Gaston Browne administration’s investment in education is unmatched


Governor General Sir Rodney Williams has told the Throne Speech that the Government of Antigua and Barbuda has invested more in providing education to youth than any previous administration, in any seven-year period.

He said: “Despite the freeze on hiring announced by my Government, the Cabinet authorized the employment of 50 new teachers; they will be deployed throughout the school system, filling gaps that need to be replenished even at great sacrifice.”


He added: “The U.W.I. Fourth Landed Campus is an investment in the youth of Antigua and Barbuda and the O.E.C.S. that demonstrates commitment to excellence and to ensuring easier access to training and new knowledge—at the tertiary level. History will recall that primary and secondary education for all, was an ambition which the 39ers deemed fitting when so many of our forebears were illiterate. My Government accepts that the 76ers introduced the Antigua State College and the Antigua and Barbuda International Institute of Technology, in order to strengthen capacity.”


He continued: “The Antigua and Barbuda Hospitality Training Institute is another of those institutions that prepares a cadre of post-secondary students for leadership in the most important tourism sector. The UWI Open Campus was another. Building on these foundations, the Fourth Landed Campus at Five Islands is a continuum in this ambition to be prepared for an unknowable future. The former Minister of Education Science and Technology did an awesome job preparing our youth. He is to be applauded.”


  1. Looking at your headline, whoever say such nonsense needs to take a flying leap off Devil Bridge. How can any sensible person let such words come out of their mouth?
    Be careful what job you sign up for and who your boss is. Especially if you get the kind of boss who will humiliate you by pointing his finger in your face and threaten to disappoint you if you don’t break the law for him.

  2. If you ask Gaston, everything for him is unmatched and Antigua is a powerhouse but the country is really piss poor and miss managed. Social security not being paid, no help for small business and they give scholarships to their friends children. … yeah great job

  3. Investment in education is a necessary social good and it’s praiseworthy. Here’s an idea; Phase 1 , create/build/administer a Five Islands Campus school for pre-K –
    elementary students; then Phase 2, scale up to a secondary school. We know our financial resources are scarce and limited, but don’t limit our ideas. Can it be a 10-year plan? A crazy idea, hare-brained idea? You be the judge!


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