George Wehner files report against Michael Browne for assault


UPP member George Wehner has reportedly filed a report against MP Michael Browne for assault.

Wehner made the report this morning at the St John’s Police Station.

According to Wehner, he was attempting to photograph Browne while he was leaving the High Court, when he told him not to.

Browne, he said, then moved towards him and hit his phone out of his hand. It fell to the ground and Browne was still attempting to grab it, Wehner recalled.

This occurred after Browne’s case involving a serious offence was adjourned in the High Court this morning. — OBSERVER MEDIA



  1. Michael Browne,you are a PUBLIC FIGURE,a Member of Parliament.Anyone,any where could take your picture,in PUBLIC.The only privacy you have is inside of your house.You had no rights to touch the man’s phone.Keep on touching others and one would kick your arse.Then again perhaps you would like it.

  2. Can we just get rid of Michael Browne and call it a day? I don’t want to be defamatory but what I will say is what Wehner says sounds VERY believable.

    • Can we get rid of YOU and Lovell and call it good riddance??? Lovell has LOST MORE ELECTIONS THAN ANYONE IN THE REGION!!!!! He only won 2x. Take a wild guess how many elections he has lost

      • Who is talking about Lovell? Lovell seems to live in your mind rent-free. I am talking about Michael Browne whose reputation just seems to be going from bad to worse.

        • Get rid of Lovell!!! Then again, the people will do that next general election. He will add another notch to his losing streak. Mr. ROMANTIC RHYTHMS 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. George Wehner leave that behavior for Serpent and Chaku Waku. Remember you were commanded to move aside so that the 🐍could have his ego stroked. Where is your wife to talk some sense into you boss?

  4. What is with this court, court, court stuff? The courts are being clogged up. Everybody should just behave themselves. Yes, Browne IS an MP and he shouldn’t be so touchy, especially since he’s claiming innocence. He’s always struck me as the kind of guy who liked to have his picture taken, and be in the public eye.

  5. He shoulda gee he 1 Chuck Norris round house kick through dee court house glass wha dee hell he ah go up pan dee man and tek he picture jumbie no who fu frighten

  6. I would not be surprised if michael browne likes to take a lot of things … He strikes me as someone who loves to take things. Anyway, it seems to be the nature of the people in alp.

  7. this michael brown character is just annoying. then again he is following a leader whose behaviour is so much worse so monkey see what monkey do.

  8. The ‘alleged’ actions of the defendant Michael Browne could that, he’s prone to violence on the drop of a dime, if he doesn’t get his way. Not got for his defense team and him to.

    Next, why was “the virtual complainant…not been apprised of the date?”
    a)…it shows lack of preparation on the part of the preparation team!
    b)…are they trying to throw the case?
    c)…the lead prosecutor should have being in contact, at least 24hours before the scheduled court appearance with the #Star #Witness!

    Now, as to whether it’s legal or not to photograph individuals in public, Royston Pompey made it clear in a comment(See the other comment section regarding this article).

    As for photographing in public, I always admired what Fonz Osborne – former headmaster of A.G.S. retired doing and even prior. He always had his camera bag over his shoulder.
    Someone like me who loves to photograph and since, this trial is a public matter, the defendant has being charged with a serious crime, I would dare a mother fucker to come and take my equipment. The streets of B’more and da DMV would not have nurtured me right!
    You can shoot the sweat off his nose with a zoom lenses, from yards away.

    Lastly, and this goes to Mr. Cornel, “innocent until proven guilty,” but is he’s found #GUILTY, by now his whole body would be sweating enough water, to ease the water crisis around the corner from 1735 for a day, in Skyewill’s #Johnson(Skye City SEZ).

  9. hmmm. you lucky george. if he did get you when you back turn and you bending over to tie you shoe lace you would be bawling like goat mmmmeeerrrrrrrrdaaaahhh.

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