Gaston Browne berates UPP candidates


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has given reason why he thinks candidates of the United Progressive Party are not qualified for office.

These are his reasons:

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    • Well intellectually yes. But sad enough his baggage is much too heavy. When you have committed a murder, no matter if you are found not guilty at some point because of a technicality, you do not belong in public life. Especially not in government. The same problem I had with Vere Bird III. He should never seek public office with that baggage. But some people have this urge or ambition to seek after that which is out of their reach. They cannot turn back the hands of time.

  1. The dictatorial leader of the ABLP party, Gaston Browne, berating the opposition party for not being qualified to hold office is hilarious. Ha Ha Ha Ha 😀

    • He is correct. The UPP candidates NAH READY! Go back to the drawing board and WHEEL AND COME AGAIN!!!

      -How will Gladys Knight utilize her icecream scooping skills to manage any potential Ministry?
      -What about Peter Redz – is he capable?
      -Bowen has experience, but is tainted
      -Alister Thomas – did he GRADUATE secondary school?

      • All the UPP candidates will use their skills the same way the little young lady MARIA BROWNE used hers. It is my contention that all of the UPP candidates from training and life’s experiences are eminently more qualified than Maria Browne to run a Ministry. Let’s get real in this country.

        • And that little young lady gonna whoop your ass again!!!!! Time you take writing crap, you wold make your office presentable and get rid of that “little boy” tacky squeeze-up sign hanging off your office. How can anyone take you seriously? One look at the kindergarten-looking sign and you can tell the quality and measure of the person behind the sign. You only attract upp clients. How is Janice Samuel? She need more bail money/surety from you? Wenk Damani nah check you into Clarevue? Seem like u a lose you marbles

          • LMAO. You really have me going. Poor Tabor. Calling the wife if the PM Little. I mean, yes she is young, but certainly not little. And anyone with a university degree, even if it were in Psychology, is more qualified than many of the present UPP candidates. Especially Serpent and Alister “Intellectual” Thomas.

  2. Gassy, you’re so predictable, come wid someting else nah boss -, REMEMBER, EVERY DAY YOU KICK DONKEY, ONE DAY HE GWINE KICK YU …

  3. Thank you Mr. Prime Minister for HIGHLIGHTING the BACKGROUND of the UPP Candidates. Prime Minister you brought out sooooo many things to light. How UPP expect Antiguans to vote for these Candidates with INEXPERIENCED , SLUGGISH , CRIMINAL , LAZY , SCHOOL DROPOUTS BACKGROUND. These Candidates should not be running for political office. Thank You Prime Minister for UPDATES.I am quite sure more to come. SHAME on the UPP. UPP should change Their name to ( UNITED DROPOUT PARTY) A.K.A UDP.

    Prime Ministet next time please remember the UPP SPOKESPERSON ( IAN ( MAGIC ) HUGHES ) who was sentenced to 2 years in JAIL for molesting a YOUNG GIRL.
    These are the type of Persons UPP attracts.

    • Are you serious…the UPP has somebody “who was sentenced to 2 years in JAIL for molesting a YOUNG GIRL”???? Is that true? Why the hell is that convict allowed to come near to the party faithful? If this is true, run his ass down the backstreet. IF somebody can prove these “facts” are not true, then tell us. I can’t believe that Harold would allow a convicted molester any where near the party. Please clarify. I don’t know if this is true or not, but if it is then all hells should break loose. If it is false, then an apology is in order.

      • @ JULIE

        Pete is correct…UPP Spokesperson ( Ian ( Magic ) Hughes ) was sentenced to TWO years in Jail for MOLESTING a Young Girl. The Girl is very Traumatized. He should be still LOCKED UP.He is the PRIMARY Spokesperson for UPP.

  4. LARD. LARD. LARD Murder. These are the Candidates for the UPP. As a young Person I cannot believe this description. I shall conduct my own investigation and if this is true,UPP you have just lost SEVEN votes in my HOUSEHOLD

  5. UPP got to be joking.My advise to UPP. You must get rid of 6 Candidates if you want to be competitive. This is a BIG JOKE.

      • @Joe. a 7-year old can read better than Pringle and speak proper English better than him and the football player from Parham. Pringle needs to fire his PAID Research Officer who continues to ensure that he makes an ass of himself in Parliament.

  6. To become an MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT is not a joke. LARD way the hell UPP going with these CANDIDATES ?? UPP weeel and come again.

    • If you’re better than what the UPP has, then why not be one of the candidates or form your own political party? Every person in life needs to be given an opportunity to make a difference, so why not give it to them. If they failed the country and the people just vote them out not before giving them the opportunity.

  7. HON.Gaston Browne is the best. Every Saturday my HOUSEHOLD knows not to disturb me until the BROWNE and BROWNE show on POINTE FM is concluded. Last Saturday was the best I laughed for hours.

    First for the description of UPP CANDIDATES. The DUNCE elements

    Secondly the description of KNIGHT of the SNAKEPIT
    If Knight lose 300 lbs He would lose 300 lbs IGNORANCE.

  8. With these Qualifications. The results of the 2023 election as predicted by ERIC ( THE RED) is correct.

    ABLP. 17 SEATS

    UPP. 00 SEAT

    DNA. 00 SEAT


  9. What qualification does anyone need to be a politician? Gaston was a banker and leader of a gang before he runs for politics. When God choose those men and women in Bible days, they were not qualified to run a national but God knows their hearts and chooses them. Some of them failed badly, some make a lot of errors, and in the end, they were all leaders. People need to give someone a chance just like we have given Gaston and his ministers a chance.

  10. Shawn’s branch office in Cuzada Gardens has since turned into a mechanic shop. Wonder how much he charge for a rear end repair.

    • I hope the MOH keeps a close eye on that road because you know how dem mechanic like to litter the road with owl car and owl truck pon block..They will certainly get plenty RED markings for removal.

      Oh Lord me engine head pwile. Shawn you offer wrecker service to bring it there or your so called faith will make it magically appear in your garage?

  11. It no matter who UPP put up to run, we a go vote for them because Gaston must go. Any lacking expertise can be paid for. Unless you people think Gaston is the only smart person in Antigua. Just like the Labour Party can pay their party hacks as advisors to do nothing, UPP can find people with skills and intelligence. If Gaston should die, who on the labour government ticket you think can take over?

  12. Antigua is NOT owned by Labour, but it is owned by the working people of ANTIGUA, and the huge majority back Labour!!! Understand JACK!

    • Why Antigua working people so stupid? Lord they shut their eyes to all the corruption and disrespect and vote labour. Forgot, they don’t read or find out what is happening in their country. What they vote for is what they get.

  13. So Gaston”CLOWN” Browne is saying,the UPP Candidates are not qualified for Office.Gaston,please tell me what are the qualifications to be a Politician? What happens those UPP Candidates are not thieves and liars like your Candidates.

  14. Gaston Trump has no respect. How can you for a man who goes on radio and social media to insult people?? Is this what ANU wants or need? HOw about his wife Maria?!?! Tell us about her qualifications….

  15. When they go on the radio and berate the PM, no one says anything. He the PM just takes his licks. But when the PM gives them a bit of their own medicine, they bawl murder. and cry like babies.
    I mean if you cannot take the heat, get out the kitchen.

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