PM Says He Has Not Had Any Discussions With His Son About Contesting Elections


Prime Minister Browne says while no formal discussions have been held, his son, Gaston Browne III is one of two people who would most likely replace Asot Michael as the candidate for St. Peter, if the MP is charged criminally. The other is ABS Television Anchor Shermain Jeremy.

“What I’ll say here is we’ve not had any discussions and Gaston Browne III never held any discussions with me or any person about running in Parham or any constituency,” PM Browne said on Pointe FM.

“I have to admit that in terms of candidate material he will make a great candidate, I have no doubt about that. Based on his educational standing, the fact too now that he’s a successful businessman and he has great physical presence.”

On the other hand, the Prime Minister said he has had a discussion with Shermain Jeremy about the possibility of her running in the event “comrade Asot Michael ends up in any trouble with the law.”

“If comrade Asot Michael is charged for any criminal action he will not be able to run on a Labour Party ticket and would be replaced, and we always have to be prepared for any eventuality,” the ABLP Leader said.

“And I personally would have said to Shermain Jeremy that she has the type of capacity as a professional young Antigua lady to serve. Her father, the Honourable Longford Jeremy would have served in that constituency so she has pedigree, she has legitimacy, she’s educated, very smart, great presence, good character.

“And in the unlikely event that comrade Asot Michael were to be charged criminally then she’s one of the individuals who would pursue to run. But as it stands now he’s not been charged criminally and if that case falls away — which it appears as though is what is happening — then comrade Asot Michael will remain as the candidate,” Browne added.


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    • Freetownson I am in complete agreement with you. However, my main concern is how the Prime Minister has smartly engineered this narrative to now start the discussion of the possible candidacy of his son in the St. Peter’s constituency to replace Asot Michael. He also mentioned that his son would be a good candidate because of his business experience. What business experience? His son would also becoming from the bottom of the ABLP political barrel.


    • @ BLACK MAN
      Black Man I finally came to the conclusion that your are an UNEDUCATED Person. You live OVERSEAS and just decided to use this medium to sound like if you know what you are saying. Hon. Gaston Browne Son can run for elections if He so desire. He has what it takes . Black Man , Knight and Alister Thomas need to be educated and stop chatting GARBAGE.

      • @PHILLIP G. Using your words.He has what it takes.Could you tell me exactly.What it is he has.I glad to know that you are a very educated person.I have no regrets that I am not.It is a darn good thing.I have a mind of my own.Not to be programmed like a robot for Gaston Browne.Then again once you drank that RED KOOL-AID.You are trapped like a Whale into a net.No ways of getting out unless released.Those very young Antigua voters are seeing that light on the Horizon.The likes of you could not convinced them to vote for AASTON BROWNE next time around.For they cannot be bought by anyone and or anything.Their votes are not for sale.

      • @PhiLip G
        You say he has what it takes. Are you saying he knows how to steal the people’s money and not take it from the treasury to Leave a trail?

  2. …I smelled this riff from, the parallel Universe of Observation while sitting under a tamarind tree, many many moons ago, and it was stinking up 46 North Street, so bad that, the ABLP recruited Nana A., and J’Trute to find out, who was working Virtual Obeah on the ABLP.

    Shake-Rattle-Roll those Bones…SNAKE EYES!

  3. This top dawg is a real attention seeker, the idiot throw out things to keep his failed experiment in the news. Antiguans wake up, this top dawg and his poodles need to go and go now.

      Hon. Gaston Browne ( Prime Minister ) is an Honourable Man who looks after the interest of Antiguans and Barbudans. If His Son wants to run for Politics …He is a Qualified Young Man. Knight you want to blame others for your SHORTCOMINGS. Knight why not EDUCATE Yourself instead of CUSSING every night on the radio. Knight is an UNEDUCATED Person who seeks attention by using the Radio. You will soon be fired from Observer. You are just a LOUD MOUTH without substance.

  4. Nepotism much? Gaston, his wife and his son all in Government together? What’s next? His Pappy, Mother-In-Law, and other children and grandchildren? Next thing all 17 ALP candidates will be immediate relatives of the PM. Come on Gaston. Too much NEPOTISM!!!

  5. Looks like Asot might be on the way out. Hmmm. I thought so when he started talking about some day taking over from the PM. He may have been joking, or didn’t really mean it, but that could have been the last nail in his political coffin. Shermain just might be a good replacement, and they’ve already had the discussion. This is big news!

  6. The fact that he said they no discussion with son was made is him talking on himself if you read between the lines, just like he said he never knew his wife was running for politics. He can fool some people who can’t think for themselves but alot of people can see the lies now
    G reedy
    A rrogant
    S elfcentered
    T rickster
    N efarious

  7. Well there is a belief in antigua if the ALP dress a dog in a red shirt and run it in St. Peter it will still win, so there you go Antigua baby Dawg just like baby doc will be coming to your parliament soon.

  8. The rumor was out for awhile that the PM might be considering an anchor from ABS-TV, but nobody seemed to know if it was Shermain or Sharon or Terry??? Burford is a Jamaican, and nethe PM needs somebody Antigua born. All of them are very popular with the people. It’s going to be an interesting new year.

    • @ CONRAD
      I believe JOEL RAYNE (ABS SPORTS ANCHOR) will be an EXCELLENT CANDIDATE for St. George. Joel has a DEGREE from DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY in CANADA . He has lots of presence and He is very popular in ST.GEORGE. He was born in Potters Village. Just some information for Hon. Gaston Browne and ABLP.

      • Any one of the ABS FOUR would do….Shermaine, Sharon Miller-Tazewell, Terry or Joel Rayne. Some call them the FABULOUS FOUR. Any of the four would make a great contribution to the political landscape of this country.

        • Stop lying. No one calls them that. Antiguans knew nothing of Sharon before she came to ABS but because of certain things and Antiguan people easy fu “frighten” over anything Americanized, she was well- embraced. I’m not saying she wasn’t born here but Antiguan people nuh know she and she nuh know arwe. Shermain jus come ah ABS so wha you ah say deh?

  9. Antiguans and Barbudans listen to the Hon. Gaston Browne He is an Excellent Leader. Look at the Developments that is taking place on the Twin Island. Do not follow the Opposition. The Opposition is afraid to talk about the progress taking place in Antigua and Barbuda.

    • @MIDST
      What progress? Walk around St. John’s and ask yourself if it isn’t still stink. Where is the progress when all you see are rundown buildings and smelly gutters. He was going to make Antigua the Singapore of the Caribbean. I am sure he has visited Singapore.

  10. @ RICHARD
    AGREED…If the ABLP ticket is full probably Joanne Messiah from DNA should have a meeting with Mr. Joel Rayne to see if common grounds could be established.Just a suggestion.

  11. You had no discussions with your son but you are on radio saying you are considering him as a candidate. You didn’t have any discussion with your wife either. Fool the red cool aid drinkers. Wait for another so called referendum to parachute him into the constituency just like you did your wife. If the people in the constituency are too dumb to select their candidate, hope they are dumb enough to not vote for him. You say he is a successful business man, is politics a more lucrative business?

  12. Antigua people wake up he’s only enriching his family on both sides don’t hear the term pastor Christen he pickney first look no Birds

  13. @ JANE DOE

    The Prime Minister Son was born in Antigua and has His DEMOCRATIC right to run for Political office if He so desires. I cannot understand you Guys HATE for this Administration. I hope He will run for Politics. You UPP Supporters are looking for support so you are gasping at straws.
    The Voters will deal with you UPP People. No wonder only one seat currently in Parliament. 2023 UPP will be 00.

    • @ ZIMBA
      Sure he can run. But let the people in the constituency vote for who they want and not no phoney referendum to parachute him in. You assume I am a UPP supporter. Do the ABLP supporters not have a brain and therefore agree with everything the PM does. Seems that all the money the government spent on education went down the drain.

  14. Phillip G. I am looking for someone who is educated to teach me some political sense.I thought Mr.Knight, Alister and Blackman were educated but you are now letting me know that they are not educated.So could you pls state all of your qualifications so that I can have you as my teacher to put sense in my head. You see I share the same thinking like Alister, Knight and Blackman.But some persons defend people because of what they get or what they are about to get.I clearly think that you Phillip G. Needs to get real and look around what is happening in your damn country. Could you also arrange my stimulus package like what the people of other Caribbean islands get from their Government.Oh by the way Phillip G I think you are closing your eyes and looking around Antigua.You are also deaf, so you cannot hear of all the giveaways of Antigua land..My dear Phillip G I really, really feel so sorry for you.I am wondering if you have children or grandchildren.May God help you and open your eyes to see.

  15. Since when does a Prime Minister select who should/should not serve as a Representative of a constituency. As far as I am aware, it is the ELECTORATE – the people who vote, that determines winners and losers. So what’s all this dunce talk about nepotism and family enrichment, family business and the like. I thought we were an intelligent nation! Come on Antigua. It’s time to shed the Neanderthal mind set!

    • @Anon
      He did select his wife didn’t he? You are talking about what should be done not what is going to be done. Poor fool you are.

  16. There is a pattern being orchestrated by Gaston Browne.Firstly,he did not know that his wife Maria Browne was going to run for a Political Office.He said so.Secondly,he is saying he did not have any discussions with his son.About running for Political Office in the St.Peter Constituency.There is something fundamentally wrong with those statements.Whereby a husband and wife did not discuss such a pertinent matter in their household.Now,Gaston Browne came out with a statement about his son running for Political Office.Without discussing this life changing matter with his son first.Oh no,he spoke to the public first on Pointe FM.That is very disrespectful in my opinion to his son.What types of a relationship do they really have in that family.I am just asking questions.

  17. Nothing is wrong if his son truly wants to run, but if other people are more qualified he is going to push for his son and say he is the most qualified, just like when a brilliant lady was supposed to run and he force his wife in that area you all dont remember. Let us start to be honest

  18. Some journalist should ask the young Browne lll what he thinks about all of this? Is he even interested in political office? What is his background (education, experience etc.) and what business is he in? What is his political ideology and his ethics and moral standards? We need to get to know him.

  19. Wow…. it’s really sad all these Naysayers in Wadadli are so intellectual dishonest . Folks your political Diatribes stinks to the heavens. Sadly but true GB opponents are grasping at straws. You guy’s are proving your ignorance and dishonesty daily. Again, let me repeat UPP and it’s blind followers. In the history of Wadadli the UPP was the worse government. The slate of Candidates were selected by a small group of people and they are worst than when they we’re in government. It would be like the blind leading the blinds.

  20. @DC
    Take off your hate goggles and you will see that you are in fact the fool – a pathetic one at that. Did the people of the constituency not vote overwhelmingly for the LADY in Rural East ? Why did your fellow Neanderthals lose so horribly in the last two elections? Didn’t your prime Minister fully endorse and promote them? So where are they now? You see, endorsement by any PM means absolutely nothing. The Electorate decides. So where are you going with this rubbish? We had no problem when national hero, Sir George Walter, former PM of Antigua along with his wife and sons presented themselves to the electorate for an opportunity to govern. That was decades ago! Antigua was, back then politically mature enough to not make an issue of it. Now decades later instead of growing in this politically mature climate, we have receded to proudly promoting this Neanderthal thinking!!! It is really sad how simple minds like yours get so easily recruited by and become puppets of Unruly Peddlars of Propaganda!

    • Let me educate you. Antiguans do not vote for individuals they vote for party. You can send a pig to run in a constituency and the party supporters will vote for them. Gaston parachuted his wife and Maybe his son in constituencies which he knows has strong labour support with the intention of guaranteeing a win. Gaston is smarter than you.

  21. I knew this young man as a baby in Villa Area.Let me just tell you watch your weight.That size in the above photo.Should give you some caused for concern.Get up off your rockers and do some brisk walking,eat less calories,daily.

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