Gaston Browne III makes available 20-ton dump trucks, backhoes free of cost for City West clean up


Gaston Browne III on Saturday made available two 20-ton dump trucks and two backhoes — free of cost — for a clean-up exercise in St. John’s City West.

His father, Prime Minister Gaston Browne said the community clean-up activity will continue until next weekend.

“Let me thank Mr. Spencer and the team at Solid Waste, Senator Govia, Team City West Youth Group and Gaston Browne III for making available two 20 tons dump trucks and two backhoes free of cost,” the Prime Minister said.

“Again thank you to everyone for their participation. Cleanliness is healthiness.”

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  1. All of a sudden this youth come into some serious cash.

    Part of the Gaston Creative Enrichment Scheme.

    No one questioning any of it. Then he had audacity to use a scholarship from Antigua’s education fund.

  2. Money laundering, insider trading and the lack of tendering process, will come to light one day.

    Harold and his team will be relegated to the dust bin of history this time, if they fail to bring these people to book next time.

    • Recall you saying something similar just before 2014 elections. Keep changing the goal post, kind of reminds me of Lovell’s changing stance on YIDA:

      “Finance Minister Harold Lovell said Yida International Investment Antigua Limited, led by Yida Zhang, is seeking approval under the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) as well as incentives under the Business and Tourism (Special Incentives) Act for a mega resort and residential development on Guiana Island and surrounding areas.
      “Government has approved the project and is willing to give the necessary concessions,” Lovell said.
      “We have done everything we can to facilitate the project and get it moving,” he added. “The possibilities exist that we do what is necessary in order to ensure that the project comes off the ground.”…Lovell said the government has been doing its part to ensure the mega project can move ahead full speed, but is waiting for the group to finalise its purchase from the Stanford liquidators. see Gov’t keen to offer incentives for Guiana Island project
      Article Published: May 9, 2014, Daily Observer

  3. What a bunch of JEALOUS People who DO NOT like to see SUCCESS. Thank you very much Gaston Browne 111 for your GENEROUSITY !!!!

    • You question nothing and too dumb to see what is going on in Antigua with why only politicians and their children are getting richer by the day. Continue to live in your ghetto in city west scraping out a living and talking about jealousy.

    • @city west resident
      Some people are jealous because they are not part of the thieving cabal. I feel sorry for them.

  4. I see you are using your Mom’s heavy duty equipment.How could a “sometimes” Hair Dresser make so much money.To buy all of those Heavy Duty Equipment.When full time very good Hair Dressers in Antigua could hardly make it daily.Something smells stinks like hell.You better stay to heck away from Politics.You would be chewed and spit out like chewing tobacco slime.Why would he use those equipment for free?Is it because the Real Owner told them to do so.I wish some people would stop using their family members as fronts for them.

  5. What I know Nothing is for free. There are no free lunches.
    People individuals can save a lot money no matter how small their business and make wise investments

  6. How can you guys sleep at night with so much grudgeful Ness, envy and covetousness in your hearts. Make some room for Jesus, man. Other young, enterprising, successful Antiguans ought to take a page out of this young man’s book. The reaction to this young man’s offer of assistance to a national request is so ugly, obscene even! Good heavens!!!

    • @ Anon the 1st
      His efforts and contributions are appreciated. But What people are questioning in how a Young man not long out of university has been able to acquire such wealth in such a short period. Would his father being prime minister have to something do with it. It is just possible his generosity may not be generosity at all but just sharing some of the people’s looted assets.
      Anon the 1st, nobody is grudge full, envious, and covetous of creative enrichment schemes. Would he have have had all these assets if his father was not prime minister? Name an ordinary young Antiguan who is so rich.

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