Gaston Browne is preferred Prime Minister says new poll


A new poll by Peter Wickham conducted between February 2-5 this year has found that Gaston Browne remains the preferred person to lead Antigua and Barbuda as prime minister.

The survey asked respondents an open-ended question about their preference for a Prime Minister at this time.

The majority of respondents (49%) expressed a preference for Prime Minister Gaston Browne, while the second highest number opted for
the leader of the UPP, Harold Lovell (26%), while DNA leader Joanne Massiah secured the support of 10% of respondents.

PM at V.C Bird Day celebrations

Comparatively, PM Browne is poling similarly to 2016 when he also secured 49% of support nationally; however, Lovell has improved marginally from 24% in 2016 to 26% currently.

Joanne Massiah has also remained stable, securing 10% both in 2016 and currently, while former PM Spencer has fallen precipitously from 13% in 2016 to 4% currently, suggesting that UPP supporters are now accepting the fact that he is no longer available for the post.

The poll was conducted against the background of continued speculation about an early election in all 16 constituencies on the mainland.

The methodology used to conduct this survey is consistent with others conducted by CADRES in Antigua and Barbuda and would be expected to achieve a margin of error of +/- 5% with respect to the mainland of Antigua.

Approximately 800 face-to-face interviews were conducted in all 16
constituencies across Antigua based on a standard interview schedule that sought information on party support, leadership preference and the major national issues.



  1. they did not call me….they probably called all alp persons same list from 2016…who.would want a dicktaker to lead them

    • Really want an answer? The almost 30,000 people who voted for the ABLP in 2014.. And the same people who will whip your asses again in 2019,only this time its going to be a harder whip used . UPP DEAD,BURIAL AFTER THE NEXT POLLS.

      • Did Peter Wickham call you? If the ABLP was so sure they are so popular, why were they afraid of the Free and Fair Elections League poll. Peter Wickham is paid by the ABLP. Peter Wickham must eat.
        One other thing. The universe abhors arrogance.

        • You seem to be paid by the UPP. Stop talking nonsense.Take your mock poll win since that’s the only win the UPP will ever get anytime in the near future.. You people have some bloody nerves asking what the ABLP did in 3years.The UPP destroyed this place we are just recovering and foolish wicked people like you are actually entertaining the thought that the majority of Antiguan’s are so stupid that the UPP will be ceremoniously returned to office five years later. Please.Stop insulting peoples intelligence.

          • What the ABLP is paying you. Foolish and wicked you say. Because I disagree with you I am foolish and wicked. Really! Is that the level of your emotional intelligence.

  2. Bring imf. Build a car park fa the dogs in town. Put yellow and blue on the side walks in town. Waste money on a drain system in town. Say they fixing play fields fa millions. Put up a million dollar round about outside golden grive school fa millions and then broke it down. Sell valley church beach. Fren up with sandals while sandals pocketing our money. Teef school bus…. U want more

    • The UPP gave us a new international airport, the stadium, the cancer center, the golden mile, nutritious school meals, free uniforms, care for seniors, five large hotels, 40 small hotels, free computers for school children.
      The ABLP gave us high gas prices, high cost of living, high crime, self enrichment, ground- faking stealing of Barbuda land, embarrassment around the world.

      • Wow that is the biggest lie I have ever heard in my 32 years on God’s earth can politics really make people so stupid

        • JHA, B, Ali I how many names you have. Calm down, drink so tea. Is who and you. Why you so angry. Your party in power now. Why you so vex. LOL
          Legion, multiple personality

          • Whats your point? I post as JHA and nothing else.. I am almost certain that person barbara Maria Gomez has a fake profile on Facebook,not just as a blogger here,since you can use a moniker for blogging,but to create a fake profile on Facebook just to show support for the failed UPP is just deceitful.. And hey i have no reason to be angry,just disgusted as to how stupid you people think we are in Antigua to put the UPP back in office not to mention all the wonderful achievements they contributed ,i beg to ask.. Why then are you guys in opposition,and guess what ? You,ll are staying there,this isn’t 2003,this is 2018..

        • Miss Maria I don’t need to refute any point with a blind political whore if u want to purgue your conscious of the sake of a political party be my guess but be warned come judgement morning neither Gaston Browne Harold Lovell or any other politicians will be there to answer for your sins

        • You have a nerve calling anybody a fake. You are such a coward, you have to use JHA. Show your real identity. SMH

          • Miss Maria I’ll leave u with this cause unlike u I am not going to lose my soul for no politician or political party. At the end of the day all politicians are friends so when you are here purging your conscious on their behalf they knocking wine glasses together and laughing together my the Lord be with you

          • Why should i show my identity on a blog forum? Note: I said remove your fake profile from Facebook,not from here.. Barbara Maria Gomez does not exist that make you a fraud.I have my real identity on Facebook,so whatever i post there is done by the real me..You on the other hand has created a fake profile.Not Surprised that has always been the MO of the UPP-Deceit.

  3. Why are we being riduclous here? The UPP was turfed out of office with the ALP being elected to fulfill many mnay promises. “More investments, Less Taxes, More jobs!” Its going on four years now and what have we witnessed? Failure! failure! failure!!! Unemployment of 35% among young people. No jobs! No investments have gotten off the ground. No serious investor wants to invest in this country with a PM who goes around cussing and denigrating investors, the largest investor currently in the country, Sandals. Nothing has happened where investment is concerned. And we the small business sector have been slapped with more taxes in the Unincorporated Business Tax. Gaston Browne is a failed experiment and we have to get rid of this experiment before this country crashes. The only sucess story in Antigua since 2014 has been Gaston Browne himself and his family who have all gotten filthy rich. That is unacceptable!

    • Your user name really represent the diretribe you’ve posted…. upp’s script…. Employment is up from 2014…so says social security

      • Common sense is not too common with you at all . Stop been blinded by political trickery. I have never seen a more clueless Prime minister . All the brother do is just bloviate. Why do we have soo many blind followers . People have been asking me from different caribbean islands and developed countries if Antiguans lost their mind when they elected this government ? All you got was promises sweet promises. I guess I made the right move when I migrated in the 90s . Don’t get me wrong I love My Antigua and I always promote it . Just care more about country and less about these politricktians . Even if the truth come and slap some people in the face they still can’t see it .

        • Stay your ass overseas were you there from 2004-2014 no so you don’t know what Antigua has been through all just love to stay overseas and talk y’all shit and not be down here to bare to blont of the blows but as soon as the politicians have freebies y’all first in line

        • So of y’all live to say y’all living overseas like life in the US or UK is a bed of roses but when you do decided to cone back to the 268 all hand to mouth and scarce of that and begging off your poor family members who remained in Antigua and struggle to have a better life the u who gone overseas

  4. Gaston is a dictator. Psalm 37: verse 35-36 ” I have seen the wicked in great power and spreading himself like a green bay tree. Yet he …….away and lo he was not: yea, I sought him, but he could not be found.

  5. Y’all calling the PM a dictator straight y’all need to google the definition of “dictator” the maybe some of you would shut up politics really turn people stupid. VC Bird Sr. Must be rolling in his gave to know he gave free access to schools but still his people are so blinded by the morden day politician they act like asses and using words without the proper meaning. So happy I’m a pat of the 35% who is not interested in voting

  6. To the fools above ABLP is gonna win…Yawns….It’s a beautiful Sunday morning and let us rejoice and be glad in this day….UPP was in power for 10yrs and I saw nothing but pointing fingers at the ALP and saying over and over the world is at an economical stand still so we can’t do too much..IMF ohh that’s because of ALP they left us with these hard financial problems…OHH the lovely jelly bean side walks that are so disgusting right now and dont forget the stone works cross sections…Amm I can remember back in 1997 when ALP were starting the new hospital the UPP was making a huge fuss about it’s a WASTE OF MONEY! All we need to do is fix up Holberton…Close to 2009 elections they decided all of a sudden lets get this project on the go cause it’s a much needed hospital…UPP takes all the credit for Mount St. John’s…OK NP….The airport was in the ALP’s pipeline but they lost in 2004 so that was the end of that but I wont be bias good thinking on behalf of the UPP but it just wasnt enough to secure a win so the people realized yall couldnt run this country and voted yall out…Once again I wont be bias both parties have their major flaws and politricks and politicians will forever get greedy it’s just human nature….But out of the two evils I the ABLP is the better and they are gonna win…The End…

    • Yes it was I know this for a fact so the airport would of been built anyways…. To add I said ALP not ABLP ….

  7. All u UPPITES… That suffers from amnesia with your parasitic brain’s.. let me remind you all that before 2014…A&B had no PIT.. when your beloved.. brainless…non-caring party govern A&B..they failed policy wipe out the middle class. Let’s not forget….. I know that for a fact caused I experienced that poor decision… I am not beholden to any party or politician… But no politician can spend my money better than me… UPPITES do not deserve another term to govern A&B never again… Thats all….

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