Gasoline prices are to be increased from $15.15 to $17.50 this week



Motorists will pay more at the pumps this week.

The announcement came from Prime Minister and Finance Minister Hon. Gaston Browne during the Browne and Browne show on Pointe FM Saturday evening.

Gasoline prices are to be increased from $15.15 to $17.50 cents per gallon while diesel prices will be increased from $15.23 to $17.25.

There will be no increase in the price of Liquefied Petroleum Gas or cooking gas.

The Prime Minister explained this is due to the escalating prices on the international market due to the fall-out from the war in Eastern Europe.

The war has resulted in supply and geopolitical shocks which have in turn affected spot prices.

Prime Minister Browne noted the government is unable to continue absorbing the level of increase.

However, he said the government will continue to subsidise the transportation and fisheries sectors to tamp down the inflationary impact.

In addition, the government has reportedly taken fiscal measures to cushion the impact of the price build-up.

Fuel prices have also been increased in other Caricom countries, including St Lucia and most recently, Suriname.

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  1. Google all over the world and tell which country gas price not going up if you all shit can’t come out of you all ass is glaston glaston smfh

    • Hi Viveth Thompson, aka Gaston Browne.

      No relief for poor people but the minute prices rise they increase the burden on us.


  2. Lmaooo so how does it feel knowing GAS COST MORE THAN MINIMUM WAGE!!!

    Lmaooooo u gotta work all them hours just to get 1 gallon and still gotta pay bills and eat and price pan food up

    Lmaoo some real good mathematicians we have in Antigua

    • Might sound funny but you have a point. Yes Gas is going up everywhere but do not be fooled that it has to cause it don’t The people in charge do not pay for gas and the people who produce gas do not loose any money and is making much more money than ever. So why the increase? HERE IS WHY: they do not want to take a hit, any hit, they do not want millions they want ZILLIONS. In a place so small this means disaster when a decision to instead of helping the rich get richer, make life easier for the poorer feller. The main reason why fuel prices should be held down is the effects it have on other goods and services. They want to increase profits in ALL situations even when it affect average citizens. What is missing is the political will and care for people.

  3. Just da #Roaring_20’s folks. Buckle up and enjoy a Time_Machine ride. You’ll feel the severity, of the turbulences based upon your economic status, as we weather these various economic storms.

    Ras Smood aka Jumbee Picknee
    Son of Mami_Wata & Papa Elegba

    • Our people are not seeing the bigger picture. Dem na realize dat de zero carbon agenda is at play an dat dem ah goh haffu tap drive car dat use fossil fuel. What’s worst, is dat dis a jus de beginning.

  4. “to cushion the impact of the price build up?”
    I guess the government will be exploring for gas and oil in Antigua… Rhetoric, pure nonsense!

  5. This would only be rational if wages went up for both public and private sectors but we already know that’s not going to happen. Truthfully gas prices are increasing world wide and that’s a fact. Other countries tho Atleast have something to offset it by, whether it’s cheaper food or working for a stronger currency such as the US dollar. It’s really not sustainable to have no resources, I.e no water, no good cost of living and being in a corrupt country. I may be one vote but as I am able to I won’t be voting for them again. If we send home all those foreigners who aren’t straight I can bet alp will lose. Never have I ever seen a country where undocumented foreigners can vote. Maybe that’s why they’re so easy to grant amnesty. Pathetic pathetic

      • People it’s time to get serious 😠😠, this ain’t no laughing matter anymore, it’s time to stand up like soldiers and start burning down this place for we want change and it first starts off with Mr Brown. Poor people can hardly eat and you putting on more price like America, so is that why you went to see that man Mr Biden to set your work in order? I’m sure your mother never left you without food. Yah is in control so continue to abide by their rules or should I say the script that your reading from. Parents should start taking their kids out of school in order to reduce costing for themselves and try to live SMART like you 😠😠

    • Would like to know where in the world are wages going up to coupe with rising inflations? Please provide solid proof of this. Last I checked rising gas prices are all over the world even in the great USA is bawling from high gas prices some places are as high as $8USD per gallon. So please and thanks show us where a wage is increasing to coushin the cost.

        • Excuse me? Do you know me cause I sure as hell don’t know who the hell you are. Go play with the other clowns on here boo cause I won’t waste anymore of my time and energy on someone who seems to be lacking in life.

  6. You the people got what you voted for. You also reaped what you sow.You the people sit on your heads and allowed all the bad things things to happen.I remembered the days when the people of Antigua stood up and did not back down.We the people back then were not afraid of anyone and or anything.We were not afraid of Police,Defense Force and Kong.We the people ended up being the winners.When you stand up for something and stick by it chances are you would win.Gasoline from $15.15 to $ 17.50 from tomorrow,$2.15 increase per gallon. That is going to be very tasking on many persons wallets.While all of those in Cabinet get gasoline and many other things,FREE,FREE.

    • FREE? You Mean FREE, FREE Or just FREE. Are you saying people who get FREE could care less? It’s a concept.

  7. There are no longer any native Antiguans!
    The majority of voters are non-nationals as the PM likes to boast. They are here to increase their income to send home. The government has a three-tiered system to accommodate this: rich and expatriate by corrupt deals like the hotelier, trickle down through the politician, tiny trickle to the poor who must be kept hungry and needy for it to succeed. Unless we can expose the US passport carrying corrupters and seek help to get them brought down by any means necessary with their corruptees (politicians and big dawgs) we are doomed.

  8. PLEASE Mr. PM, can we get a breakdown of how the price is arrived at. In particular how much of it is tax?

  9. Salaries need to increase, government ministers need to start paying for gas, electricity and water

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