Gemma Handy issues immediate response to Ministry of Health press release


Observer by Newsco Editor Gemma Handy has responded to an email by the Ministry of Health which called for a correction of an earlier report about nurses at the hospital.

In the email thread response, Handy tells the MOH to respond the concerns raised by the nurses not to Observer.

Here is her response in full:

Received – with some confusion.
When we spoke today and I asked for a response to the story, I was asking for a response to the nurses’ concerns.
Does the MoH intend to respond to those???!
This is a feeble, petty and frankly bizarre response to some extremely serious allegations by the nation’s nurses.
No wonder they’re fed up.

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  1. Gemma you forgot to use the ‘retarded’
    Feeble Petty and Retarded response
    It’s not bizarre cause bizarre would signify some logic might be there somewhere
    Its pure dunceness

  2. I find that press release rather juvenile and lacking in content. Who authorized that?
    Was it an official release? I doubt it
    If it was – We (&not just nursing staff) REAL saul!!

  3. I agree. The letter from the MOH sounds like a deflection. They should be concerned about the plight of the nurses and not just defending the PS. So small minded.

  4. Hi Gemma. The 🐍 🐍 soon get rid of you. You and DMW they can’t control. Especially after your plea to Max Hurst at that infamous post Cabinet press briefing. The 🐍 nah min like what you had to say tarl tarl. Watch your back girl. Even Kadeem Joseph moved on to a real workplace.

    • smh : Do you realize that the ABLP ministers lost this fight?
      The ABLP demanded that Max Hurst be re-instated or else they would boycott Observer.
      Max Hurst was NOT re-instated and one-by-one the ABLP ministers have crept back to the Observer’s interview seat!
      In fact at least 4 times a week, Max Fernandez gives interviews to Observer.

      ABLP : O

      Why did Shelton Daniel leave POINTE FM?
      Who pulled a gun at POINTE FM
      How long did Petra last at POINTE FM

  5. Hmmm. The press release by the MoH was a little much; inclusion of the screenshot was tacky. I get what they were saying but they made clearing the PS from culpability so central when the story’s focus was on the nurses.

  6. Some people are sorry for Joan that she have no light what she do with all the money she use to work within upp time and very night she with knight on observer radio station curse Labour party people why knight n.a. help she pay her light you see that woman n.a. sorry for self she have no shame

    • @ Sad But True

      This bears no application to the issue being discussed.

      The whole of Antigua sorry for each other for the hard life that is being endured – you minions should be ashamed of yourselves.

  7. Gemma, are you going to distance yourself and Observer Newsroom from the nasty comments made by your boss Mr. Watt. Or are you going to pretend as well as if you haven’t heard that. If you do not condemn this as head to the Newsroom, at least condemn it as a professional woman. I’m waiting to hear from you the same way you stood up against him boycotting Max Hurst from coming or calling in on the Observer Radio morning program with Darren. Darren, who by the way didn’t have any balls to say anything about it.

    • @From the Sideline…speaking of “professional women,” I got some “professional women”(owner of a non-profit, an MD and a Silicon Valley techie) visiting Antigua for the first time, and their second observation is the lack of professionalism in the culture and of course the first OBSERVATION(has nothing to do with the nurses of plight) is the #driving, the #roads! The roads are atrocious and the driving is not only ridiculous, one of them said, they’re going on a KAMAKASI Mission every time they leave the BnB which they love!
      The Nation needs to work on its #PROFESSIONALISM and not just the smiles and courtesy bows at the hotels.


      • Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock! @ Jumbee_Picknee!

        “Zombies, believe m, are more terrifying than colonialists.” – Frantz Fanon, The Wretched of The Earth!

        Why feed the White Supremacy and Colonial Rag!

        Oh Gad! Hab Merci Pan Arwe!

        “The Native must realise that colonialism never gives anything away for nothing. My final prayer: O my body, make of me always a man who questions.” – Frantz Fanon The Wretched of The Earth!

        • @John French II…there resides a #Swastika at each and every #road, ❌road, 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿☦️☠️🏴‍☠️⚔️CrossRoad which we come to in whether, in thought word, work or deed.
          It would be very foolish, even ignorant of me to come to this #REALIZATION, on my travels to enlightened moments, in, of, through life.

          It would also serve me well, to REALISE, that ‘life is death as one live in debt” to the indoctrination’s of those #WHO’RE in control of the peoples resources by those same colonialist which the Colonial Rag may support.

          It also serves me well, to REALIZE, that calling and treating a CANCER like a pimple will only cause it to metastasise, spread to other parts of the body and will eventually destroy the entire body if it’s not treated and dealth with. In other words death will arrive sooner than one may like.

          Our CULTURE and ways of doing business are replete with #PIMPLES. Why blame the MESSENGER, for alerting the masses of an ensuing cancer.

          We as a Nation is not lacking or even lagging in education in many regards. Therefore, why are we lacking in solutions while lagging in equality for all?

          “…grow where thou are planted for it’s not where you are at, it’s what you do with what you got which makes the difference in creating a balance in the ether of life.

          Jumbee_Picknee a Spirit_Child of the Past-Present-Future life’s #god!

    • So Gaston “Litigious” Browne never makes any “nasty comments” @ From The Sideline?

      Remember, you credibility has now completely disappeared – like the wind – after your recent a**e licking comments about the Prime Minister. Vile personality!

      At least the Newsco Editor Gemma Handy has more integrity in her little finger than you have in the whole of your body …

      • Just name the nasty comments the PM made and let’s compare them to what this despicable low life character calling himself a serpent made against a right upstanding parliamentarian and lawyer. If it were my sister, Serpent would have long time got his mouth bus open. And that ain’t no joke. Don’t know what the Marshall brothers are waiting on. Someone degrading your sister like that, and you don’t go and restore her honor? What are brothers for? Not to take care of their little sister.

        • @ From The Sideline

          Just go to the courts and adopt her as your sister, you useful idiot and then raise your hand, which would drop the second along with your hands.

      • He makes comments and he admits to taking the covid vaccine while frontline community healthcare workers were putting their lives at risk with only masks and gloves on. Many of these people never got any covid stipend! NEVER!!!! Yet hospital staff and community healthworkers were the “essential workers”per the vaccine mandate!

    • @ From the Sideline.
      I can feel your pain. How shameful are you?
      Why don’t you distance yourself from the dutty mouth crime minister, Gaston Browne, and leave Gemma alone.
      Man you don’t have a heart

        • @ From The Sideline

          All the PM say is only good about people. Not a bad word about anyone ever leave his mouth. He is the epitome of purity. He is the brother of Jesus.
          You either don’t live here or in denial.
          See a therapist.

    • If she ugly she RH na just ugly???? If she look like trash she na just look like trash??? Fix she fa fix up she self and stop being petty because it na suit har. DID THE MAN LIE???!!! She look no different to the 26acres farm land she went and took pictures of. She hair always on point so the hairdresser is on point she now needs a personal trainer and a personal STYLIST and YES I AM A WOMAN. Old people say wud call for answer, doh dish wah you can’t take!!! And Dean Jonas why you always want to put yourself out there like Serpent scared ah you, man gwope and start tek ya vitamins because BLOWS YOU GO GET PAPA MET 🤭

  8. @ Sad But True
    The topic is on the stress of the staff of the hospital. Don’t you are care? You are trying to change the subject. Nice try!

  9. Of course. It is all deflection.

    I made an earlier comment regarding the leaders & the state of the health crisis. Who was the body that designated Antiguan health & declared it of International standards? I heard this rhetoric, but what international governance deemed this so?

    The political dissonance & hypocrisy regarding healthcare is at it’s height.

    Nurses are the guardians who better lives for everyone. Health care workers all.

    Please, no political posturing here. The nurses will leave. Nurses are in high demand globally. Internationally, COVID has made health care workers scarce & searching for better opportunities. Their are many offers abound.

    Where are the leaders driving the bus? Who is the leader driving the bus?

  10. I agree with Gemma Handy. Why is the MoH trying to distract from the real issue here. Why won’t the MoH address the very real and pressing issues that our nurses are concerned about!?

  11. Dem people on bad server is a bunch of butchers those kind of people have no place in the Senate they are disgrace and the aren’t capable of making any meaningful contributions to any topic that’s being discussed

    • @ Sad but True.
      Damani mash up Darren Matthew Ward this morning! Why Damani don’t ask Gaston Browne about the nastiness that Gaston Browne say about people.
      Yet, he want to pressure Damani. Good for you Damani.
      You put Comrade Ward in his place!

  12. Damani show y people keep far from upp – de hypocrisy!! Mr. Marshall was better pro. Damani emotional and immature. touchy feely hormonal teenager attitude. like a pickney throwing a temper tantrum.

    • @ Sad But True

      You are really sad 😢😢😢😢😢😢,poor sad sack.

      Finally Damani put Comrade Darren in his place……….. there comes a time when a person cannot hold back and just let off pent up steam. Even Jesus became angry when he chased the money changers out of the temple.
      We will be chasing the ABLP regime out of ‘our government’. GET RID A DEM.
      I was just about to send when I read your blog again talking about hypocrisy – who is more hypocritical, the ABLP or the UPP…..everything Gaston accuse the UPP of, his candidates are guilty of and worse. He talk about rape for example, then ALAS, his brother was charged with rape. He talked about degrees as if HE HIMSELF HAVE A DEGREE, not to mention Max, Molwyn, Robin and Turner. This is just GLARING EXAMPLES OF ABLP’s HYPOCRISY, so do not come on here talking about hypocrisy U USEFUL IDIOT. DAM IT, DO NOT TREAT ANY POLITICAL PARTY OR THEIR LEADER AS A GOD, SEE THEM FOR WHO THEY ARE, JUST A BUNCH OF LIARS AND DECEIVERS!!!!

  13. So from what I am reading in this blog, the ministry dismissed a reporter’s concern for a letter penned by a dozen nurses. The newsroom head lashed back at an attempt by the ministry to deflect and a comment was made that she should chide her Managing director. Thereafter the senate is discussed, the atrocities of the roads, the appearance of the minister of agriculture, Damani attacking Darren, Joan and her light.

    Obviously people aren’t taking the nurses’ complaints seriously.

    Well since we are still within the nine days of talk on the subject of the nurses, I think ‘who feels it will soon know it’ when all the nurses and doctors in government employment subtly down tools. TO WHO IT MAY CONCERN, WET YOUR HANDS AND WAIT!!!

    Gemma investigate why covid stipend was given to the PS son and none to most of the healthworkers who exposed themselves to covid in March of last year by giving vaccines to a packed multipurpose center and overflowing clinics at Villa and Cartyhill

    • Politics:PM vs Serpent, seems to have overshadowed the nurses plight
      Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter, Red Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, Nurses Matter, MBS and EMS matter, MDs Matter

  14. The lowering of gas from 16 to 15 dollars, is the current muse.
    Meanwhile nurses keep persevering, keep treating the bedsores, and keep keeping healthcare in this country afloat although tptb have bigger fish to fry.
    In one dismissive letter it says covid is taking a toll on everyone. WE WILL NOT FORGET.

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