can spread the virus. Why only test one party?
    If your right hand offend you cut it off, it is time for everybody to unite, 1 man should not be controlling we the government of this nation with what he wants. Stand fast my people, hold fast to your decision, for some reason he think he cannot function without the majority in reality we can function without a dictator.

    The strangest thing the puppets he leads say yes to every decision he makes

    • TwentyTwenty are you crazy, if both get tested then who thereafter will bother to vaccinate.
      We all know the vaccine is not a cure, as a matter of fact, its not a vaccine that prevent infection, but it protects against illness. We vaccinate so we can help ourselves/ours and help each other. We vaccinate to help to get life back to how it was in 2018/19. We did NOT vaccinate to be NOW subjectes to multiple testing!!!

  12. Everyone here acting like kids, this not about red and blue, not about right and wrong. It about the virus that easily spread and deadly, people need to stop thinking selfish and think about we all need to help each other in the time of emergency, If we dont do it together who will…

  13. Good! Get vaccinated… if you catch COVID you will be happy if you are, trust me… the vaccine won’t kill you – COVID 19 can!

    • Are you sure the vaccine can’t kill you? The people that got strokes and heart attacks from the blood clots that was cause by the vaccine and a plethora of other disabilities and ailments what caused those in your opinion? LMAO!

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