Gaston Browne returned unopposed as ABLP leader


Gaston Browne was, today, returned unopposed as leader of the Antigua Barbuda Labour Party at its National Convention at the Multipurpose Cultural Centre.

“The movement is as strong as ever, the movement is united,” Browne told a crowd of vocal delegates.

During the conference, the other 16 candidates to contest seats for the ABLP were also approved.

“We have restored pride to this country,” Browne said.

Most of the 2014 General Election ABLP contestants will be returning for the 2018 elections. The party composition changes see the Prime Minister’s wife, Maria Browne, replacing former prime minister Lester Bird in Rural East, and Daryll Matthew, who replaces MP Teco Lake in Rural South.

St. Peter Asot Michael, has been retained by the Gaston Browne-led Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) for the upcoming General Elections slated for March 21 this year.

The Prime Minister said there are $1.5 billion dollars in projects currently ongoing to include the construction of a 5th cruise ship berth.

Along with PM Bronwe (St. John’s City West) the other slate of Candidates are MP Charles “Max” Fernandéz (St. John’s Rural North), MP Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin, MP Melford Nicholas (St. John’s City East), Londell Benjamin (St. John’s Rural West), MP Molwyn Joseph (St Mary’s North), MP Samantha Marshall (St. Mary’s South); Senator Colin James (All Saints East and St. Luke), MP Michael Browne (All Saints West), MP Dean Jonas (St. George), MP Chet Greene (St. Paul), MP Robin Yearwood (St. Phillip North), Senator Lennox Weston (St. Phillip South) and MP Arthur Nibbs (Barbuda).

Browne said his team remains “strong and united” but again warned supporters to guard against complacency.

“Make sure you work extremely hard,” he said.

The opposition United Progressive Party already released its 16 candidates to challenge the upcoming race with the UPP-aligned Barbuda People’s Movement Party (BPM) chosing its leader Trevor Walker as its candidate.

The newly-formed Democratic National Alliance (DNA) has presented 10 candidates including its leader Joanne Massiah.

The Antigua Barbuda True Labour Party (ABTLP) has two known candidates in its leader Charlene Samuel (St. Peter) and its chairman Vere Bird III (St. John’s Rural South).



  1. No one could dare challenge Gaston for leadership of the ABLP, Gaston will humble them, they are a bunch of spineless men.

  2. Antigua will alway be like this these policitian is just waste of time and waste tax payer money doing nothing look at out road look how cost living so high and we are paying one of the most for gas in the caribbean we are still having water issue 5 days now no water running were i live and last night they having big stage show were they paying hundread of thousand dollar to these artists they politician is one of the most joker and the people of this country all they do is just make these policitian feel like they running this country in a excellent way but as the old people say time longer than rope

  3. D you behave like the Government is in control of water. People travel to stand pipes to find water. Find water. bet you went to the show and if not it’s only because you are UPP

  4. When will we as a people realize that the ABLP party is nothing more than thieves. If you as an individual went into a shop and took bread, left that shop without paying you would be arrested and charged for taking that bread without paying. So why we as a people do not see that this present government is committing the same crime. What make them different from you as an individual? They WORK for US ,we as the people can fire them if they are not performing to our standards. For once in our lives stand up as a United nation and say no more. no more underhanded deals, no more disrespect of our people, enough is enough. WAKE UP MY PEOPLE, WAKE UP AND TAKE YOUR ROSE COLOR GLASSES OFF.

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